Reactivate Your Inner Guidance System

By Tanya Jopson

Intuition is one of those illusive topics because people may have no, some, or complete mastery when it comes to understanding and experiencing this instinct. If you have mastered the talent you therefore know with full consciousness that you are engaging with and receiving from a Spirit intelligence which is known as intuition, and this process is communication with the most intelligent, creative Spirit energy that permeates everything in the universe.

Intuition, which is an inner guidance system, is accessible to every human. We do not have to be special, we should not be considered weird, and we are no more advanced than our fellow humans when in abundant engagement with intuitive communication. Then why do some people seem to have more intuitive abilities than others? The only difference between those who use intuition and those who do not is an acceptance of the ability to engage this sense that reaches the subconscious depths within us.

So, let’s view the subconscious mind: It is the storehouse of thoughts that have become beliefs which, in turn, mold our reality. But how many times does a thought have to be considered for it to become a belief? Only once! Yes, only once, because if a thought has a profound effect on the thinker it immediately transmutes into a belief.

The Disconnection

Let’s investigate the profundity of that statement. Many of our beliefs are attained in our childhood. You may have been a child who engaged in imaginary conversations until, one day, a well-intentioned adult stepped into the middle of your conversation and emphatically declared, “Stop it!” with such power and force to let you know that there are, in fact, no imaginary friends and talking to them is a sign of complete madness. You pondered for a nanosecond and then shut the conversation down, vowing to yourself that you are not mad, and therefore would conform to what the adult just impressed upon you.
You closed down your intuitive abilities and went on in life without the skills or tools to converse with an intelligent, creative Spirit energy source that was very real…until that particular incident.

Without your knowing, this little incident fell into the subconscious file box of your deeper mind and, ever since that day, it has had an effect on where you turn for guidance in life.

Now what happens if later in life you want to check in with intuition for guidance or simply to enjoy the carefree banter that you had previously enjoyed as a child? The ability to communicate, like any muscle not used, will have to be worked until your perception sees, with positive evidence,that you can and still do connect with this intuitive side of life.

A Reunion with Spirit

In order to strengthen our connection, we may initially have to take it on blind faith that we are doing so. This is because our perception has no recent reference point by which to say, “I recognize this as intuition and not mind.” Is there an actual difference between the interior dialogues with mind as opposed to the inner dialogue of Spirit? Well, yes there is! Our mind is more geared to offering up solutions and suggestions that will maintain the status quo, keeping everything the same for us, and keeping us in a safe bubble with boundaries that we should not step beyond.

The guidance from intuitive Spirit energy is much more expansive than what the mind offers. It guides toward overstepping any limits and boundaries, whether they are social, behavioral, emotional, creative, physical or spiritual.

How do we set out and retrain ourselves to once again commune with the intelligent inner Spirit energy known as intuitive guidance? One way is to form an inner Spirit Council made up of the Higher Self Energy of beings and/or angelic entities with whom we resonate. When I say resonate, I mean those whom we feel closest to energetically.
One thing we can grasp is that at the inner core essence of everyone on the planet there is the same creative Life Source, which is easily recognized when our physical, mental and emotional fields are clear of low vibrational content. While we may not be physically present with those whom we feel could guide our choices, we can successfully navigate toward strengthening our energetic grid connection.

Here is how I manifested the energetic environment to connect with Spirit guidance: I visualized a round table with four chairs in my Inner Spirit Space and very carefully selected who those attendees would be. Every morning, I sat in silent meditation to attend the board meeting with my chosen Spirit board members. At the beginning, I thought from my mind-space, “What the heck are you doing?” Remember, mind wants everything to remain the same! But I persisted because my life transition was under way and I could not turn back. I had deliberately burnt all my bridges. I had let my pension, health insurance, and my steady paycheck go. I was basically on my own, except for the intuitive guidance of my new Inner Spirit Council.

After some rather lonely board meetings, I had enough of the silent treatment. I had an issue that required an answer. I took the question and placed it on some visualized paper and set it on the Inner Spirit boardroom table. I remember the visionary fluttering of paper as it slid onto the shiny dark table top. I stated in my most affirmative way, “I would like you to please show me the way.” I opened my eyes and went about my day.

Within an hour, synchronous events pertaining to the question appeared. I knew instantly that it was the essence of intelligent Spirit from my boardroom that was now guiding the way. I acted when I felt this guidance, no matter how bizarre my mind thought the directive was, because I always tested the impulsive idea with this one pertinent question: “Will this cause growth, expansion?” Often, Spirit takes you on a path of which you have no idea where or why you are going in that particular direction, but one thing I find is that Spirit guides toward the expansion of living in the moment, which always entails living without limits, while mind prefers to remain the same, clearly defining the limits in which you operate.

While we all may practice and master our intuitive abilities, we should also accept that our inner Spirit Guidance will not infer upon us an intuitive idea that keeps us confined within a boundary. When this happens, recognize that it is a play of your mind, and its attachment to boundaries and the comfort of sameness. Now, verify that with your intuition!

Tanya Jopson is an author and Spiritual Life Consultant. To learn more about how to Raise Your Human Energy-Body Vibration and express your genius visit her website at:

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