Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding

Four decades ago, Grace gave birth to her daughter Diane amidst the wild hedonism of the Woodstock rock festival – but 1969’s spirit of togetherness never quite translated to their home life.  Rejecting her unconventional upbringing, and her mother, Diane moved to New York and became an uptight, conservative lawyer and refused to even let her kids meet their mysterious grandmother – until she discovered her marriage on the rocks and she needed to get away. Diane packed up her two nearly-grown kids, Zoe and Jake, and whisked them to Woodstock to glimpse the sheer madness she came from. But to Diane’s dismay, her kids were quickly smitten with their mold-breaking granny who smokes dope, parties hard, doles out sex advice, howls at the moon – and, with a sly wit, still believes in living on her own terms and telling it like it is.

Even peaceable Woodstock was rocked by the conflict between these two women, who oppose each other in everything from politics to parenting styles.  Yet, over the heated summer, both found themselves letting go of the past, as the rest of their clan embraced their own twists on the future. Vegan Zoe wrestled with her attraction to the local butcher, while Jake, a would-be Martin Scorsese, found his first love as he was making his first film about the mixed up world he found himself in. Even Diane was not immune to the change of pace, and she unexpectedly fell for a dismayingly impulsive carpenter.

As Diane and her children were exposed to the wonders and foibles of Grace’s world, all three began to see that no matter how dizzying the gaps that divide us, something vital is gained when you reach a hand across the gulf.

At the heart of Bruce Beresford’s multigenerational comedy-drama, PEACE, LOVE & MISUNDERSTANDING, are the family ties that bind us . . . and then tangle us up in crazy knots.  This funny and moving portrait of an unconventional family’s chaotic reunion follows three warring generations headed by Grace (Academy Award® winner Jane Fonda) – a legendary hippie and hilariously groovy grandma about to get a second chance to glue her fractured family back together.

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