Enlightened Relationships: Power Up Your Passion

By Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed.

Passion is everything! We are emotional beings. Our emotional state shapes everything we do and how we feel about what we do. Our emotions shape our belief systems and help drive whether we think something is possible or not. They help us see the world from a new perspective or keep us continuing the same patterns from our past. Each experience is attached to a specific emotion, and that emotion will impact how we see any similar experience in the now or in the future.

Research shows that if we are generally in a good mood on a daily basis we will remember drastically more positive events in our life than negative events and vice versa.

This is why when I have worked with couples the most important thing I do is to help them shift their energy before ever discussing anything relevant to their goals.

I stumbled across a great example recently when I met a young photographer at a local photo studio. She was telling me that she had a full time job as a photographer but that it did not pay much. She expressed that her dream was to have her own private photography company but that she had to develop a portfolio, among other things, before it would be possible.

As we were talking, a colleague of mine presented her with an opportunity to photograph his staff for payment. However, she kept bringing the conversation back to, “ONE DAY I will be able to make enough money to be able to do photography on my own.” My colleague asked her if she had a camera, and she replied that she had the necessary tools to do the basics. This would give her the opportunity to develop her business on the side while working full time, but she lacked the emotional state to see the opportunity that was right in front of her. Needless to say, no matter how much my colleague tried to help her she did not see the opportunity. Either she was lacking passion for photography or lacking passion for independence.

Many times in life we have opportunities to make our relationships better. It may be a relationship with our self, our partner, our career, a loved one, and even a desire.

However, often in the moments that opportunities arise we may not see them because we are not in the right emotional state. Why? It’s because we are not being driven by passion.
It is human nature to want to truly develop intimate relationships that serve our highest good, to contribute to others, to have a career that fulfills us, to surround ourselves with the right people that are going to support and nurture our needs. We are naturally passionate about these things, but when we stop feeling passion for life we become less tuned-in to the opportunities that would bring us toward what we desire.

You see, passion gets us motivated and drives us to achieve things that may even be outside of our perceived reality. If we can stay in the state of passion we can create the space that will allow us to achieve these things. Below I will describe some ways that may help you stay in this powerful emotional state.

1. Don’t take life too seriously: Come up with a memory or an image of something that may be able to quickly shift you back to joy when you notice that you are taking life too seriously. Ask others to serve as a reminder when you go down that path. If you can stay lighthearted, you will be able to enjoy the journey more and create more passion in your life.

2. Dream bigger: If you’re not motivated to follow your passion, then dream bigger until you find something that truly inspires you. Don’t let anyone tell you what is possible or impossible.

3. Spread your wings: As soon as you get inspired, take action! The universe is providing you the inspiration for a reason. The universe, God, Divine, what ever feels comfortable to you, wants to support your flight.

4. Let your inner child out: Children have passion for everything. They are intrigued by the simplest things and the curiosity to discover drives them. If you can see the world through your inner child, you will see that this is your playground. Therefore, enjoy every step and follow your truth.

5. Take time in nothingness: In nothingness there is everything. When you take time for yourself and find that peaceful place, it gives you the opportunity to understand your inner truth, passions, and desires without the interference and influence of the outside world.

6. Understand your passions: Take the time to write down what inspires you. Then, reflect on it and ask yourself why you’re passionate about these things. Do a little research into something you’re passionate about to find out if it can really drive you to experience this dream. You may find that you are passionate about the IDEA of something, such as living in another country, yet would not be happy actually experiencing the practical reality of it. Looking more deeply into what you are passionate about may unlock hidden inspirations and help you narrow your focus onto your most powerful desires.

7. Take time for your love interest: If you are in a romantic relationship, take the time on a daily basis to know about your partner’s passions and current reality. The more invested both of you are in understanding each other and each other’s desires, the more you can co-create your future.

8. Make your home your sanctuary: Surround yourself with images and reminders of the things you are passionate about, which will remind you to live in that emotional state.

9. Share your passions with others: When you discuss with others what you are passionate about and your goals, it’s like amplifying your energy and planting seeds for others to be your eyes and ears for opportunities. Sharing also allows others to feel comfortable discussing their own passion and desires.

In our society, we put a high value on money because we feel it will make us successful and provide the opportunity to follow our dreams. Many people spend a lifetime waiting for that money to materialize. Do not wait: It is not the money that will allow us to achieve our true objectives. It is our will, aspiration, action and openness to live a passionate life that will open the doors to triumph. If we choose to live passionately in our daily life, opportunities will automatically be created by our thoughts and actions, and ultimately they will lead us to the passionate life we truly desire.

Joeel A. Rivera, M.Ed., Ph.D. (ABD) holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is currently completing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in Psychology. Joeel’s extensive career as a relationship coach includes certifications in P.R.E.P, a 30-year research-based program for couples, Nurturing Father’s curriculum, and Parenting 21st Century. Joeel is now taking a select number of Life, Relationship, and Entrepreneurship Coaching clients. Visit www.transformationservices.org

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