Sacred Images, Sacred Messages

By Jo Mooy

The first image was not present to the external senses.  It appeared while in meditation, forming precise geometric shapes and symbols.  In this altered state I felt like “something” was creating a new pattern for seeing, thinking, and being, and it was revealing itself in a most subtle way.  After coming out of meditation I sketched the image.  It was an elongated diamond shaped faceted prism with a circle in the center of the prism.  The entire image of the prism with all its facets and deep inner meanings was contained in an outer circle.

Some might ask if an image like this is created by the artist or practitioner or if it is imagined.

As both a life-long meditator and an artist the lines can sometimes blur.  Meditation is a prayerfully induced state of consciousness which leads to an altered state of perception and reception.  Imagination, on the other hand, can activate in an intuitive flash while driving a car  or while daydreaming.

Working on a painting or piece of art, the artist also can enter a state of consciousness that is both meditative and creatively active.

From long experiences with both meditation and creative art this image was not in my consciousness.  In the great unconscious, it came unbidden as though someone or something else was creating it.  I was simply an observer watching the image unfold with all its nuances and meanings. I was overwhelmed with its message that an ethereal Prism of Light was to be imagined and created over this area and that in a future time it would bear fruit as a crystal city of light.

This image which called itself The Prism of Light along with its message was shared with nine leaders of the spiritual community. They unanimously affirmed it held a reverent message and unique intention that applied specifically to this area of southwestern Florida.  On the summer solstice of 2008 they embraced it.  Using ceremony, ritual, creativity, and imagination, hundreds of people created a Prism of Light, ethereally and figuratively, over sixty-five square miles.

They held aloft the vision of a Prism of Light, setting the intention that this area would be forever placed and held as a future spiritual city of light.

More importantly, the message of the Prism of Light had extended itself to Jerusalem where a gathering of spiritual leaders from many different religions had been working for peace for over twenty years.  They learned about the message of the Prism of Light.  They held the same vision that the Prism would be a beacon over a “new” Jerusalem of peace in the future.  As though in confirmation of this shared endeavor, a crop circle appeared in the barley fields of England in the same shape as the Prism of Light with an extended circle in its center.

Eventually, the message of the entire vision was released to the community in a mandala called The Crystal of Peace (shown here).

The prism was embedded into the center of a three foot mandala with progressive lotus petals emerging from the prism.  Each of the original nine anchors were asked to bring their intentions for peace into the mandala by painting one of the facets of the central prism.  Over several weeks, the mandala took form in color, intention and paint. It was sanctified and anointed by Tibetan, Hindustani, Buddhist, Balinese, Native American and Sufi mystics and spiritual leaders.  At the Wellness Fest in 2009, over 200 children, mothers and fathers wrote in a book their intentions for peace on earth then painted one of the facets of the Crystal of Peace facets.

It went around the world when Drunvalo Melchizidek publicized the mandala in his Spirit of Maat online magazine.  It was used in ceremonies in Australia and adorned the altars of people in France, Belgium and Japan.  An art group in Spain took the drawing of the mandala in black and white and had local artists create blessings and intentions for peace on earth; sharing back with us over one hundred Crystal of Peace mandalas.

This is a living mandala.  It holds the prayers and wishes of this generation for those of future generations still to come.

Its organic roots live on, not only in the memories of participants who shared the vision in southwestern Florida but it lives in the barley fields of the United Kingdom and the devotional intentions of peace groups in Jerusalem.

It is a meditation, an image, and a message emerged from deep within.  A vision was shared that took on a life of its own.  It lives now in consciousness, made real through the actions and behaviors of people all over the world.

The final part of the vision unfolds on 12.12.12 when the Prism of Light will be created out of sand and earth sent from holy sites all over the world.

The mandala will have gone full circle, from southwestern Florida around the world and back.  Its message of hope, harmony and universal brotherhood is inherent in the first image that came, back in 2007.

For more information on the story of the Prism of Light and its origins, contact Jo Mooy at

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