Listen to Your Heart

By Emily Rivera

“Listen to Your Heart”

This is a phrase we hear often, and it implies that we should surrender to the callings and the whispers of the heart. As I awoke this morning, I audibly heard these words being spoken by the Angels that stood by my side. They were gently reminding me to retreat into this heart space as often as possible—to nurture the moments with love as I become receptive to the tuning fork that resides within. A tuning fork that responds in harmony to the experience itself that is part of my moments, but harmonizes with grace to the truth of life’s true purpose and the Divine’s intentions. Truths that offer each of us tokens of clarity of what is truly important and what needs to be let go. An awareness that is not at all guided by the emotions, due to our past experiences, that can be intertwined with inklings of self-judgment, disappointment, fear, and doubt. Rather, this awareness arises from strokes of insights that are reflective of what the soul derives from—a state of clarity, self-awareness, freedom, and love.

In our human experience we can so easily misjudge and label the true meaning behind the words and messages being offered by God/ Divine/ Source. He/She guides us into an experience of self awareness that goes beyond what can fully be spoken. It requires us to self-evaluate from a place of non-judgment of the self, others, and our experiences. A concept much easier said than done. We each reside within a self realized and actualized bubble of love that perpetually fuels our spirit, igniting concepts of Divine proportions. These concepts more easily express themselves through our thoughts and emotions when we strive to break free from the illusionary ideals that have be forged into our society’s mutated self. I say mutated because it has been so purposely molded to influence through scattered fears used to control and remain in power.

In different ways we have said “yes” to a guiding hand outside and beyond ourselves that may not always have the highest will intended for our individual and humanity’s calling. The powers that be are not always in correspondence with the ideals and morals sustained by the soul’s understanding of ourselves and our world. When referring to the powers that be, we don’t necessarily refer to the leaders of our community nor our nations, but anything outside ourselves that we have chosen to surrender our true power to, giving up about will to be self-realized, self-activated, and heart driven. This includes our perceptions on gender, our willingness to merge with what media and propaganda have labeled as “norms”, religions directing us to fear rather than surrender to love, etc…

The identity of the true self is compromised as we attempt to mold ourselves into lower standards that in no way encourage us to realize we are each worthy of so much more.

What if we each were encouraged as children to surrender to our greatness, to the tokens of wisdom and inspired action that sparks our soul’s interest?

What if we were encouraged to trust that we came to this life with a purpose/calling that can only be expressed and fully activated through our presence alone? What if we were taught to remember our true essence? The awareness that we are souls and carriers of light here to mirror the light of God/Source itself into this reality we call life. What if? It would seem the potentials would be endless. A sovereign experience with life itself. Permanent yet impermeable that we are here to love and serve as God/ Divine/ Source manifested in form with and for each other and all beings. A true analysis of the Higher Self.

We easily can be caught up in a whirlwind of emotions that have been self-imposed in response to what others have guided us to understand through words, actions, and non-actions. As we re-enter and re-emerge into a paradigm of non-duality with the self and others, we will come to realize that these self-imposed ideas that have been carried through generations won’t be able to sustain themselves within our existing culture and thriving human awareness.

There is a stirring of the soul that is beckoning each of us, in unique and powerful ways, to realize there are hidden facets within our own awareness that have been dormant for some time.

Keys ready to be activated into form. When the words spoken encourage me, you, us to “listen to your heart,” we are being encouraged to entered that space within, in which the soul resides and knows no other agenda but to self-actualize into its true potential.

“Listen to your heart” does not mean for us to be guided by our forever-changing emotions that can be easily influenced by the external and our own judgments, nor by others skewed perception of who and what we can become. Instead, it means to be guided and inspired as we take moments to connect and become in-tuned with the river of light that runneth with currents of clarity and Divine knowledge. “Heart” symbolizing more the soul and Divine Spark that is our true nature and our True Self.


Emily Rivera is a national speaker, consultant, and spiritual counselor who lectures on the power of eternal consciousness, energy, and serves as a channel for the Ascended Lights. Her popular events and readings offer insights and guidance to people all over the world. Her unique, multidimensional approach is truly empowering and brings forth exceptional clarity, healing, and inspiration for enhanced personal awareness and achievement. Emily knows we can change both our personal destiny, and that of human existence, when we awaken to our soul’s potential. By applying her techniques for making direct connections with innate wisdom, many report being propelled into a powerful paradigm shift. Visit

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