Let Go and Grow

by Rev. Marla Sanderson

I first heard the term “consciousness growth” in a publication that came in the mail. Even after I read the whole brochure, I had no idea what it meant. It might as well have been written in a foreign language.

A short time later, the concept of “consciousness growth” came around again. Only this time, I’d already stepped through the door and didn’t know it.

I couldn’t get enough of it. I started to see things from a new vantage point. My mind opened to new possibilities, and many things I had seen as problems became steps to growth. I welcomed them (some more than others).

Soon my life began to feel small. I longed for more of the happiness I knew was possible. I wanted adventure, and was eager to step out of my usual safe patterns to get it.

There’s a part of each of us that wants to grow—to reach out for new experiences, but at times something stops us. We lack follow-through. Is it fear of change? Fear of failure? Reluctance to give up the old way?

Yes, it’s all that. And more.

One lesson that has been of great value to me is to let go, and it works in almost every area of life. You have to let go of what you have to make room for something better. Whether it’s a new career, a better relationship or anything else; it’s simple, but it’s not always easy.

When you walk, one foot goes forward and the other follows. With each step, you leave behind the spot you were on before. In order to go anywhere, you have to let go of where you’ve been. It’s obvious that you can’t get far if one foot or the other refuses to move.

This is so for almost every condition or situation in your life. If you want some part of your life to get better, you have to give up the way it is. Or at least the way you see it.

Let go of your limited thinking. Be willing to trade in your attitudes, your opinions and your values for something that works better. It’s simple but it’s not always easy.

Broaden your perception of any situation and you’ll see new options, possibilities, and solutions. Watch your creativity expand.

Above all, let go of your opinion of yourself. You take your self-concept everywhere you go. Your life-long beliefs of who you are and what you can do are worn-out ideas that no longer need to define you.

I don’t suggest you put on a phony front. The Truth is you’re a living, breathing creator who shares the use of Divine Mind, the Source of all Creation. It’s wise. It’s all-powerful. It’s all-loving. It has all the answers. And It loves to have a good time!

Invite It in. Ask it for guidance. Ask it for ideas. Ask it to reveal the Truth about you. You may have to give up some old ideas. Maybe even some you treasure, but the reward is always worth it.

Is there some area of your life you’d like to be better? What are you willing to let go in order to have it?

Rev. Marla Sanderson is a skilled spiritual counselor, speaker, teacher, and workshop leader. She has studied and practiced the Science of Happiness and Science of Mind for over 40 years. Her website, The New Thought Global Network, showcases ideas from many New Thought disciplines.  She is ordained in the Centers for Spiritual Living. (Religious Science). Contact her at 727-475-8991, or revmarla@newthoughtglobal.org or visit www.newthoughtglobal.org.

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