Reflections… The Gift of Passion

By Ricky Roberts III

Passion is something that makes you feel alive. It can’t be denied. Being passionate about something gives you a strong sense of purpose and belonging. When you have passion in your life you are truly living. In other words, you are enjoying the gift of life as it is intended to be: with passion.

Passion is one of the many gems of our existence that connects us to our souls’ purpose to be here.

One of my favorite questions to ask groups when I work with them on empowerment is, “What are you passionate about?” Whether it be a group of young people or professional adults, the responses are always an inspiration and a true joy to hear. When people start talking about things they are passionate about, you see a clear shift in energy. It is an uncontrollable light that illuminates from their soul. It is a spark that only passion can ignite.

When you are acting upon the things you are passionate about, it is a feeling of wholeness like no other. Whether it be art, music, a specific cause/movement, a relationship or job, it is a must to be passionate about them, otherwise you are not living but simply existing. The things that ignite that deep experience of fulfillment are given to you for a reason. They are a gift. Like any gift, we each choose if we will do something with it, or not. For example, say you get a musical instrument you have always wanted to play but you only play it a few times. As much as you thought you wanted to play it, you just don’t make the time to do so. The guitar sits and sits. You never choose to make the time to play it. Hence, you never give your calling to that instrument to be answered. There is a reason why you wanted that “guitar!”

Don’t let your gifts sit there. Play them. Pursue them. Use them. Actualize them.

The passions that yearn to be materialized into reality can only do so if you act upon them. No matter what the outcome may be, the real fulfillment comes in allowing them to manifest themselves into your life.

Some may say, “I don’t have anything I am passionate about.” My answer is: “Everyone has something they are passionate about, but it doesn’t mean everyone knows it yet.” You have to seek your passions. Try new things. Read new books. Volunteer for different causes. Be open to change. If you are called to leave a profession that is unfulfilling to you to seek more happiness, take the leap. Ask for guidance. Surrender to your highest good in all that you do. Your passion will find you and you will find it, and if you already know it, it will blossom even more. Listen to the things that speak to you. The things that make you want to learn more about them. They are speaking to you for a reason. Listen to them. You will be supported in the pursuit of your passions and the fullness of your heart will be worth any challenges you may face to do so.

Live mindfully, joyfully, gratefully and passionately. Enjoy this life!

Ricky Roberts III is the creator of YOU ARE VALUED, an organization devoted to creating positive change by embracing the value of every man, women, boy and girl through community outreach, involvement, discussion and inspiration. Ricky inspires through his books, articles, speaking engagements, workshops, youth outreach, volunteer work, and his interaction with others in his daily living. He is dedicated to reaching people in a positive way wherever he may be. Visit and

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