Embracing Change

By Sarah Sparks

Sometimes we think we know best. Sometimes we exist in this world pretending to be someone we are not. Sometimes what we think we know is holding us back from becoming who we were meant to be all along.

What if the best way to embrace change is by letting go of what we think is best for us?

Would we move quicker towards what we desire? Would we be less anxious about the future? Would we stop worrying altogether?

I believe the answer to these questions is YES. Simply. Wholly. Completely. YES!

Yet, why don’t we embrace change? Why don’t we let go of what we think is best for us? Why do we remain anxious and worry about the future?…Because we were taught to worry. We were taught to place so much pressure on ourselves to know all the answers and every conceivable option solve our problems that we now forget to simply let go and allow Spirit, our Creator, The Universe into our lives and to embrace the change standing before us.

If we were taught to worry, how can we stop this process created within us that we know and relate to?

We simply stop. Let go. And breathe. Wait one second! We may ask, “Doesn’t it have to be more difficult than that?” Yes. Yes, it may. If that is what you desire. If you like the road crowded and hectic, then continue in that direction. If you like difficulty and feeling tired and feeling worn out and feeling frustrated and feeling lost and…and…and…You get the point.

Now stop and listen: Change is easy. Change is fun. Change is powerful. Change is invigorating. Change is everywhere, happening all the time, enabling you to live. Yes, without change you could not exist.

Your body is ever-changing. Think if your heart was not beating. You could not live. Yes, change is that simple. The very beating of your heart is change. Your blood pulsating through your body is change. The blood is moving and going where it was meant to go to keep you alive. We are grateful for this simple change, for the ever-changing presence within us keeps us alive…our heart beating.

You see, change is everywhere, existing, happening all the time. We just don’t always consciously know it is taking place. It is when we believe we need to take control of change that we begin to suffer and become anxious and worried. You see, we don’t have to control anything. We can allow our blood to flow through our bodies just as it was meant to flow.

And so it is true for our destiny. We don’t have to control anything.

We can allow our life to flow through us, within us, and all around us.

We don’t always know best and we most certainly don’t have to pretend to be anyone we are not. Remember to simply stop, let go, and breathe.

Breathe, friends. Breathe.

Sarah A. Sparks, MPA, is the speaker and relationship mentor for Create The Spark, LLC. Sarah has her BA in Human Resource Management, a certificate in Training: Design and Development from the University of Northern Iowa, as well as a MPA from Drake University. Sarah worked as a leader for two local governments in Iowa from 2004-2010, in the capacity of an Operations Transit Supervisor and Safety Coordinator, and as a Parks and Recreation Director. While serving these communities, Sarah mentored and trained numerous employees. Through this experience, she discovered the belief in one’s self is what limits someone from creating the life she desires. From that point onward, Sarah made it her mission to guide those who want to be mentored to create the life they desire by having the confidence and trust in themselves to make the right decision and say what they need to say, with love! Email Sarah at createthespark@gmail.com or visit www.createthespark.org.


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