Recognize Your Inherent Power

By Emily Rivera

On November 10th, I was seeing an array of colors and energies emanating from people and nature all around me. The light of God/ Divine/ Source revealing itself in a multitude of ways. The lights that manifested contained energies of rainbows and flow. I asked for clarity into this and further expansion, and it was revealed that this would be part of humanities experience as the earth itself experiences its changes. More things are manifesting with little lapse in time, clarity and shifts are occurring within seconds. What follows is the channeled message and their response. Blessings and Namaste.

A Divine Message:

Realities are changing. A sense of renewal of the self is becoming infectious in the mind. The idea of self-care is extending beyond the lack of love into true nourishment. The need for change is coming in clearer ways for the human mind to perceive in a more palpable fashion.

Distress serves its purpose—it calls to action the desire for more rapid changes. Changes that are significant in liberating the whole. It is not an approach that has been ordained by true source, but one that has been called forth by the human minds themselves; the idea of change is being instigated only by a desiring heart. This idea is in the process of changing. Manifestations are being driven with more clarity and intentions of the soul, without the external forces of lack and fear being the driving forces of the powerful creative mind that is found in every waking man/woman. There have already been changes, but more are to appear with more clarity. Disperse the idea of perceived stagnation, as one is always in a state of evolvement.

You each are an individuation of true source—each channeling your own strand of source, carrying your own unique vibration, but still at one with the whole. The cortex within the physical characteristics of the thinking mind is being recalibrated by Divine light. The things that at one time seemed unseen will become clear. More will see the giving life force that ripples through the forms of all physical creations. It will become much clearer for human sensory awareness to perceive. A miracle of the perceiving mind; clarity in form for the seeing eye.

It is of instrumental value for all to recognize their inherent power—a power that truly exists within every waking mind and awareness. The power to influence time and space, the physical and non-physical, the human body and mind. The power to influence through love rather than judgment. Creations and power through lack of force, but of harmonious and giving nature. A steering of the [genetic material and] elements of life force within all molecules.

You are each remembering your inherent nature to serve, and as this is well understood and driven through action, the All that is within ALL will respond with grace and harmony. Hence, [we will experience] the true state of true creation, and alignment into all levels with Divinely infused love. The true magic to creation from all forms into all forms. Seek the kingdom of the light, seek the wisdom of the soul. What we share is not of unknown nature to the source vibrating through your core. It is its inherent truth and beauty. It is its inherent splendor to know these things and more. Ye are always receiving and ye have always known.

A Confirmation

I am including this insert from one of Joel Goldsmith’s Lectures. It crossed my path shortly after channeling the above text. A form of blessing and confirmation”

As you are reading this, at the same time, be relaxing: let go of any and every thought. Release the belief that there is anything that you can do about anything. Relax; be still.

“Be still and let God be God. Recognize that you could not possibly embrace God in your mind. Let your remembrance be: ‘Christ liveth my life. God functions as my being.’ Let the whole earth be still, and above all let your mind be still. As you relax in this surrender, letting the mind that was in Christ Jesus be your mind, Grace will begin to function. Grace will function as wisdom; Grace will function as harmony and peace; Grace will function as health, wholeness, completeness, inspiration, and as the source of all knowledge, and It will flow through you, in you, and as you.

Those who have been working with Infinite Way principles are now approaching the state and stage of consciousness that lives by Grace—not by physical might, not by mental power, not by knowledge, but by Grace. The knowledge of truth always serves a function in your experience in that such knowledge helps you to settle back into an attitude of expectancy.

That is the only purpose that a knowledge of truth is serving at this stage of your unfoldment because now you should be rising above the letter of truth into the Spirit, into that area of consciousness where you live without words and without thoughts, above the law.”

Goldsmith, Joel S. (2013-04-02). Beyond Words and Thoughts: Chapter 2; Building a Consciousness of Grace (Kindle Locations 566-577). Acropolis Books, Inc., Kindle Edition

Emily Rivera is a national speaker, consultant, and spiritual counselor who lectures on the power of eternal consciousness, energy, and serves as a channel for the Ascended Lights. Her popular events and readings offer insights and guidance to people all over the world. Her unique, multidimensional approach is truly empowering and brings forth exceptional clarity, healing, and inspiration for enhanced personal awareness and achievement. Emily knows we can change both our personal destiny, and that of human existence, when we awaken to our soul’s potential. By applying her techniques for making direct connections with innate wisdom, many report being propelled into a powerful paradigm shift. Visit



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