Greater Reality Living

How would you live and treat yourself and others if you deeply knew that we are eternal beings?

By Mark Pitstick, MA, DC

Much evidence strongly indicates that physical death is not the end of your life but, rather, an entry point into the next phase of forever. As we begin to recognize that spirit/consciousness/life force—whatever you want to call it—is eternal, there is an evolving holistic movement for awakening to this “Greater Reality” and enjoying Greater Reality Living.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Would you like to learn the clinical and scientific evidence that very strongly indicates life continues on after physical death?
  2. Do you want more balance, strength and flexibility of your body/mind/spirit so you can handle life’s demands, changes and challenges with style?
  3. Would you like to increasingly enjoy the greatest life you have envisioned?
  4. Do you want to improve the way you treat yourself and others?
  5. Do you feel called to make our world a better place?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can learn. But before proceeding further, let’s answer two important questions:

1. What is the Greater Reality?

2. What is Greater Reality Living?

What is the Greater Reality?
The greater reality is the 99.9 percent of life than cannot be perceived by your senses but is nonetheless very real. It’s a scientific fact that your five senses, as amazing as they are, detect much less than 1 percent of reality. What is visible to the human eye is just a very small fraction of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. For example, you can’t see ultraviolet or infrared lights even though instruments can measure them. Dogs can hear sounds, such a dog whistle, that human ears cannot detect.

Reality is defined as the state of things as it actually exists. Because so much of reality escapes the senses, you likely have viewed life as if through a tiny pinhole and then wondered why things don’t make sense. As the old saying goes, “There is much more to life than meets the eye.” Most people readily agree with this statement, but don’t realize its numerous wonderful implications.

Many of your current beliefs about what happens after bodily death may be based on religious teachings. If so, I respect your beliefs and those teachings, especially the ones containing common threads with other great spiritual wisdom sources.

Our perspectives are based on contemporary understandings from much scientific, clinical and empirical (based on firsthand experience) evidence. Some of these views correlate nicely with religious teachings while others do not. A Greater Reality perspective indicates, with varying degrees of certainty, that you:

  • are an eternal being of energy/consciousness/spirit
  • do not “lose” loved ones who pass on but, rather, reunite with them when you change worlds
  • can enjoy a continued, although different, relationship with those who have dropped their physical body
  • encounter not just one, but many life experiences throughout eternity
  • are one with the One and an integral part of Life Source
  • receive assistance and guidance, synchronistic signs for example, from sources described as angels, guides, masters, evolved energies and the Light
  • create how heavenly or hellish your life—whether on Earth or elsewhere—feels by your predominant thoughts, words and deeds
  • are interconnected with other people, animals, nature and all of life
  • have special purposes for experiencing being on this planet at this time

None of the above is apparent when you rely on just your five senses—yet all of the above are essential understandings for having a joyful, peaceful and meaningful human experience.

What is Greater Reality Living?
The term greater reality living describes how you might choose to live as you expand your awareness of reality and the information I am sharing. How would you live and treat yourself and others if you deeply knew that, for the list above, the first two points certainly are true and the others are quite probably true?

There are five keys to greater reality living, and they can be remembered by the acronym LIVES:

  1. Learn That Consciousness Survives Physical Death
  2. Internalize This Great News
  3. Vitalize Your Body, Mind and Spirit
  4. Enjoy the Many Benefits
  5. Serve Others and Make the World a Better Place

Embracing greater reality living can offer insights, resources and hope for those who are searching and suffering, especially those who are:

  1. grieving the passing of a loved one, especially a child
  2. fearing their own bodily death
  3. struggling with the suicide of a loved one
  4. in the process of dying
  5. suffering with difficulties such as failed relationships, physical/mental illness, broken dreams, financial loss, lack of purpose, addiction or addicted loved ones
  6. considering ending their earthly experience by suicide
  7. mourning the passing of a beloved pet
  8. wrestling with past religious teachings that don’t make sense now
  9. searching for sensible answers to life’s biggest questions and challenges
  10. desiring to enjoy the greatest life they have envisioned
  11. wanting to transform themselves and our planet for the better

If you are now inspired to take action in your own life and share what you learn with others, local Greater Reality Living Groups are now forming and will be supported by an upcoming book titled Greater Reality Living, which I am coauthoring with Gary Schwartz, Ph.D., Director of the Laboratory for Advances in Consciousness and Health at the University of Arizona. He is a Harvard graduate and former Harvard and Yale Professor. The author of seven books including The Afterlife Experiments and The Sacred Promise, Dr. Schwartz is a serious and well-respected scientist with impeccable credentials.

Although we do not have all the answers or the only answers, we are honored to share our understandings so that others can better understand the Greater Reality and the enhanced quality of life that can accompany seeing more of life’s big picture. Why are we doing this? It’s because so many people have expressed their desire to regularly meet with open-minded and heart-centered kindred spirits. They want a nonjudgmental, safe, inclusive and respectful place where they can discuss their experiences and questions. These groups will also explore how to heal and transform themselves and make the world a better place.

If you are ready to embrace the New Year with a new worldview, then Greater Reality Living is ready for you.

Mark Pitstick, MA, DC, is an author, master’s clinical psychologist, holistic chiropractic physician, frequent media guest and workshop facilitator. With over 45 years’ experience and training in hospitals, pastoral counseling settings, mental health centers and private practice, Mark currently is Director of The Soul Phone Foundation, Vice-President of Eternea and board member of Helping Parents Heal. Mark can help you know and show that—no matter what is going on around you and even though it may not seem like it at times—this earth-experience is a totally safe, meaningful and magnificent adventure amidst forever. Visit for free articles, newsletters and radio shows with top consciousness experts.

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