Sensing Energy

By Janice Carlin

Scientists have determined that 95 percent of all that exists in our universe cannot be seen by our physical eyes—it is beyond the scope of our five human senses.

They call this dark matter and dark energy, not because it is actually dark, but because we cannot see it. Although this is well acknowledged information within the scientific community, the general population has yet to bring it into full conscious awareness. The implications for being aware of the concept that we cannot see almost all of the things that exist in our world and our universe are huge. They bring to light the understanding that what we have believed to be the truth of our world and ourselves, or notion that “seeing is believing,” simply is false.

Scientists also say that we are constantly interacting with this dark energy and matter, but most of the time we are unaware of these exchanges. However, what if we were to consciously interact with the energies of our choosing to create something we desire in our lives? This is what we do when we work purposefully with The Law of Attraction. It is also what we can do when we use energy to facilitate healing. When we work with subtle energy for healing, we are choosing which part of this 95 percent of nonphysical energy we would like to use to return to a sound and well state of being. We are simply calling upon it and then directing it with purpose in our lives. It is not at all the mysterious process that many people make it out to be.

We are much more than our physical bodies.

The soul or spirit is that part of us that we cannot see (unless we are clairvoyant), and most people do acknowledge its existence. Now, if what we can see comprises only 5 percent of reality, then our physical bodies are only a tiny fraction of the entirety of ourselves! When we think of it in this way, we are allowing ourselves to realize that when we work with nonphysical energy for our highest benefit, we are working in a way that honors who we truly are.

With all of the abundant energy available to us, there always will be enough to go around.

We cannot use up all of the positive light energy in the universe! We can call upon it over and over again to help us and to help each other. People often call this prayer. However, the dogmatic connotations of this word have put up a block for some when it comes to embracing energy for healing and manifestation. Skewed belief systems have limited people in the process of allowing themselves to honor their being through gentle, sustainable energy healing. These blocks also stop us from using energy to co-create what we want in our lives.

When we move past these limiting viewpoints, we can see so much more clearly. Many of us can see, know, feel and hear these energies by using and continuing to develop our intuitive gifts. When we use those senses that are beyond the physical, we can interact more directly and purposefully with the majority of energy in existence, rather than just reacting as we bump up against it. We can stop feeling overwhelmed by feelings that we cannot trace to anything that we are experiencing in our lives. We can stop feeling anxious, sick and unhappy.

Doctors and therapists are not going to find the true, underlying answers as to why many people are so sick, unbalanced and unhappy today until they also are willing to look beyond what they can see with their physical eyes. What they are typically evaluating is an incomplete picture of what is really going on. It is only 5 percent: the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more yet to be discovered, and we can do it when we allow ourselves to know that we are safe to move beyond believing only that which our human body can experience.

Janice Carlin is an intuitive healer and author. Her work is dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to use their personal power to live with vitality in natural ways. She is the author of the books, The Freedom To Thrive: Reclaiming Our Power To Heal, and The Foundations Healing System Guidebook: Empowered Holistic Health For Adults and Children. For more information, visit

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