The Astonishing Power of Writing

By Terez Hartmann


writ·ting | \ ˈrī-tiŋ

1. A vehicle for concentrated focus that reveals, directs, informs and transforms your inner landscape.

2. A bridge that links the outer to the inner, the superficial to the core, the dark to the light.

3. A powerful catalyst for productive action, allowing success, and moving onward, upward and forward.

4. A key to freedom.

While it is easy to think thoughts or speak things aloud, there is a true alchemy that occurs when thought and sound are made visible by an intentional hand. Writing, to me, feels like the next evolution in the realization of a thought, idea, feeling, experience, dream or vision. It allows me to witness myself in ways I could not possibly do otherwise. It opens my heart and mind to new paths and new words that can only be born of a distinct and poignant moment in time. It allows me to wield a form of magic—a magic that uncovers patterns, that inspires change, that moves me to act…

…and gives voice to the whispers and neverending siren songs of my soul that say, “Go. Dream. Explore. LIVE.”

It is my sanctuary, my voice, my magic carpet, a way to tell the story of my journey; my being, made manifest. Words are my colors on the canvas, and I am infinitely grateful for the palate called life that allows me to create my next masterpiece—even when it is for my eyes only.

Writing is a frozen moment, yet somehow also dynamic and expansive, with seemingly infinite angles available for exploration. I cannot even count the times I have run across a passage that I have read countless times, yet in THIS precious moment, come away with a glorious NEW insight: “Have those words been there all along?” I would ask myself. How did I miss that??!! All things are seen and discovered at the ideal moment, but I feel they are more likely to BE seen when they are in a “seeable” format, especially when the author of that material is YOU.

So, fellow adventurers, today I am turning the reins over to you.

Today, I’d like to invite you to be the article writer and the force behind the pen (or keyboard) who determines what happens at the turning of YOUR page.

There is no test. There are no grades. There is no panel of judges. There is no requirement to share or post now or ever. There is nothing to lose but fear, confusion, clouded vision, overwhelm, repression, or stagnation—and absolutely EVERYTHING to gain.

Ready to unlock the power you’ve had with you all along?

1. Stop right now.

2. Open a new text document, flip to an empty page in a journal, or grab a clean sheet of paper.

3. Put your hands on your keyboard or pick up a writing utensil.

4. Follow your muse and answer these questions:

à What positive and helpful aspects do you most wish to “see” about your life or your magnificent self?

à What beautiful truths would you like to be reminded of—or discover?

à What do you truly, madly, deeply want to feel and experience in your lifetime?

à What makes you feel alive?

à What does onward, upward and forward truly look, feel, taste, smell, and sound like to you?

5. Save what you’ve shared/discovered in a special “sacred” space reserved for your eyes only. OR release your thoughts with love and respect by “planting” them in the earth, giving them to a fire under the stars, or doing what feels right for you.

The Bottom Line: The Astonishing Power of Writing

While I and countless other writers and catalysts for expansion are glad to offer food for thought, you are and always will be the best teacher, healer, guide and ultimate emancipator of YOU. You deserve to hear your OWN voice and you alone have the power to transform that voice if so desired. The power and magic is, was, and always will be in your hands, dear friends, so if you want to upgrade the next chapter of your precious life, pick up a pen or put your hands on the keys to:


Perhaps the pen truly IS mightier than the sword after all?

Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann is a Visionary Creative & top-rated instructor, Law of Attraction & Allowing YOUR Success specialist, published author, speaker, singer-songwriter, recording & performing artist & composer, “Catalyst for Fab-YOU-lous” and true Renaissance Woman who has already helped over 10,000 students in over 130 countries allow success and live life on FIRE. She is deeply passionate about helping other Powerful Creatives and Leading-Edge Thinkers live unique, empowered lives on their terms by cultivating the courage to dream, to express themselves boldly & authentically, and to focus Onward, Upward and Forward into new possibilities.

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