7 Abiding Tenets to Follow Your Dreams

by Carleen Moscati

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a home where I witnessed first-hand that even the most impossible of dreams are attainable.

Of course I didn’t realize it at the time, but when it mattered it began to come together for me in the MOST meaningful way possible. When the traumatic obstacles of life began to stack miles high against me, the notion that it is entirely possible to start at any point and create anything began to really sink in.

This was the solid foundation that I needed to begin to follow my dreams and NOT EVER LOOK BACK. These are the 7 Abiding Tenets to Follow Your Dreams that I have learned along the way.


The No. 1 tenet of any form of goal achievement or dream fulfillment is belief. You have got to have absolute belief in your dream itself. Belief in your dreams is twofold. You must know that it will happen and you must know that you are able to make it happen.

2. PLAN.

Planning is the logistics of what it will take to make your dream a reality. It’s the step-by-step process, the map, the blueprint that will get you there. Your plan is essentially the assurance and the fortification behind your Belief on the journey to following your dreams.


You have to be in constant belief of your dream and in constant action and practice of the plan that you set forth to make it happen.  You cannot have a love-hate or on-again-off-again relationship with your goals and your dreams; only consistent nurturing daily will keep them alive and well.


Fear can be a master chameleon that will disguise itself as ANYTHING to paralyze you and keep you from your dreams. Learn to recognize your fears for exactly what they are. Break them down swiftly and move past them to get what you are truly after. At the end of the day they are the only thing that stands in between you and your dream.


Your greatest self is only as good as your healthiest self. If you are not in good to great health you will not be motivated to be consistent in your efforts. You will become detached from your goals and dreams, forcing you to fall in love with them again and again, which is draining. Your health is also directly proportionate to the level of enjoyment of your experience. Proper health is a key tenet to be able to reach and experience maximum enjoyment of your dreams.


Maintaining a positive mindset and attitude despite your circumstances is the biggest secret weapon to conquering obstacles on the journey to success. Oftentimes, what may seem to not be going your way may potentially be exactly what is needed for things to line up in such a way that will benefit you even more so than you ever imagined. If you are not in a positive state of mind you will be certain to miss it. If you are actively following your dreams always: Stay Positive No Matter What.


Having overall confidence and self-assurance in who you are and what you stand for will take you extremely far when you are following a dream. Confidence and certitude are both your comfort and your armor on the journey to your dreams. When you look over your shoulder and find that there is no one in your corner to promote and celebrate your endeavors it will be there. If you are going after any kind of dream confidence must live in you and never leave.

Like Lisa Nicols so boldly proclaims:

“You have to know, like you know that it is going to happen.”

That unique compilation of essence that came together to be YOU is the only stuff that was made to do it. You are nothing short of amazing and you were meant to be here, meant to have this dream, this experience—and it is yours to be had. Be bold in this life and let this feeling take you far. Let this confidence become the motivation you need to keep on track. If you have read this far, I know that you can do it—and you know that you can do it. That makes two of us; you’ve definitely got this!

These are the 7 Tenets that I have found to be most valuable to me in the achievement of my dreams. These tenets definitely embody what it takes to follow your heart and the vision that you see for the life that you truly desire. They are well worth the time to adopt for dream achievement and for life.

Believe. Plan. Be Consistent. Be Stronger Than Your Fears. Be Healthy. Stay Positive. Be Confident. Become Your Greatest Self!™


Carleen Moscati is the founder of Legacy Lifetime. She is a Certified Life Purpose and Holistic Life Coach/Fulfilled Living Expert. Carleen also is the author of the book Brazenly Become Your Greatest Self: How to Build Your Legacy to Live Healthy, Wealthy, Balanced & Fulfilled. Her mission is to help success seekers to clarify their purpose, navigate major life obstacles and achieve the conscious lifestyle that they desire. For more information, visit legacylifetime.com/blog/



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