Be Magnetic

By Jessi Franz

Show the dark world the light that you carry within your soul.

I recently read the word “magnetic” while scrolling through social media, and I cannot even remember the context in which it was used. However, it stuck with me and kept popping into my mind, especially the phrase: “Be magnetic.” This resonates with me, and the idea rolled into a hundred other thoughts on how I was supposed to interpret the concept.

Often, I look around at the world today—especially when I think back on all the trials I have personally conquered throughout my short 30 years on his planet—and I feel defeated. It’s difficult to even turn on the news without some type of devastating story that only leaves me filled with worry and anxiety.

You walk through the stores and everyone has masks on. You cannot see smiles through a mask, and there are no hugs or handshakes without deep concern or severe hesitation. I sense that many humans feel defeated by the pandemic. We hold on to any type of positivity thrown our way, any feelings of hope, peace, or that one day things will be back to “normal,” whatever that looks like for each individual.

In many ways, humans are at war with one another. We long for a society of acceptance, grace, equality, peace and prosperity. But sometimes it just seems so far out of reach. We are lonely. Any type of safe socializing and group gatherings have been striped from us. We must walk into a restaurant wearing a mask, only taking it off at our table to chew our food and sip our drinks. The tables in front of us and the tables behind us are empty, because, you know, social distancing.

In these times, we cannot forget how beautiful the world can be. For some reason, it is easier to notice the ugly, instead of the marveling at the beauty surrounding us every single day. We must intentionally change our thinking because we are magnetic, and we attract to us what we bring into our consciousness.

Be magnetic. Show the dark world the light that you carry within your soul. Show the world that even on your own personal dark days, there is always something to be grateful for in your life. Show the world that even when it is ugly, you are still capable of showing compassion.

Be magnetic. Light up the room. Slip your mask down—if only for a socially distant millisecond—to flash that smile.

Be magnetic. Share your personal stories of hope. Share your stories of peace. Share your stories of the hard times that you conquered to let the world know that it is possible, and that they, too, can overcome adversities.

Be magnetic. Walk hand in hand (figuratively, of course), with those who are struggling. Meet people right where they are at and listen to them. Hear their words so that in that very moment, they might feel a little less alone.

Be magnetic. Strive to be that one person who says kind words to a random stranger. That might be the only kind thing that person hears that day.

Be a light. Be someone’s strength, but also don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.

Be magnetic!

Jessi Franz is the wife of an amazing, supportive husband, TJ, and she has four beautiful children. She is a public speaker, university graduate with my BA in Behavioral Sciences, certified Master Life Coach, Recovery Coach, Relationship Coach, Goal Success Life Coach, Happiness Life Coach and Life Purpose Life Coach. Jessi has made it her life’s mission to help as many people as possible, in all walks of life, to find peace during chaos and confidence in their authentic Self, and to help them embrace their personal journeys. She has completed extensive studies on many therapeutic techniques to help beautiful souls overcome adversity, whatever it may be, and to reach their full potential. Contact her at

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