How to Become an Opportunity Magnet

By Kristie Kennedy

The reason many will NEVER experience the sweet nectar of manifested dreams is because they are comfortable with remaining handcuffed to the mundane. They are so fixated on what they don’t want, that what they do desire completely evades them.

I’ve been pondering something a dear friend said to me recently: “You are an opportunity magnet.” As I sat at my desk early this morning, I began to reflect on what internal transformations took place prior to experiencing this magnetic life.

Golden Nugget 1: Celebrate the everyday everyday. For many years, I battled depression behind closed walls and, because of my effervescent personality, it went unnoticed. We must refuse to allow moments to impede our momentum. I understand now that joy is more powerful than happiness. The latter is contingent upon what is happening, whereas joy remains constant, especially in the face of adversity. There is not one day that passes for me without expressing gratitude for innumerable blessings received.

Golden Nugget 2: Become future focused. You will become an opportunity magnet the second you begin focusing more on your FUTURE rather than your fears, frustrations, failures and flaws. The fastest way to silence your inner critic is to fix your gaze on forward advancement. It is one of the reasons I have nine vision boards and two vision books. What I EXPECT is greater than what I currently SEE standing before me.

Golden Nugget 3: Do it now! In my youth, I was notorious for putting off a task that needed to be accomplished. Perfectionism and procrastination will hinder progress, potential and purpose more than any other self-sabotaging behavior. I live fully present in the moment as if this could be my last. When I was single, I remember imagining meeting the love of my life. I am always preparing for what is to come. I purchased a sophisticated blue dress for our first date. It sat in the closet for years until I decided not to put it on hold for a day that may have never come. I recorded my debut music cd in 2005 and wore that dress for the photo shoot. On the night of my anniversary dinner, I was wearing a Calvin Klein blue dress that my husband purchased for me. Ironic huh?

Golden Nugget 4: Ascend from within. I say this all the time. You must ascend from within and choose to WIN! I raise my consciousness with affirmations. Daily, I wake and say, “It’s a good day for a great day!” I refuse to allow my emotions to control me. I declare over my day, “All I see is open doors before me.” I have more opportunities that I can accept. This puts me in a great position because women LOVE options! There was a time when I was at my lowest emotionally, financially and spiritually. Rock bottom! I had to muster up the last ounce of breath and on my knees still decree, “I FIGHT, NOT FAINT!” Your destiny is to precious to give up now. RISE above it all!

Golden Nugget 5: Amaze Yourself. Truth is, the opinions of others have been holding you back from living wild and free. I read once, “If you want to be great, stop asking for permission.” I want to encourage you to give yourself the green light and pursue your goals with gusto! Amaze yourself with bodacious courage to do things you would never do. Amaze yourself and travel the globe to the most exotic places. Amaze yourself and ask for the promotion you know you deserve. Amaze yourself and tear down the walls that are keeping you from experiencing unconditional love. Amaze yourself and finish the book that has been sitting on your desktop for three years. Amaze yourself and lose the 30 pounds you’ve been carrying around. Amaze yourself and start the business with the last $100 in your bank account.

Amaze yourself right now and before you know it everywhere you go, life will be nothing short of AMAZING!

Kristie Kennedy is a speaker, trainer and coach who believes we all were designed to powerfully reign in our divine domain and succeed beyond belief! In September 2010, she was crowned the American Image National Woman in Charleston, SC. For more about Kristie and her story, visit


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