Angels & Inspirations: Embracing the Infinite

By Emily Rivera Andrews

Blessings friends,

I am grateful to share that I’m currently collaborating with a beautiful soul in providing guidance on rejuvenation and the steps that we can take to align to this intention within all areas of our lives.

This month I am sharing the first set of channeled notes in a four-week series. Within this material is guidance on how we can proactively allow and engage the energy of our soul to maintain ourselves in a state of “youth.” Each of the four messages I will be giving is accompanied by instructions for group energetic work that is aligned with unconditional Divine love to transmute lower energies and manifest powerful healing. This work is called “Embracing the Infinite.”

Be available to the inspirations and love shared through the notes that follow… Namaste

Divine messages are written in BOLD.
(Further guidance provided for clarification within parenthesis.)
** Double asterisks indicate specific affirmations given to help shift individual consciousness.

As we begin…Have each individual stand in form as they set the intentions for clarity and availability to what is to be shared.

(Before reading further, please stand and follow as instructed below.)

Setting intention for alignment…Claiming and celebrating freedom.

(Set a conscious intention of what you would like to align with to claim the freedom you desire to experience and bring forth into this reality. Consciously celebrate this freedom with the clarity of it fully unfolding. You can now sit. Next, say a prayer to invite Divine/Source/God, the Angelic realm, the Holy Spirit, and all that is good to assist and guide you in releasing and healing. At the same time, expand and align all that empowers, inspires, and shifts you into positive forward movement toward a state of peace and harmony.)

Begin by Releasing sadness and neglect.

(Take deep breaths and intend to release conscious and unconscious sadness and neglect.)

Invite the energy and intention to be fully present in the moment.
Letting go of outcome and being open to the revelation.

(Through breath, allow yourself to be engaged within this moment. Within the words that you read. Within the space that is you now, right now.)

Embracing the power in the moment.
Embracing and inviting celebration.

(In advance, embrace and invite celebration for all the blessings that will be received during this work.)

In this, all activate the energy of love and light.
Honoring the emotions that are felt in the moment, but not becoming victim to their effects. This is done by intending alignment, and embracing the emotion that is being shifted for you in that moment. As you allow, you release.

(Recognize that we are never encouraged to suppress emotions, but to welcome them with love as they rise within us. As this is done, we create the space for the emotions to be healed and released. Ultimately, this allows the whole self to be available for forward movement and true healing. When we suppress our misguided emotions, we trap them energetically within our physical, emotional, and mental bodies. In turn, this creates chaos within our physical and nonphysical being, causing aging, decay, and misalignment with our true self.)
(Start by affirming:)

**I align to truth and the highest expression of myself.
I hold the energies, perceptions, and attitudes that are productive to this intention.
Releasing judgments of thyself and others.

(Do this through the breath.)

Changing the perception of [that which is] deficient…Identifying that which can be celebrated.

(Through breath, allow yourself to be open to changing perceptions of not being good enough or deficient. Then release with breath and intention. Consciously identify out loud or in written form those things you can celebrate right now and for which you can express gratitude.)

Cycles of change being of deficient and impeding energy. Releasing any lower energies or identification with cycles of change.

(They are indicating that there is a lot of individuals that perceive change as a negative experience. Through this negative interpretation of this constant experience of change, individuals can experience it energetically as a deficient and impeding energy, rather than the more accurate truth of it being part of our soul’s evolution which is intended to help us grow in multiple ways. They are encouraging us to release this way of perceiving change. The second part of this message is encouraging us to release not only what was just shared, but also lower energies and identifications with cycles of change that are consciously or unconsciously putting people into dire circumstance that force them into embracing change and moving forward as a matter of survival, rather than a gracious transition through it. You can shift these perceptions that aren’t no longer serving your highest good, through breath. Allow yourself to be open to changing perceptions and the experience of change. Then release with breath and intention.)
(Through breath, allow yourself to be open to changing perceptions and the experience of change. Then release with breath and intention.)

** I intend to move forward in light and in freedom to be aligned to the true me… Source in body and form.
** I celebrate the freedom in form.

(Many perceive the form/physicality as spirit in limitation…The Soul within boundaries. This is a collective belief that’s ingrained into the different levels of understanding. They are working with you now in shifting this. Take at least 10 deep breaths and allow this to be done with grace and ease.)

** I’m unplugging from misalignment, and plugging into universal divine alignment.
** I’m seeking freedom in form.
** I celebrate freedom, I celebrate triumph, I celebrate me.
Many stuck in patterns of waste…Constrained by the universal mind of humanity.

(This refers to humanity’s belief in decay and wasting away in form, and what we hold and perceive to be true with the passing of time.)

** I am free to be me.
Energetic sewage, maintaining proper perspective pulls you from this space.
A matter of collaboration. Diligence is required in regards to you being invested in your own level of advancement.

(We experience a lot of energetic sewage due to the fear, ill behaviors and negative thoughts taunting mankind. We as individuals have to choose to be diligent in investing in our growth and advancement into a more honoring and productive state of being.)

** I see light within me.
As you elevate and maintain proper perspective and high intentions, which equates to high vibrations, the external activation occurs with the internal that is already taking place. It’s a must.

(As we diligently align to higher intentions, emotions, attitudes,
perceptions, and ways of being, we ultimately create a rejuvenation within cells and/or our physical representations. There is no doubt about this truth.)

Diligence in maintaining alignment. It’s not a progression that one embarks on and forgets to remain connected to. It involves action steps in regards to aligning to your highest truth and vibration.
Soul is seeking wisdom, how is this soul intention being honored and maintained? It’s not found within another doing the integration of [that person’s] own work, but within thyself.

(Invite and embrace:)

Universal light, love, and freedom.
Invite daily divine communion.

(For ourselves and for others.)
(Question: How does nutrition play a role in this rejuvenation?)

Nutritional balance: for some yes. Some are so invested in the identity within the body that the lack of nutrients can divulge an array of problematic symptoms within the mind and basically body.
Maintaining balance is key. Within balance freedom is expressed and encouraged with less effort from the mental self.
Nourishment for the soul/spirit is key and more essential in maintaining the intention that has been brought forth within the group. This form of nourishment is unique to each individual. One form of nourishment doesn’t always entail success for all. It’s aligning to your own recognition of what is essential and key for maintaining a sense of connection and elevation for the whole.

Know we are all being guided and inspired in so many ways to embrace the intentions, perceptions, and truths that align us to true divine understanding. In doing this, we liberate ourselves from the mundane realities created by our collective reality that thrives with fear, doubt, rivalry, and insecurities. Be an active participant in expanding the collective reality that embraces and thrives from freedom, truth, joy, and love.

May you graciously connect to the Angels, and the many forms of Divine manifestations that surround you daily.

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Emily Rivera Andrews is a certified Angel Healing Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, and an Angel Manifesting Master Practitioner. Emily shares techniques that have helped her become a Gifted Intuitive, Intuitive Channeler, Healer, Manifester, and Angel Communicator. To ask your Angels a question, email or visit To order her book Connecting with the Angels visit

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