Using Soul Wisdom to Find Inner Peace

By Elasa Tiernan

Are you ready to stay grounded in your body and feel comfort in your physical existence no matter what occurs in the external world or within your own being? I am, and I want to share an experience that got me one step closer to embracing this goal in totality.
One evening after seeing two dark helicopters sweep across the sky in the peaceful surroundings that I call home, I felt a deep uneasiness come over me. Coming into the kitchen, I felt very dizzy as I began to clean and make dinner. When the uncomfortable sensations did not go away, I decided to use my intuition to look into this on a psychic level.

I found that I felt attacked by some electromagnetic energy from the helicopter operations going on in the distance. Using intention, I did some energetic adjustments to myself and the land, and I asked that a barrier be placed around the perimeter of the property so that I could maintain a high frequency of vibration. (The higher the overall vibration of our physical and subtle bodies, the healthier we are and the better we feel.) However, even after this process, I still felt “off,” so I asked myself at the Soul level what still needed to be adjusted. In response I heard, “Come back into your body.” Once I requested that 100 percent of my essence to get back into this dimension, our realm of physical existence, I immediately felt balanced and well.

Upon waking the next morning, I wanted to look deeper into why I felt attacked. I know that if I am truly to practice the healing methods that I teach, I would not rest the blame for my discomfort solely on an external situation or event. I needed to ask my Soul to show me the core scene where I contracted (agreed) at a soul level to have this current experience.

We all have life plans and in each incarnation we agree before birth to take on specific learning tasks or assignments, which often are referred to as Soul contracts or life plans.

This request brought up the image of an ancient memory of separation from the physical world that I experienced in a past life and agreed to revisit now. I asked my Soul to release that contract and to then to “download a new program” into my present human incarnation that would allow me to stay fully present on the earth plane. I also asked to have the capability to receive unlimited Source energies and information without having to go out of my body for this access. I then forgave all others who may have been involved, returning the essence of their attached energies from all timelines connected to this experience.

The next step was simply to meditate, so I asked my Soul to connect me to true Source so that I could extend and elevate my central energy channel, which runs down the spine and serves as the bridge between the highest spiritual energies and the physical plane. The intuitive response that I heard was, “You will only connect to your Soul Star, and you will keep your eyes open. We want you to spread out your energy into all that is around you, expand your Orb Space [aura] horizontally and stay in your body. You will be able to receive any needed guidance this way, and ultimately you will feel harmony in your presence and all around you.” (The soul star is the eighth chakra or seat of the soul, which is located above the top of the head and crown chakra.)

As I did this, I sat on a large rock in the forest. A hawk flew high in the sky, and many other birds began to land nearby. The sun shined and echoed its song of “I honor the Sun for we are all One.”

The Practice of Going Within
We all have the capability to go within and seek the answers to questions such as this through our own sixth sense, or intuition. It just takes practice and commitment to let go of our focus on the external world and tap into pure Soul essence, which has the keys to unlock our potential, as well as heal and balance ourselves.

For those who are striving to raise consciousness at many levels in this process, the best advice is to make sure that it is possible to allow the Soul’s wisdom to work directly with the primary chakra system of the body, which maintains the connection points of the central energy channel. This helps us to stay present in the body with our eyes wide open.
The simplest practice in this regard is to mediate while focusing on recognizing the sensations within the subtle energy bodies, imaging their makeup surrounding you and feeling where energy is not flowing freely. Then, with one swift breath, imagine burning through the dense energies that are blocking energy flow. Next, willingly ALLOW energies to flow once again with all of the ONEness of creation that surrounds you. If you still feel unrest or uncomfortable energies, go back into meditation to find out why this presently is occurring. Also ask to see when this state began in your consciousness, and when you made a Soul contract to have this experience.

The Soul usually will show you how you are currently dealing with energies that are unpleasant and uncomfortable, as well as how you may have addressed these same energies in a past life and not resolved the problems associated with them. If an experience is manifesting in your reality, then it exists somewhere within your soul makeup. It all points back to you!

We are all the creators of our own unique realities, and until we can find forgiveness and acceptance of all that is around us—and I mean all—we will never be free.

The drama that is currently playing out in each of our realities is directed by the Soul for growth and graduation from older, denser vibration rates.

Ascension to new levels of consciousness is never easy, but it can be accelerated with deep understanding that all of existence, including us, comes from the ONENESS. Everything is interconnected. When we reach a place where duality is transcended, there is no judgment, just the observation and experience of what IS and an understanding that our life journeys are learning vehicles. With this true knowing, we can go anywhere and accept even the most chaotic environments as a part of our own planned existence, without even ruffling a feather.

Elasa Tiernan is a Soul Coach, a Soul*Healing Founder and Instructor, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Sha-~woman, Master Energy Facilitator, and Infinite Radiant Being. Her mission to love in all ways possible through Soul Education. Elasa is dedicated to awakening and empowering those she meets to reclaim essence and power through Soul inquiry and relaxing into the ever present ONENESS that they truly are. She teaches Soul*Healing Certifications and Soul Workshops, and leads Oneness Retreats at sacred acupuncture points on the Earth. To find out more about Elasa and upcoming events visit

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