Acceptance IS

By Zan Benham

It is said that “Peace begins with me!”

In fact, it does because every opinion, every perception we have is ours alone. Surely what others think often influences us, and that is My Perception, my way of understanding, and my way of seeing the world! If I don’t know something it does not exist for me. Perception is everything!

I have often thought that if I did not know the horrors of the war in the Middle East that it would not exist for me. Is it possible that our Critical Mass Consciousness helps create and hold these disruptions in place? Do these continual thoughts also create weather patterns and other natural disasters? Could it be: Fire our anger? Water our tears? Earthquakes an explosion from hatred and frustration?

It is said that Peace will come when we become the peace we envision.

So begins this dissertation of an important truth as I perceive it to be. Hopefully you will agree with me, because by doing so, you will in great part set yourself free of the tribulations of the past.

Real Time is in Breath Time. Breath marks this moment “Now.” All else is past, as in memory, or future, as in projection. Only Now is Real! Be-ing exists Now, and Consciousness of Deity (God) exists in each breath.

In this moment Now, you and I are here. It is where we are! We may say that we are unhappy with this present situation and that we wish things to be otherwise. We may say that we wish we could have done it differently! Still everything IS, AS IS.

That is, ISNESS! Once something is said or done we cannot go back. There is no way to undo what IS, and wanting to change it brings in great tension and resistance. Simply said, “WHAT IS, IS! BE HERE NOW!” Breathe.

Acceptance is helpful because it releases resistances and the longing it sometimes holds. Often, this longing becomes obsessing. We want to change the situation! The body tenses up, and we blame others and get angry at ourselves.

We get ourselves all tied up in a tizzy of knots sometimes, and with great frustration we point our finger and blame the “them.” We blame others for our unhappiness, misery, relationships, and loss. Whenever we point that ole finger at someone, three point back at us! If I don’t like something or someone, whose issue is it anyway? It’s mine, of course! People do what they do! They are just being who they are. I am the one having issue when I critically point my finger at them! Each time I do this I victimize myself, and I increase my feelings of powerlessness. There is a saying,

“It is all an inside job!”

Acceptance and letting go of resistance brings us into the “Is-ness” of things. We say, in effect to ourselves, “I am here now, in this moment, and this IS!” I may not like it! I may detest it! I may move from it, and I may forgive it. However, I cannot change it!

I am here now. This is where I AM. This may feel like a form of surrender, and it is good to be in this space. It is a space of empowerment in letting go of wanting to change or control anything. It releases the resistance in a desire to love the Is-ness, unconditionally. You’ll find it at the end of the exhale of the breath. Hold it there in the silence of the moment. Feel it! It is, as it is!

What is next anyway? What would I choose to see or imagine becoming? Can I virtually fill my vision? No one can change what has been done, but each of us CAN CHANGE what may come next by where we place our focus!

There is indeed a Critical Mass Consciousness, which is the sum total of the focus of the individuals on this planet. We are all related whether we wish to believe it or not! The laws of Cause and Effect and of Sow and Reap speak for themselves. The Law of Attraction basically says that you magnify what you focus on, even if you don’t want it! In a way, we are praying all the time, and every thought lives on somewhere. Energy never dies. What goes around comes around. The greater the anger, fear, and pain, the more separation we experience from the Divine Power within us and, as a result, the legacy of our being partly Divine is challenged. Hu-Mans are “the breath of God in a dualistic ego-oriented mind/body!”

In this moment I accept the all that is Right Now.

I breathe in and I breath out as I consciously release all that is blocking me, be it opinions, predispositions, habits, mindsets, or predilections. I release angst, the fear, the hate, and all images related to my separation from the ONE. I begin to understand that no one is to blame. All are behaving exactly the way they know to be. They are simply responding to their own truth at this moment. That is, what is! I cannot change anyone, only myself! That is ACCEPTANCE!

I can change my perception now, and all else will change. I am the determiner of my perceptions!

If I come into this moment having released myself from my desire to change, or make different a person, place, or thing, I can suddenly feel the freedom of this, my Choice. I can choose to hold the light and hopefulness for well-being and awakening to come, where nations and people focus on making the world better for all its children. I focus on me, my inner light and intentions and then move as best I know how, into the outer world.

I have come to understand that the Highest Good has that single polarity that recognizes itself as LOVE, a frequency fostering joy, light, health, and well-being. It also sees all things as GOOD and all in DIVINE PERFECTION. We too can find that space inside of ourselves in the breath.

ACCEPTANCE IS. Breathe in, breathe out. At the end of each exhale hold the breath and feel this singular moment in this pause. This in Now, it is where you are AT. It is where Be-ing Is; All reality Is and “God” Is. Try it, you will like it!

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Rev. Zan Benham, Butterfly Deerwoman, is an interfaith New Thought minister. She has a private practice as Spiritual Counselor, Certified Hypnotist, Shamanic Practitioner, and Reiki Master Teacher.  She integrates these modalities in her work to empower her clients to embrace their own divine gifts and powers for healing. Zan has been a student of Metaphysics for over 40 years and has been active in Native American healing circles for almost as long. She regularly facilitates shamanic journeys, sweat lodges, sacred circles, and drum circles. She leads Drum Making workshops and has the honor to be a Sacred Pipe Bearer. Visit

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