Avenues to Expand Consiousness

By Rev. Spencer Rouse

We tend to stumble through this earthly existence looking out through a smudgy, dimmed window called our consciousness. We have muddied this little window with fears and resistance, negativity and lack of courage, so that only a narrow peephole of illumination remains. We judge, based on our limited view. At some point we realize that our understanding is not enough. We long for connection, respect, love, and joy. But how do we break through our self-imposed prison? Where do we begin? They key is to stay committed to growth and to continuously explore new avenues to expand consciousness. Growth involves change, and to change requires courage, trust and action. Below are some suggestions that can help to clean up the glass, get you moving in the right direction and guide you toward The Light.


Regular meditation quiets and focuses the conscious mind. It brings forth information hidden in our subconscious, and it brings in guidance from a higher power outside of ourselves. Meditating even a few minutes a day can calm the “monkey mind,” allowing helpful information to come to the conscious mind quickly. Sometimes life gets hectic, and a problem might arise at work or with a partner. Find a quiet space, away from the confusion. Breathe several deep breaths, calm yourself, and consciously release busy thoughts. Ask for a solution, and keep an open mind. Breathe some more. If no solution comes to you at that moment, which is common, visualize yourself laughing, enjoying yourself in a favorite activity; anything that will help you settle down and have a more cheerful outlook. Cheerfulness is a light, free state of mind, which will create a pathway for a solution to come into your consciousness a little later.

Inspirational Writing

Set up regular, timed inspirational writing sessions. Write or type whatever thoughts come through as you still the mind and allow a flow. Even writing the silliest thoughts has a purpose. They can help form a connection to valuable information. It is best to continue for a minimum amount of time, at least 10-15 minutes, before stopping. You might find yourself writing names or describing an emotion. Just keep writing. This could be a clearing process or a thread to something deeper that you want to explore. Regular practice will bring forth increasingly valuable information. Accumulate the writing. You will see a pattern of growth over time.

Explore Your Creativity

Practice some form of creative expression. As you form something new from bits and pieces, you bring out stored information from your subconscious and increase the efficiency of your mind. As you paint, or play a musical instrument, or dance, for instance, the “busy-ness” of your mind will retreat. It will be replaced by random ideas coming from the subconscious, where we store all information that we have been exposed to in the past. As we continue creative activity, we develop a channel to receive inspiration from higher consciousness, outside our own personal experience. Sing your song and become one with it. Become that song or that painting or that dance. Barriers will begin to dissolve.


Visualize your goal. Make it real. Picture the details. Involve yourself in the picture. Fantasize, if you will. See how you will act, what you will say, who you will be with, as though it has already happened. Feel it and believe it. Expect it to happen. That is most important. If we say we want something, but really expect down deep that we’ll get something else, we’ll generally get that something else. The expectation is the more powerful energy. It sends out the message of what we truly believe, often undercutting and overriding what our words are saying. For instance, we may say we want a partner who is financially secure, with a full head of hair, and a good sense of humor. On a deeper level if we expect that we will be disappointed and have to settle for someone with money problems, who is balding and grumpy, guess who will show up? We attract what is an energetic match to the strongest energy we are sending out. Monitor your thoughts. Monitor your expectations.


Say affirmations regularly. “If anyone can do it, I can do it.” “I am filled with life and health and joy.” Make up your own affirmation. Make it short enough to remember and to use as a mantra to replace any negative thoughts that might be lurking. If you’re thinking something positive, there isn’t room to also be thinking something negative. After numerous repetitions over time, your pattern of thinking and feeling will shift to something more positive and more permanent. This alone will open newer and better experiences


Pay attention to your intuition. It is called that still, small voice for a reason. It is usually subtle. It comes from information you already possess, but is not yet available to your conscious mind. Sometimes we block out our intuition because we have convinced ourselves that the information is not logical. Some people prefer to work only with their conscious minds and do not feel “in control” with something they do not understand. We limit ourselves when we do not pay attention. Acting on our intuition broadens our field of consciousness. We have to step out of our usual patterns to gain new insights.

You are Already Complete

As you experience a blockage to progress in your life, remember that you already have within you everything you need to be successful in a fulfilling way—a way that resonates with the true you—a way that will lead to peace within and a feeling of accomplishment. The blocks were set up by you as a protection against a perceived problem. By using the tools discussed herein, you can release these blocks. Some of them are deeply rooted. You may not remember why you set them up or when. By understanding that you now can eliminate the original problem, you can begin to release what is preventing you from reaching your goals. Practice. Continue to practice. Your conscious mind will be led through each next step until the stumbling block is cleared. You will overcome your lower instincts, those reactions based on raw emotions. As blockages clear, clarity emerges. You align more closely with who you really are. The heart becomes more loving, more accepting. Your consciousness expands.

Rev. Spencer Rouse has been a psychic medium, teacher, counselor, writer and healer for more than 25 years. She recently completed her Level 1 and 2 studies of Acoustic Sound, Color, and Body Movement with Fabien Maman (Father of Vibrational Sound Therapy) at the Tama-do Academy in Malibu, and Switzerland. Spencer teaches “Soul to Soul” classes in Sarasota, FL, which focus on how to tune into the true self through the tools of sound, color, and ancient teachings. She also will be presenting an interactive class focused on color, sound and Chi in relation to healing this winter. For more information visit www.psychicspencer.com, email PsychicSpencer@yahoo.com or call 941-706-1005.

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