Restart Your Body and Feel Amazing

By Kathy Rivera Wallace

“Good morning!” A common greeting that I would hear every morning at our office, but on this day it was different. The words echoed throughout my body as I walked into the office—and not in a good way. It reminded me of what I was feeling and how I was living. I was overweight, having gained 34 pounds. I was feeling tired, lethargic, and unhealthy. Up to this point, I had plenty of conversations with myself, and I knew the day had finally arrived to address what my body was saying: It was time for a restart.

I entered my husband’s office, and I said to him: “Something has to change! For over four years, we’ve been working nonstop to keep the doors of our business open, we are having dinner between 9:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. every night, we sleep very little, we have no time for exercise, and we are both overweight, tired, and unhealthy. I can’t live like this anymore!” As these life-changing words left my mouth, I knew I was ready to make a lifestyle change that would take me from feeling miserable to living vibrantly—the way we are all meant to live!

That unforgettable moment was in February of 2012, and for the first time in my life I actually listened to my body. I wanted change, and to make that change I had to seek information, learn, and then integrate the new wisdom into my life. Not only did I want to feel fantastic, but I also wanted to look fantastic. Through my research, I discovered that losing just 10 to 20 pounds of weight could dramatically improve my health and the look of my body. Yes!! This was it, and I was ready! In the first six months, I cut back on red meat and carbs and increased my intake of fruits and veggies.

The weight started to come off, and I knew I was on the right track not only because I was feeling better, but also because one of my husband’s clients did not even recognize me at an event; he thought my husband had remarried. What an affirmation! I still remember the excitement I felt when I heard his words. At that moment, I knew I would never go back to how I was eating or living. I wanted more, and this quest became part of my life journey. I was now ready to go beyond the diet world and make healthy changes that would impact me for the rest of my life!

Through research and study, I learned the importance of whole foods and how we can heal our body by eating and preparing food differently. When I met one of my teachers, Jeff Primack from Supreme Science, I was ecstatic. His food healing protocols and teachings were simple, straightforward and, frankly, just made sense. The lifestyle I live and inspire today is based on his teachings and other research; it’s part of my Living Vibrantly Now! program. From antioxidants to foods with loaded with phytonutrients, foods like lemons, avocados, coconut oil, and Manuka honey, can really change your life. I know this because it happened to me!

I still remember when I started to have warm water with lemon first thing in the morning before breakfast, even before my shower. I still drink my warm water with lemon at that time, and I love it! Lemon water boosts your immune system and helps to fight off colds.


Another favorite of mine is the avocado. In my world we say, “An avocado a day keeps the doctor away!” Since it’s a monounsaturated fat, the avocado even helps you lose weight, lower cholesterol, and so much more. The avocado also has a high amount of glutathione, which detoxifies the liver. I eat at least one avocado a day and I add it to my smoothies every morning. My family is now growing avocados, and we all love them!

Coconut oil is the healthiest oil in the world. It is more than 90 percent saturated fat and has antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Coconuts are an excellent source of nutrition and healthy meat, milk, and oil. I especially love to spread coconut oil on my sprouted bread in the morning with Manuka honey. It’s so delicious, and the nutritional value is amazing! You also can apply coconut oil to your hair and skin. It makes your hair shiny and your skin radiate.

In addition to spreading Manuka honey on my sprouted bread, I add it to my tea or hot water with lemon. The phytochemicals and antibiotic properties within this honey are so effective they can combat infections such as MRSA, bed sores, etc. This honey is native to New Zealand, and it’s delicious!

Just like anything that is new and unknown, changing the way you eat to create a vibrant life can be a bit intimating at first. However, once your taste buds and your body get a dose of these delicious foods, you will only want to seek out more because not only will you look great but, most importantly, you will feel amazing! Living Vibrantly teaches you how to do this through your mind, body, and spirit. This is my journey; I am honored to continue to share with you.

Cheers, celebrate & enjoy!


If you want to know more about the Living Vibrantly Now! program, please visit or call me at 727.560.8162.

Kathy “Katica” Rivera Wallace lives her own brand, Living Vibrantly. Katica earned her degree in business and marketing. After years of the corporate grind, Katica worked with her husband to grow their family business, as she continued volunteering in her community. Her naturally giving spirit was reinvigorated through these experiences, leading her on a path of self-improvement with an emphasis on gaining knowledge and certifications that would allow her to help others Live Vibrantly. She achieved certifications in Hypnotherapy, Qi Gong, Food Healing and Ancestral Clearing.  Kathy also studied and practices Transcendental Meditation (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi). Through her award-winning webcast, Katica: Living Vibrantly, that seeks to help her audience live a vibrant life by aligning body, mind and spirit. Visit


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