The Journey to Awakening

By Sharon Kistler

The greatest experience of human awakening happens the moment we feel our soul surge, moving us to reach higher potentials!

I have learned firsthand that we create our own reality, and I believe that we have the power to experience more happiness and success when we embrace each day with this understanding and the intention to manifest positive outcomes and achievements. We don’t need “all the answers” in life to feel fulfilled, but we do need the right attitude to live in the present moment and reap its benefits.

Many people get hung up for years trying to discover their purpose and the “meaning of life.” They ask themselves, “Who Am I?”

This approach can send us on a relentless search to express and defend much of who we think we are, which is reactive and leaves us stuck in self-concepts of the past. Instead, we must ask ourselves: “Who am I becoming?” This question is proactive and future-driven.

Who am I becoming?” holds all the exciting energy of unlimited possibilities. It starts a thought-provoking process of change and encourages a self-evaluation to clearly see what does not serve us well. This mindset allows us to immediately step into our personal power and actually accelerate the self-transformation process! We can become whatever or whoever we set our mind to create!

It is a subtle shift of perception that removes people from unhealthy unconscious habits, unproductive behaviors, and limiting beliefs—and then ignites an intentional journey from awareness and awakening to self-empowerment!

This reminds us of the caterpillar’s transformation into a beautiful butterfly. Prior to entering the cocoon, the caterpillar only knows itself as a collection of life experiences to date. Our early life experiences are similar to those of the caterpillar; prior to an awakening, our one-sided perceptions are all we have as a reference point, shaping the beliefs and self-concepts that either empower us or hold us back.

Breaking out of the cocoon of the conditioned self is the path to realizing our full potential. When we embrace change, we can fly!

Our greatest struggles can be our greatest call to awaken our true, authentic Self. These challenges beg us to explore “SELF” at deeper levels. Sort out and discard the old…and bring in the new empowering beliefs that will stretch us toward our goals and dreams.

Turning Autopilot Off

My own story of great awakening happened many years ago, during a long career in the corporate world. I had a creative job with a lot of management responsibilities. Most of my energy was focused on that job, rather than achieving balance in my whole life. It seemed when one day ended, I found myself planning for the next! I was running on autopilot; my daily habitual routines became my “unconscious life.” By not paying attention to my stress, I eventually started to manifest a physical shutdown!

I actually ended up in the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack; I was suffering from stress, overload, and anxiety. The doctor told me I needed to manage my stress levels. This was confusing to me at the time because I thought I was!

I immediately started to revisit some of the holistic practices that had worked for me in the past, before they somehow got pushed away by my busy career. I decided to start my “New Life Journey.”

I began walking, meditating for 20 minutes twice a day, and visiting my special sacred places (the enormous great tree I love at the park…and the beach, sitting on my favorite rock, relaxing and absorbing the awesome beauty of the sunset). I started to study and practice Mindful Life Balance, doing something good each day for my body, my mind, and my spirit. My whole life changed. As I learned to tune in to what my body needed for self-healing and self-empowerment, I took courses for Energy Healing, and became a Reiki Master.

It was a time of reflection, and I decided to change careers and believe in myself. Today I enjoy teaching, coaching, and speaking to groups about my “Journey Power Keys for a Healing and Life Success.”

One of the power keys that truly helped me, and hundreds of other people, is the practice of: Being the Observer and Not the Reactionary.© It helps us to awaken from autopilot!

It was huge for me to learn that I did not always need to react, that I should not let anybody or anything disempower me, and that I can be aware and observe when a disempowering process sets into motion so that I can determine the best course of action to follow. Indeed, if we slip into a state of being unaware, our transformation process is slow. However, we can become an active “doer” in life with the help of our conscious mind!

Only with awareness are you fully “present” in the now!

The past does not exist; it has no power unless you give it power by reliving it.

Living in the past and worrying about the future is the greatest time waster.

The present moment is your power and the only opportunity you will have to create anything. Focus on your intentions!©

Practice this exercise to become centered and balanced:

Conscious breath work is an awesome awareness practice to get centered and back into balance! Sit quietly with eyes closed, slow your breathing down, and think of nothing but your whispery breaths as you slowly inhale and exhale five times. Then rest silently in between and enjoy the inner peace. You can repeat this over and over. Five to 10 minutes can be so helpful in centering.

Develop focused awareness:

When you are unaware, you are more likely to react based on subconscious, downloaded habits. Remember intentional breathing is a first step to awakening. Also note that any new process must be practiced over and over to shift out of old habits and addictive behaviors that drive unhealthy actions and reactions.

Being the observer is a key to self-mastery. Know that what you are thinking, saying, and doing are all important choices creating your reality! I believe that every moment is an opportunity to expand, learn, and embrace positive change in life. When you walk with your awakened consciousness, you are stepping into your personal power. How you express it in the world is up to you. Just remember that each “realized” breath is a leap forward in your personal transformation!

I feel blessed having this opportunity to touch lives…wishing you a life full of happiness on your Journey!

Sharon Kistler is an author, speaker and founder of The Amazing Woman Organization, a “Sisterhood for Positive Living!” She is a Certified Holistic and Journey Life Coach (Internationally Accredited), Master Coach Trainer, and holds a Certificate for Social Psychology. She is author of: Your New Life Journey  (Empower to breakthrough unconscious living ) using “Awareness and Awakening Transformation Tools”. She has presented her programs in Florida Hospital Addiction Treatment Centers. She coaches on Positive Energy to Action, Emotional Freedom, Personal and Professional Success. Prior experience includes being corporate Regional Manager of Displays, Marketing, and Event Planning for Florida Multi-Million Dollar Department Stores. Visit and

This article is a chapter from the book Transform Your Life! written by 60 real-life heroes and experts and available at,, and all ebook formats.


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