Use Your Mental Super Powers

by Rev. Marla Sanderson

“The Divine Presence within us creates every circumstance and situation we have ever experienced. We have called these circumstances and situations things in themselves, but they have never been. They have been the fruition of our thought, and our thought has always been dominated by our beliefs.”—Ernest Holmes

Last month I mentioned the creative superpowers of the conscious mind. Some of us are aware of them and others not so much. They are tools that we can use to master our lives. In the next few issues, we will explore BELIEFS, THOUGHTS, IMAGINATION and OPINIONS.

They all work together, and they interact. We can use one to improve the other and make things better for ourselves. Knowing about them isn’t enough. Like any tools, they aren’t much good unless you use them.

Let’s start with BELIEFS.

Beliefs are deep-seated, often unconscious ideas we have about life, ourselves and everything and everyone around us. They determine how we feel, and what “happens” to us.

They’re our autopilot. They affect our thoughts and our opinions, and limit our imagination. Life rolls along at a level that reflects what we believe. Because most of our beliefs are unconscious, it’s easy to blame others—even God—for our misfortunes.

We learned many of our beliefs from parents or our surroundings such as, “This is how life is.” “ There’s never enough.” “ Life is hard.” “Nice girls don’t.” Etc.

We get other beliefs through traumatic events that leave a painful scar on our self-image. “I’m not smart enough, pretty enough.” “I’m not worthy or lovable.” “I can’t … I’ll never … I’m not …”

Beliefs shape our thoughts, as well as our lives. It’s nice to have beliefs that allow the good things in. But how do we recognize them? Then, how do we change them?

Identifying Beliefs

We all have self-destructive or limiting beliefs. Some keep us from succeeding, others from allowing close relationships. At the bottom of our “issues” we’ll find a limiting belief. Most of them say, “There’s something wrong with me.”

If a destructive or harmful pattern repeats, you can be sure you’re harboring a belief that doesn’t serve you.

I once knew a lady whose boyfriends and husbands always left her for another woman. The more it happened, the more convinced she was it would always happen. Round and round it goes.

You don’t have to identify all your limiting beliefs. Just notice the trends that keep showing up—especially those you don’t want.

Upgrading Beliefs

Most of the time, we trade one belief for another. If you are aware and remember to use your mental superpowers, you can “trade up” and see a positive change in your life.

Sometimes awareness is enough. But just in case it’s not, next month we’ll explore constructive ways to use thought, imagination and opinion to upgrade your beliefs.

For now, make a list of a few of the beliefs you notice. Just a few. Next to each, write what you would like them to be instead.

Here’s a simple example:

  • My relationships never work vs. I am loving and lovable
  • Things never go right for me vs. I am worthy
  • I’m not creative vs. There’s more to me than I think

How does it make you feel?

Some beliefs limit us and some free us. Remember that limiting beliefs are always based on a false notion, because (you’ve heard it before) The Truth will always set you free.


Rev. Marla Sanderson has been a student of spiritual practice for more than 35 years. She began as Assistant Director of The Next Step, a psychic and spiritual community in a New Mexico ghost town. She’s been a workshop leader, teacher, practitioner, and minister of Living Love, and the Science of Mind. She recently founded the New Thought Global Network, a virtual “church” that offers inspiration anytime, from anywhere. The site showcases many powerful Science of Mind and New Thought speakers and writers, and intends to expand these teachings to the world. Check it out at

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