Signs of Romance: How Astrology Can Help You Understand Relationships

By Marcia Bender

Another February, another Valentine’s Day, and who among us is not a bit of a romantic at this time of the year? I have always been a romantic at heart, and so it seems only fitting to devote this column to love, romance, and relationships.

I often look back on the early years of my life and relationship experiences and think, “I wish I knew then what I know now.” One of the most useful tools in understanding the personality of an individual is Astrology, and with it you have the ability to make all of your relationships good ones and overcome many difficulties.

An Astrology chart is very complex and best left to the professionals, but we can look at one of its most important aspects: the Sun Sign. Each of the different signs has certain characteristics, both positive and negative, and even though our personal charts differ depending on where the other planets are at the time of our birth, there are certain traits that will hold true for all people born in each of the 12 signs. It is also known that males and females of each sign react in different ways. The following looks at each of the signs for males and females, first providing a brief paragraph with positive behavior you can expect from people born under each sign and then listings some of the things that you should never do if you want to keep peace in a relationship with that person.


Male: Positive: he will put you on a pedestal, sweep you off your feet, spoil you with extravagant gifts, make life full of adventure and fun, treat you tenderly if you are ill or unhappy, take you to the heights of ecstasy with his passionate love-making, and make the impossible dreams come true.

Never: flirt with anyone but him, nag him, question his virility, side with his friends against him, hold back sexually even if you are tired, accuse him of being financially extravagant, be negative, tell him about your past affairs or ask about his, or accuse him of being immature, even when he is.

Female: Positive: She will excite you with her adventurous approach to life, make you laugh when you feel down, always take your side and defend you, make romance a passionate affair, turn dreams into reality, bring you champagne in the bathtub, always be enthusiastic, make you wonder how you ever lived without her and, if you treat her right, live up to all of your expectations.

Never: flirt with another woman, tell her what your mother said about her, criticize the way she handles money, let her think that she is not the most sexually desirable woman in the world, argue with her (as she will most likely win), bore her, try to tell her what to do, or keep her waiting for anything too long, as she has very little patience.

TAURUS: April 21-May 20

Male: Positive: He will always be there when you need him, give you emotional and material security at all times, be a passionate, patient, and tender as a lover and partner, try to always make your life the best that it can be, and never forget a birthday or special occasion.

Never: Nag him, argue with him in public, accuse him of being boring, spend too much money, let him suspect that you are more sexually knowledgeable than he, be unfaithful, attempt to push him into a relationship before he has made up HIS mind, or try to make him less conservative.

Female: Positive: She will be the best friend you have ever had, combine love and romance with sex, be a tower of strength, help you to appreciate art and music, look to the future in an optimistic way, impress anyone you introduce her to, rarely overspend, and create a lovely and comfortable home.

Never: accuse her of being boring, try to get her to change her mind about anything, accuse her of spending too much money, upset her in front of other people, be unreliable, fall asleep at the Opera or a play, or forget her sexual needs.


Male: Positive: He will charm you like no other man can, constantly challenge your mind, teach you to enjoy life in all ways, constantly surprise you with little gifts and gestures, be interested in almost everything that you are interested in, get along well with your family and friends, make love-making a mind-blowing experience, and be many different men all in one man.

Never: bore him, try to stop him from flirting with other women, expect him to be reliable and on time, expect him to remember everything you tell him, be possessive, expect him to grow up, expect to understand completely the way his mind jumps from one thing to another, or forget the importance of mental stimulation.

Female: Positive: she will be the most fascinating woman you never understood, broaden your horizons in all ways, take you to the heights of fantasy, never bore you in any way, inspire you mentally and sexually, encourage you with creativity, and be everything you ever dreamed of but never thought existed in one woman.

Never: let her feel bored with you in any way, make fun of her wide variety of interests, seduce her body and forget her mind, accuse her of flirting, try to pin her down, try to beat her at any game, or accuse her of being boring.


Male: Positive: He will be a tender and inventive lover, protect you from life’s problems in any way that he can, help you to believe in magic, be a rock that you can lean on, bring moon madness into your life and make it more fun, let the depth of his emotions enhance your femininity in all ways, and share his life with you forever.

