Healing in the Harbor

By Trinda Latherow

What is it that each of us is seeking in life?

What is it that draws friends and strangers alike together? What is it that can manifest miraculous healings? It is that “mysterious something” that moves around and through every living thing. It is that greater power, force or energy that has no shape, yet moves humanity in both life and death.

It is that essence that resides in all waiting to be discovered, demonstrated, delivered and then to reveal its nature to the one who seeks it.

It was in a small harbor town that countless seekers came in search of it. They had come from near and far with children and pets, eventually meeting up where practitioners and supporters of holistic health had gathered at a Gazebo. Both seekers and sages were coming together for a very special community event. There were vendors of all types, health and wellness products and services, organic foods, and a variety of demonstrations. The liveliest of presentations from dancing to drumming. The most relaxing moments from meditation to massage. Speakers, raffles and surprises but, most of all, those who wished to educate, empower or enlighten, as well as simply entertain. There were teachers, healers and intuitive ones. There were those who knew the benefits of the day would go far beyond any proceeds to the local art and music center. Benefits that would help each to heal, including me, in ways perhaps yet unseen through the simple gathering of friends and strangers alike.

For you see, I too had made the trek to meet and make a connection with everyone in the small harbor town. I had been living with pain far longer than I ever imagined possible, and it was at the Gazebo that I prayed healing would come. Little did I know then what I was truly seeking. What was drawing me nearer to both friends and strangers alike? What would later manifest as a miraculous healing? What moved around and through each of us who had gathered that day? The realization had not come while walking among others or among seekers and sages, teachers, healers, intuitives, speakers and demonstrators. It did not come in the meeting of strangers or reconnecting of friends, but rather through the embrace of something even greater. It came sometime later in the still of the night when the house was at its quietest and all I could hear was an inner voice of wisdom and love.

“It is love that heals. The angels send you messages of love. The angels love you, your friends love you, and so you need only but love yourself as well. For it is love that truly heals every wound, loss, or lack, every illness, injury or disease.”

It was love that each was seeking in the small harbor town — healing through unconditional love. Love through an invitation to learn more, to feel more, and to be more. Love through a welcoming of strangers and reconnecting of friends. For it is love that draws both friends and strangers together. Love in its purest form that moves around and through every living thing. Love that is the essence of us. Love that moves us more easily in life and in death. Love that allows us to discover our vital connections—to our self, to others and to an even greater power and presence. Love that resides within each, speaks to each and heals each. Love that waits to be discovered, demonstrated and delivered to the one who seeks a true and lasting healing.

Trinda Latherow stepped upon a path of mysteries and miracles following the birth of her daughter and death of her mother, and it eventually led her to a quest for the truths to our existence. Along the way, she met world-renowned psychics, scientists, doctors, artists and gifted laypeople around the world. Together they explored the supernatural, our reality, the promise of an afterlife, and our soulful connection to one another. She has been writing and speaking of her miraculous experiences ever since. Previously addressing the mind and body as a safety professional, Trinda now focuses on the mind, body, and spirit as an author, speaker, and consultant. For more information visit www.Trinda.net.

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