Prosperity & the Law of Attraction

By Terez Hartmann

How to let life and cash flow!

Prosperity, it’s plain to see that you and I are meant to be together.

It’s time to feel, live and embrace the joy, fun and fabulousity that is your birthright! You KNOW it exists. You’ve seen it in your mind and felt it in your bones. The question is: How do you attract and allow it NOW?

To use the Law of Attraction (LOA) to your advantage, you have two things to do:

1. Let go of resistance and stop focusing on the absence of prosperity.

2. Get into a flow of allowing by focusing on the presence of prosperity.

All LOA trained professionals know that you don’t release resistance by focusing on that thing you don’t want to think about. Even when you are in “problem-solving” mode, don’t do it. That’s because the focus is still on the problem, and the LOA responds to that problem, so this approach actually keeps the goods away longer. Affirming and visualizing in an effort to “fix” your vibe also keeps the funky vibe alive. You can’t fool the LOA, but you can make it your BFF by:

1. Diffusing the funk by thinking about things differently.

2. Changing the subject entirely by focusing on something else that feels like ease, flow, peace, fun and fabulousity!

The Positive Value in Negative

No matter where you are relative to experiencing prosperity, you are on your way to more in one way or another!

Rather than beat yourself up for feeling a negative emotion, what if you congratulated yourself instead? This may sound nuts, but consider this: According to Abraham-Hicks, every time you feel negative emotion, you ask for more and, hence, add more of it to your vibrational bank account. So give yourself a break and cut yourself some slack—using this approach, there actually is positive value in a negative emotion!

The next time you feel funky for any reason, try this new resistance-busting affirmation on for size: “I may not feel my best right now, but I just made my life bigger and better.”

Any Subject Can Lead to Cash Flow

Now that you know you need to put oodles of goodness into your vibrational account of fabulousity, why not let that prosperity and joy flow into tangible form? The destination of prosperity (and anything you truly want) is all about feeling good in one form or another, so to allow and experience the reality of any feel-good thing, you have to create and inhabit a feel-good emotional environment. And because the subject of money is typically a double-edged sword, the clearest path to prosperity is often found through focusing on a different subject entirely.

No matter what topic you are contemplating, the LOA is always listening to your emotional conversation (AKA your dominant vibe/attitude). So even if you are focusing on the wonder of nature, the excitement of travel and adventure, how much you adore your favorite human or animal friends, how much you love observing or creating something beautiful, etc., every time you feel a pure vibe of ease, flow, fun and well-being, your mind and countenance becomes fertile ground for ideas, impulses and cash flow.

Focus on feeling good for any reason, do it as consistently as possible, and you will be amazed by what follows!

Align with Prosperity by Finding It

Now that you’re feeling groovy, feed the feel-good mojo by focusing on what you do have. Here are a few questions to get you off and running:

1. What things do you have in your home/work environment that give you a feeling of comfort, ease, fun or beauty?

2. What people or animals do you have in your life who are easy to love?

3. What physical abilities do you enjoy?

4. Which of you talents, skills or personality traits are you most proud of?

5. What things do you get to do that evoke feelings of freedom, fun and overall well-being?

The more you notice where prosperity is, the more you align with the continued and increasing presence of prosperity.

The Bottom Line on Allowing Prosperity

No matter how you may feel at any given moment or what you may have experienced in the past, there is a path that leads toward the feeling and experience of prosperity. Cash flow is simply the result of what happens when you let life flow, so when you choose to make feeling good your No. 1 goal, you get to “arrive” today and open the door to even more!

Rebecca Edwards is the author of The NETT, The New Evolution in Thinking for Teens. 7 Powerful Tools to Help You Rise Above Trauma. Rebecca has dedicated her talents to speaking and writing as an advocate for teens with trauma and mental health challenges. This passion has helped her use her life experiences with childhood trauma, family drama, and addiction recovery to help teens reframe the negative aspects of adversity into powerful tools of self-acceptance and self-discovery. Rebecca is a contributor to multiple online magazines where she speaks openly on how important journaling was in overcoming obstacles to reach her inner peace and spiritual transformation. The NETT can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Nobel in softcover and as an E-book. Her vision for the book is to become a part of the creative writing curriculum at Recovery High Schools across the nation to help teens in recovery. Find out more at: Contact Rebecca by email at:

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