Tapping Into the Psychic World

By Rev. Spencer Rouse

There isn’t a standard title for those who assist others by working in the realms beyond our body’s five senses. We will hear “psychic medium,” “intuitive reader,” and my personal favorite, “spiritual counselor.” For the sake of simplicity here, we will refer to them all as psychics, but it is important to note that none of these titles comes with a specific job description. This leads to much confusion about exactly what psychics can and cannot do and how to best utilize their skills and professional advice. To shed some light on the scope of this occupational field and the possibility for all of us to develop our own unique psychic talents, let’s look at some of the most common ways to receive information through nontraditional channels.

Psychic skills are not magical or mysterious. They are really the natural extension of at least one of our physical senses, especially sight, sound, hearing, taste, smelling, and “knowing.”

Additionally, psychic skills are not limited to the same concepts of linear time and space that exist when we are in a physical body on the Earth plane. When our consciousness accesses the more vast “quantum world,” impressions can just as easily be about future events as they are about the past and present. This may be difficult to wrap the mind around, but in the mental and spiritual realms of nonphysical existence the past, present, and future coexist.

There are limits to psychic guidance, however, and it’s important to understand that trained psychics never know everything about others simply by tuning into their energy fields. They do not have all the answers for us, and they cannot (or should not) tell us which choices ultimately will be better for us. They can often see ahead to the consequences of various choices we might make, but the decisions are ours and not the responsibility of the psychic. Many psychics can predict with fair accuracy what is likeliest to occur in the future, provided we do not make any drastic changes, but our paths are never written in stone. So now armed with the understanding that our freewill can always change a psychic prediction, let’s look at several areas of psychic capabilities, some of which you probably have personally exhibited and can enhance with the exercises included at the end of this article!


Mediumship is having the ability to tune into those people who have passed on or into conscious entities from other realms. Most people have had some sort of experience in their lives: footsteps on the stair when no one is there; cold air in an area of the room where there is no draft or reason for a temperature drop; touches on the hand or cheek, with the distinct feeling that someone is there; words being spoken softly, but plainly; and other sensations.

One fun experience I had a few years ago happened in the middle of the night. My long-deceased cat jumped on the bed, then on my stomach, purring loudly, kneading me for all she was worth. I could feel the depression in the mattress. I could hear and feel the plunk as she jumped on me. I could hear her purr. Somehow, I could sense the white color of her fur. I could feel her love. I reached out for her, but she was not there in physical form.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

Extrasensory psychic gifts come packaged in a variety of forms. There can be a perception of events from the past “picked up” psychically as smells, sounds, visual snapshots of scenes, or a strong feeling or knowing that places us right in the midst of a past event. One name for this is retrocognition.

Most of us have had some sort of precognitive insight: foresight of the future—seeing, hearing, feeling, or knowing details of what is going to happen before it happens.

Sometimes it comes in a dream. It is usually sudden and has an impact on our senses.

Clairvoyance is receiving pictures from the third eye of people, places, and events from the past or future. They are usually rapid images. Clairvoyance can also describe the phenomena of seeing spirit or ghostlike images. While this can represent what we see in dream state, it can also describe the images that come to us during meditation.

Clairaudience is hearing words or sounds, spoken from another realm. These sounds usually do not have the vibration or overtones present with sound experienced with our human ear. They tend to be clear, but soft, without nuance.

Clairsentience is that “knowing” that comes, but it can relay more complete information in a flash than words or pictures. It is felt inside, usually around the solar plexus or heart area. Clairsentience may be the most common form of extrasensory perception. It is how most of my own insight usually comes in, accompanied by visual snapshots (clairvoyance) and sometimes words (clairaudience).

Developing Your Psychic Senses

While proven psychic abilities are a good thing to possess, they are best when they are an end product of spiritual growth, rather than being a specific goal, because the information received comes through with more wisdom. As one faces the world with trust and strong faith in higher powers, one learns to handle confrontation and disbelief with balance. As a result, a working psychic can face a wide variety of temperaments, calamities, and people in need. “We are all one” becomes a reality, not just a catch phrase. We feel the connection one to another.

However, you do not have to choose to be a working psychic to experience these gifts. You can develop your own abilities and use them your own way to enhance your life.

First, begin with meditation. If you cannot manage that, try relaxing with the spine straight and do some deep breathing exercises. Then sit quietly. You may receive a symbol or a message, but you may not. You will at least begin to still your mind. If you need a prop, concentrate on the flame of a candle or some object. Do this every day.

It might appeal to you to try inspirational or automatic writing. Typing at the computer takes up just enough of my busy mind that inspiration comes through around the thoughts that remain. After a while, my mind becomes stiller yet, and the inspiration increases.

Journaling with pen and paper is another method.

Psychometry is a fun way to exercise your abilities. Hold some object in your hand. Close your eyes. Allow images and impressions to come through about the object. Some may feel silly. You may not be able to prove what you’re receiving, but it is practice. Write down what you receive. Try this several times a week, using objects from different places.

Exchange a familiar object with a friend and share your impressions. You may be able to confirm with each other that if your impressions are correct.

Tune into the energy of a house plant or a nearby tree. Feel it. Talk to it. Still your mind and allow a response of some sort to come back to you. Continue to do this frequently and stay open to impressions.

Sit with a color. Hold it. Feel it. Breathe it in. Immerse yourself in it. What does that color mean to you? How does it make you feel? Do this with a different color and compare the experience. The vibrations of each color are different from each other.

There are so many different ways that we can exercise our psychic muscle. Whatever you choose, prepare to be patient, still, and calm. The rewards will be significant, and your life will be enhanced.

Rev. Spencer Rouse has been a psychic medium, teacher, counselor, writer, and healer for more than 25 years. She recently completed her Level 1 and 2 studies of Acoustic Sound, Color, and Body Movement with Fabien Maman (Father of Vibrational Sound Therapy) at the Tama-do Academy in Malibu and Switzerland. For more information visit www.psychicspencer.com, email PsychicSpencer@yahoo.com or call 941-706-1005.

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