Never: expect him to forget his past, criticize his family, especially his mother (even if he does), make fun of him, especially when other people are around, waste money, let him feel neglected, try to boss him around, or let his moods get you down.

Female: Positive: She will give you constant attention, make you feel secure, make you feel that she is an irreplaceable soul mate, show you the bliss of walking in the moonlight, always remember your birthday and every other occasion, be your mother and your lover, share all your dreams and invent some of her own, and try to keep you optimistic.

Never: betray her loyalty, tease her if she’s in a bad mood, underestimate her need for a deep and lasting relationship, accuse her of being a bad mother, criticize her, or not get along with her relatives and friends.


Male: Positive: He will always want the best for you, be a warm and loving parent, make you believe that true love can exist forever, want his home to be his castle and you to be his queen, be passionate, playful and unforgettable, take you to the heights of happiness, and shower you with the luxuries you’ve always dreamed of.

Never: let him feel you don’t adore him, criticize him for buying extravagant gifts, let him live a day without a few compliments, expect to be able to boss him around, not laugh at his jokes, flirt with other men, let him lose his pride in you, or forget to be playful in bed.

Female: Positive: She will be generous, sunny, affectionate, tender, humorous, passionate, fulfill your dreams of finding the perfect soul mate, spoil you with extravagant gifts, help you to understand the power of love, and keep the flames burning.

Never: let her feel neglected, let her feel that she isn’t the most important person in your life, forget the importance of sexual fulfillment, injure her pride or her vanity, or forget that she becomes even more alive when the sun shines.


Male: Positive: he will be always devoted, work hard to help make your life easier, always remember every birthday and special day, amaze you with his ability to deal with details, have a witty sense of humor, be a good nurse if you are ill, be a perfectionist at making love, and keep your relationship strong and growing.

Never: criticize him too much about anything, spend too much money, be lazy, complain that he works too hard, expect him to sit down for any length of time, cook him food he hates, or forget that he is sexier that he might seem.

Female: Positive: She will be very devoted, work as hard as you do for a good future, always make sure you have financial security, create the perfect home surroundings, be a good nurse when you are ill, give you great emotional security, and be warm, loving and supportive most of the time.

Never: pick at her faults, accuse her of spending too much money, tell her any lies, embarrass her in public, be unfaithful, be untidy around the house, accuse her of being a hypochondriac, or fail to do your share in making the relationship grow financially.


Male: Positive: He will be tender, loving, romantic, caring, find hundreds of ways to tell you that you are his perfect woman, be empathic to your needs, delight you with tastefully chosen gifts, be sensual as well as sensitive, and bring balance into your life.

Never: tell him he doesn’t look good, nag him into making up his mind, neglect him too much, tell him he is lazy, accuse him of being a bad lover, complain when he flirts with other women, or let your own appearance slip.

Female: Positive: She will be a delightfully seductive partner, do everything in her power to make you happy with her, enable you to see that there are always two sides to everything, be fair-minded and tolerant, bring peace and harmony into your life, give you equal mental and sexual stimulation, and always try to keep a balance in the relationship.

Never: force her into anything until she has made up her mind, underestimate her need for that total blending of mind, body and soul, expect passion alone to keep her with you, expect her to be practical with money, forget to compliment her, let her see you flirting too much with anyone else, expect to win many arguments, or let her think that you could be intolerant in any way.


Male: Positive: He will have a charisma that you have never known before, be a dream lover, show you intense passion, captivate you body, mind and soul, be sensual and sensitive at the same time, share his search for the meaning of life with you, and be irresistible forever.

Never: pry, be jealous or domineering, too tired to make love, give him any reason to be jealous of you, find faults in his sexuality, talk about past lovers, or destroy his belief in past and future lives.

Female: Positive: she will be the most seductive woman you have ever known, help you achieve your dreams, be passionately interested in every part of life, inspire you with her loyalty, delight you with her emotions, make physical and mental compatibility seem impossible with anyone but her, and show you what ecstasy really is.

Never: cheat on her, accuse her of cheating on you, try to control her, expect her to tell you everything, forget that she cannot forgive or forget easily, show signs of weakness, or push her too far.


