Reinventing Myself Through Compassion

By Debra Loran

A man went to the mountain tops in Tibet to ask the wisest monk his deepest questions about life. He arrived and found the One he wished to ask and posed his sincere question: “What is the meaning of Life, and why are we here?” After moments of reflection, the wise man answered in calm confidence.

Compassion.” That’s all he said. One word. Compassion.

That summed up the entire reason for our existence here on Earth—having, learning, showing, and simply being compassion.

This story was an enlightening revelation at a time when my life was becoming a slow-motion scene that looked like a dusty demolition site. Relationships began to crumble in front of my eyes. A career that held prestige and fame faded into smoky obscurity from my physical inability to perform the skills that once “waltzed” me through a fabulously decorated career.

You see, I am a professional ballroom dancer. I was able to reach a pinnacle in my career—four U.S. National titles, adjudicator, coach, high positions at top universities—and then my feet totally gave out. There was no solution given by the doctors but to “STAY OFF THEM.” Then my energy was drained like a busted “Energizer Bunny” due to debilitating chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. After the diagnoses, I still continued on for a number of years until it just became impossible. A passion and livelihood was crushed.

It’s true. Then came the process of reinventing myself. This was exciting and gave rise to adventures with many creative talents I had formally subdued. However, the path of “Following Your Bliss” didn’t provide the stable financial rewards informally implied to keep lower-level BASIC needs in place. You know, the “AND THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW” part.

Plain English: I got really stressed out!!!

No matter how many Spiritual groups I facilitated—my outer world did not match the many rooms of my heart.

The threat of bankruptcy loomed dark and large at my door. This is something I never in my wildest dreams thought would happen to me! NOT ME! I paid the two single credit cards I owned IN FULL every single month, never paying ridiculous interest rates! Interest rates?! How silly when I could use that money to buy new shoes or something else? Ok, so I may be a spiritual fashionista?!? I was living within my means….I had more than four jobs at one point in my career!

Here I was now with 0 jobs, little to no income, going bankrupt, about to lose my home—HOMELESS—really? YIKES! Basic needs category for sure!

My physical limitations were exacerbated over and over by the stress that seemed to barrage me every day. My feet got worse. My knees joined the “falling out” party. My eyesight dramatically dropped 20 percent in two months, as if tired of witnessing the whole undoing. Deep depression found me spiraling to depths of dark despair.

Well-meaning friends would say, “Debra, you have soooo many gifts! Just stop those negative thoughts that are holding you back. Let go of the past! You must not feel you are WORTHY!”

Ok, when you are having a low-energy time in your life, it doesn’t help much to hear how really low you are, how you think you are not worthy, and how you have so many gifts you are not using! NO PRESSURE THERE MY FRIENDS. I know the advice was coming from the most loving of places, and these beloved friends want only the best for me.

Why Compassion?

COMPASSION does NOT let people off the hook; it does not give them a free ride at the amusement park Busch ”Please Pity Me” Gardens. Personally, I did not need or want that. I simply wanted to be heard and recognized as going through a tough time in my life. In all fairness, I may have, and most likely DID, speak the “sad story” way more often than I needed.

I do believe that the circumstances I found myself in WERE created by me, but not because I didn’t feel worthy. On the contrary: I sense that my Soul was contracting at a higher level and knew I was strong enough to give myself these gifts—these challenging circumstances—to learn to develop COMPASSION .

My Soul cried out for me to develop compassion for myself and then to be of service to others in similar circumstances on the same path. I am not alone on this journey.

My heart has grown many times its size now that I know the humble sting of public assistance when all I wanted to do was work. That place where your mental state breaks from the inconsistency between outer circumstances and what your heart knows to be true.

COMPASSION for myself right where I am at this very moment.

Where am I now? After all, this IS about transformation, right?

Moving On

I was “guided” to successfully complete certification as a Kundalini Yoga instructor! I took the training while experiencing intense physical and mental stress. The teachings, spoken mantras, meditation practices, and Kriyas enabled me to put down my cane! I now wake up early facing the day with joy to be of service to this world. Kundalini, the yoga of Awareness, literally changes brain chemistry allowing a true healing to take place!

In fact, I was given a spiritual name based on my birth date: AjeetDev. It means “Victorious over Challenges!” Hello?

Friends and classmates are amazed at my transformation following the Teacher Training. They claim that I now radiate with a glow and a vibrance.…Purpose….Compassion.

Now I’m teaching Yoga for Ballroom and 12-Step recovery. It is a restorative healing yoga with focus on breath work. I’m doing healings again and so much more! The opportunities are coming at a divinely inspired rate. I have a job!!! I am back teaching in the university setting as well! It’s an AWESOME feeling!

COMPASSION is unconditional. It does shine light on the beauty of one’s path to reveal that there is joy on the road each individual selects in life. COMPASSION centers all who are going through their chosen course and allows Grace to flow from one heart to the other.

May you illuminate with COMPASSION for your True Self and flow as a Blessing to the rest of this beautiful world! I see each and every one of you in total COMPASSION and LOVE. I believe in you!


Blessings to you all!


Debra Loran is a woman of many talents, with a successful career spanning 39 years as a professional ballroom dancer. Debra won 4 National Championship titles and trained others to become National Champions. She carries Certification as a National Championship Adjudicator with the NDCA. Debra was invited to participate in the “Dancing with The Stars Tour”. While Adjunct Professor at UT and USF and faculty at the Straz Performing Arts Center, she hosted competitions at Florida State Fair since 2000. Currently holds certification in Soul Coaching, Past Life Regression, Kundalini Yoga and Reiki Master. Debra is a gifted reader, gemologist and healer creating Crystal Core Healing. Email

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