Reflections… Beyond Our Senses

By Ricky Roberts III

We think, feel, see, hear, touch and experience this life through our bodies and minds, our senses if you will. Right now, you are reading this compilation of words by the grace of the site you have been given. What is beyond our humanness? What is it that makes us feel peace when we gaze at the stars? What makes us feel like everything will be okay in the face of adversity? What gives us the strength to carry on when we have no real desire to do so? What makes you talk to the stranger who tells you exactly what you needed to hear, or vice versa. Although we experience most aspects of our life through our bodies and minds, they are only an extension of the truth in who we are: divine. People have many different names to define the force that drives us, the support that surround us and the energy that motivates, encourages, and inspires us.

Whatever name we give it, how we worship, or how much we agree or disagree on what, or who, the divine creation of all things is, most will agree that there is something beyond our human senses, and at times, our own comprehension. Call it God, Creator, Ja, Universe, Energy, Source, Light, Love and/or call it nothing at all. Seek it through the teachings of Jesus, Mohammad, Ala, Krishna, and/or Buddha. I encourage you to do what feels right in your heart. Surrender to it. Allow it to guide you and be the grace that carries you forward in every aspect of your life—everything that you seek to understand, decisions that you need to make, dreams you will pursue, causes you want to carry forward, and changes you need to make.

You are here for a reason. You are a divine being created for greatness. The same divinity that created you is also of you. No matter what obstacles you may face, have trust in the divine essence of your being. Allow it to take you beyond the limitations, fears, and insecurities of your mind, to the truth in your heart.

May the divinity in who you are continue to manifest itself into your life.

—Ricky Roberts III

Ricky Roberts III is the creator of YOU ARE VALUED, an organization devoted to creating positive change by embracing the value of every man, women, boy and girl through community outreach, involvement, discussion and inspiration. Ricky inspires through his books, articles, speaking engagements, workshops, youth outreach, volunteer work, and his interaction with others in his daily living. He is dedicated to reaching people in a positive way wherever he may be. Visit and

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