Male: Positive: He will be your best friend, be positive and optimistic, make life a constant adventure, want to travel all the time, make you laugh, let you be independent, be honest with you, and give you lots of moral support and encouragement.

Never: let him think you are negative, try to fence him in, boss him around, be lazy, tell him to grow up, let him gamble, let him feel confined, or expect him to constantly tell you how much he loves you.

Female: Positive: She will bring you excitement, mental stimulation, be a great friend, be honest with you, make you laugh, be free-spirited and independent, love your friends, and be loyal, loving and lovable.

Never: refuse her independence, accuse her of neglecting you for her friends, forget to stimulate her mind, question her love for you, try to get her to be a person who wants to stay at home, let her be too extravagant, ever lose your sense of humor, or let you think you don’t trust her.


Male: Positive: He will be loyal, dependable, make sure you never want for anything, be a tender and considerate lover, be determined to succeed at his chosen profession, give you great security, be supportive, give constructive advice, be realistic, and stay with you through the good and the bad times.

Never: embarrass him, be dishonest, spend too much money, criticize any of the people in his life that he loves, try to keep him from being a workaholic, accuse him of being a snob, be too disorganized, or put him down in front of anyone.

Female: Positive: she will be totally dedicated to the people that she loves, wise, always have her priorities right, keep your feet on the ground, work hard to create a lasting relationship, impress you with her ability to do EVERYTIDNG well, manage to combine a career and home life, and always be a rock that you can depend on.

Never: expect her to be too demonstrative, criticize her for being “cold,” underestimate her need for security, break a promise to her, be too serious as she is serious enough for both of you, accuse her of flirting, or criticize her appearance, as she is usually dressed in the best of taste.


Male: Positive: He will always fascinate you with the different aspects of his personality, never bore you, seduce your mind as well as your body, delight you with his wit, make your life more exciting than it has ever been, be a wonderful friend, a romantic idealist and always want to share his visions of the future with you.

Never: expect him to stop being unpredictable, be on time, demand passion when he is not in the mood, criticize his favorite “cause” or his politics, try to tie him down, destroy his ideals, expect him to lead a routine life, or try to change him.

Female: Positive: She will always be honest, tolerant, never try to change you, inspire you to turn dreams into realities, make life exciting, be a supportive helpmate, be an idealist, be mentally stimulating, unconventional, and never appear the same way twice!

Never: criticize her for being different, find fault with her ideals, object to her friends, expect her to fit in with any preconceived ideas of what the perfect partner might be, expect her to be too intimate when other people are around, criticize her taste in clothes, destroy her trust in you, or risk losing her respect.


Male: Positive: He will be the most romantic lover you have ever had, be able to read your mind, be sentimental, sensitive and compassionate, turn your dreams of love into reality, show you the meaning of a true soul mate, always whisper romantic words into your ears, share in your fantasy world, and have a love of music and the arts.

Never: destroy his ideals, nag him, hurt his feelings, stop communicating with him, let him brood about problems, forget that he is highly intuitive and can read your mind, or rob him of his ideals and dreams.

Female: Positive: She will be totally receptive to all your needs and desires, be artistic, creative, sensitive, fun to be with, follow you to the ends of the earth if she loves you, believe in love and romance like no one else you have ever met, be tender and sentimental, and encourage you to achieve your goals and dreams.

Never: destroy her beliefs, expect her to be practical, hurt her feelings, let her drink, think of her as weak, let love become commonplace, or let her feel that she is not desirable.

I hope you have had fun with this column and that it will help you to understand the people in your life a little better!

And remember, Knowledge is the Greatest Power, so Walk in the Light.

Marcia began her career as a school teacher, working with preschool through inner city high school students. She has worked with all aspects of Metaphysics for over 40 years and specializes in Tarot and Numerology. Marcia’s clients and students are in every state and throughout Europe. Marcia has taught over 400 students to “read” the Tarot for the purpose of self-guidance and to use the powerful symbolism of the Tarot to reach higher levels of spirituality. Her column, Spiritually Speaking, originally ran for 8 years in Attitudes Magazine. Email

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