The Power of Music

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by Terez Hartmann

Change your tune and you can change your life.

Music is everywhere. It has been a part of the human experience since the very dawn of our existence, and it is truly amazing that even as civilizations have come and gone, there is something about the desire to create, share, and experience music that forever endures—and is inextricably linked to being human.

Whether it is because of our desire to socialize and tell our story, to breathe life into a thing of beauty, or to somehow touch and commune with the Divine, one thing is for sure: Life is far better with it, and I for one could not imagine life without it!

Music as a Tool for Happiness

While I was formulating this article, I decided to Google “music and happiness studies.” When I saw that my query produced 19,900,000 results, I couldn’t help but smile and even squeak a little! How cool, I thought, that there is THAT much out there that connects music to happiness—and the better you feel and the better your attitude about life, the more likely you are to let the good stuff in and put good stuff out into the world for the benefit of ALL! One study by that I find particularly fascinating and discuss in my book, ALLOWING Your Success! has to do with the effect of what they call “designer” music. Their findings show that when participants were exposed to music designed to have specific positive effects on the listener, the test group reported a higher increase/shift in their mood than with ANY other type of music, even when compared to classical and new age music! We’ve all seen and experienced firsthand how a song can evoke a memory or an overall mood by transporting us into that experience in a very visceral way, so it’s no stretch to conclude that listening to, singing with, dancing to, or composing uplifting music carries with it great potential power. Music and The Law of AttractionAccording to Abraham-Hicks, 17 seconds is all it takes to start the creation ball rolling, with 68 seconds being enough to establish a solid point of attraction. Considering the fact that most songs and pieces of music are at least three minutes long, it’s logical to conclude that focusing on music which evokes feelings of serenity, hope, fun, and joy can be a fabulous way to establish a point of attraction that gets some kickin’ good mojo and momentum flowing! The key factor is choosing music YOU enjoy and that TRULY feels good to you, since what sounds and feels good is very much in the eye (and ear) of the beholder! Yes, it IS great to stumble across a piece of music that takes you to a groovy-feeling place, but there is a serious coolness factor in deliberately choosing to tune in to music that inspires positivity—and then getting to take FULL credit for the fabulousity you feel! DO THIS:
Conduct your own MUSIC experiment
Use The Power of MUSIC to get into the groove and feed a positive attitude!1. Take a moment to turn on a musical piece or song that you associate with happy feelings.*
2. Sit and listen to it with full attention, sing along, clap your hands or even dance along with your chosen song.
3. Write down how you feel as soon as your listening party is complete!

Feel even better? YOU did that, baby!

*Keep this in mind…

Even though the target is joy, if your current state of mind is less-than-fabulous, it is FAR better to choose music that simply feels like a step up first. Shoot for feeling better rather than bouncing, then work your way up the feel-good totem pole.

 I can’t tell you how many times I tried to “make myself happy, dammit!” only to find that when I didn’t get from bummed to blissed in 1.86 seconds, I often felt WORSE, rather than better. Whether you are talking about MUSIC or any other mood-lifting tool, remember that the best M.O. is feeling lighter and better. Once you make your way to hopefulness, THAT’S the time to reach for joy, because you’re more open, willing and READY to dance to the music!

The Bottom Line of The Power of Music
Music is a bridge and there’s a song that can lead you in literally every emotional direction. In truth, all roads ultimately lead to joy in one way or another, but why take the long, squishy low road when you can ENJOY the journey and ALLOW success along the high road? If you let it, changing your tune really CAN change your life…

…and besides, life is always better when accompanied by a great soundtrack! Rock on, awesome allowers!

Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann,“Your catalyst for all things Fab-YOU-lous,” is the author of Allowing Your Success!, a proud contributing author of Transform Your Life! book one and two, a professional Keynote Speaker/Workshop Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, “Allowing Adventures!” & “Savor Vacation” Facilitator, and true Renaissance Woman, and Visionary. She keeps her fire lit by embracing and promoting a lifestyle of “Allowing,” and by using creative expression to elevate and ignite the human spirit, a passion that she shares with her husband, soul-mate and creative partner of over 15 years, John Victor Hartmann. Together they share “Allowing TRUE LOVE” workshops and experiences designed to help others attract, allow, and maintain extraordinary relationships, and create custom jingles and voice-overs in their studio, THE Creativity Express. Visit:

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