The Fairy Who Reached the Sun

By Monica Canducci

I believe in the power of storytelling. Tales are powerful instruments able to support us in our journey of transformation. This is the reason why I love to write Fairy Tales enclosing gifts meant to help people overcome and dissolve any perceived obstacle, limitation, and fear by awakening their inner and deepest resources.

“The Fairy Who Aspired to the Sun” is one of my favorites among the tales I wrote (I should write “channeled” because while writing, as well as while painting and dancing, I feel myself as a channel of an inspiration coming from the highest level of Consciousness). I published, this tale in a book, “The Faerie Code—A guide to the Faerie Dimension and its Gifts,” which is about the secret language of Faeries, which is the same language spoken and understood by the unconscious side of our mind.

 Whether you believe in the existence of Faeries or not, it doesn’t matter.

May this tale inspire you.

May you get the message.

May you life be brighter and lighter. 

“The Fairy lived happily in an enchanted place. The luxuriant nature, with bright colors and inebriating scents, regenerated the soul and bodies of the creatures who were lucky enough to live in that place full of magic. She had wide, iridescent wings and her thin, soft and diaphanous skin reflected the golden and silvery glows of the stars that alternated in the deep, clear sky. She spent a lot of time playing with others of her kind, among the sparkling waters of streams and waterfalls for which she felt a deep love—and she devoted herself to watching the growth of flowers and plants with patient commitment—controlling the energy of the environment that provided them with the nourishment they needed. In the ether of which she was a part, she harmonized the nourishment coming from the Sky, in the form of solar light and heat, with the nourishment coming from the Earth. She worked hard to eliminate any form of limitation, impediment or distortion that could, even for a moment, alter the balance and weaken the Flora she was taking care of. She observed and preserved the harmony between the elements of Nature, working to provide support to Life and, of course, to distribute love and healing, as all the Faeries do.

It often happened to her, as a partly ethereal and incorporeal creature, partly solid and tangible as she was—that she met denser creatures, like animals, and she had even encountered some human beings who were particularly pure of heart, like those who can see beyond what is commonly visible by humans. It was easier to communicate with animals than with humans. Animals did not have any prejudices, so she could easily approach them and take care of them when they needed help and support. Like every other Fairy, in moments of thoughtlessness the Fairy loved dancing and meeting Fauns, cheerful and passionate, and some of the least solitary Centaurs. They all gathered together and celebrated Life in those cadenced love rites that marked the succession of seasons over time on Earth, and this made her feel even more alive in those moments—alive and involved in a sacred equilibrium, in which everything was One. Yet there was something disturbing her happiness, first sporadically, then more and more frequently.

One fine day, instead of keeping her loving and protective look upon the Earth’s surface as usual, she had started to look at the Sky. And since she had begun doing so, she thought she had started losing herself. She lost herself in the pursuit of the Stars. By day she wanted to dive into the heat and the light of the Sun, and by night she felt devoured by the desire to lose and find herself again among the Stars. And she lost herself in following the evolutions of the creatures as light as the air itself—those Elves which Nature had created thinner and more ethereal than she was—and those Genies to whom Nature had given a solar brightness, charged with sparkling and bright electricity, so fast that she could barely follow their changing and unpredictable trajectories.

Those were the creatures she admired the most and which she was fatally attracted to. She regretted that her body, her wings and her very nature did not allow her to approach them more than that. And why? Who or what prevented her from doing so? Only the fear of flying too high and falling badly, or of burning her wings. She then decided to try, to dare to approach them. Every day she flew higher and a little further away from the clearing where she and her companions lived and where she usually operated. Her wings and body, already subtle, seemed so heavy now and slowed her down at every attempt.

One of the bright Creatures she followed seemed closer than others. He sometimes seemed to slow down and look back at her, perhaps because the Creature was curious about seeing her every day, as she defied the laws and beliefs that held her so close to her Land. Every now and then she thought that this vibrant, luminous, electric Creature would come closer, so this gave her the courage and desire to challenge the limit of her own nature more and more.

But day after day there was a price the Fairy paid without even knowing. Every day her efforts and the closeness to the Sun, and to the Light Creatures she followed, hurt her diaphanous body by burning her skin and wings. She loved the Sun so much and loved the Stars so much, and loved the Creatures that flew in the rays of Light. She, a creature of earth and water, was now in love with the hot fire of the sunlight and with the electrifying flame of the Creatures, Genies living in the subtle air, who seemed to regenerate by bathing in the rays of the hottest Sun. In order to reach them, she would have consumed her own body and life, because since she had started to perceive something else, outside of her enchanted, reassuring and charming world, she had started to feel herself dying. Or maybe she felt herself dying every time, exhausted after her flights, when she had to land on the ground and rest, to recover from having dared so much.

The Genies she loved and pursued never landed. Always moving like the air itself, in a motion as incessant as breathing, and the travelling of Light itself—they were so beautiful and bright when dancing towards the Sun, so light, that she never minded they might not show her some love, or take her by her hands and accompany her on those flights, in the heavenly abyssal depths.

Some of her Faerie mates, seeing her being consumed, stated that the Creatures of Air and Light were actually ruthless and heartless. How could they accept the Fairy being tortured? Yet she could only follow the powerful order that came from her own heart as an imperious voice, that despite her pain, obliged her to continue to challenge her limits and the common sense Mother Nature had given her, in following a dream that seemed impossible. And so, careless of both her suffering—and the tender compassion and objections with which her Faerie mates tried to hold her back in vain—one day the Fairy decided she would no longer come back to Earth and she would no longer lay down or rest. She would rather fall, in the effort to reach the heights where her beloved Creatures flew and drew subtle dances into the daily sunlight and in the nightly starlight.

And she began to climb the sky more and more, into the blazing glow of the day, chasing the rays of the Sun to reach the source of the Light itself, while pursuing the bright Genies that barely even noticed her. And as she was climbing, she felt increasingly attracted and more and more consumed as her skin and wings were burning—and at the same time she felt her exhausted Fairy heart was getting light, careless of her own fate. And the Sun was so beautiful and pleasant, it looked like the very source of the Light Creatures, who ascended and descended like sparks, swirling fast in its rays. She only wanted to die in that Source, letting herself be consumed because the heaviness of what once was the light bodyweight of a Fairy was now unbearable. And she climbed, more and more with an immanent effort, until she felt like flaring up into a whirl of fire. She then perceived her miserable and exhausted body exploding, in a piercing pain and in a tinkling myriad of fragments of ether. Her last thought, in that form, was that the Sun was still so far away…

Then, surprisingly, she realized that the pain had ceased and there was only a joyful lightness of bliss. And she was ascending again, without effort anymore, transported by a pure current of Light of which she was a part—bright, brilliant and as perfect as a little Star, she experienced herself as a spark of the Sun lurking in the celestial depths and gracefully touching the Earth with its warm and caressing breath.

And through a ray of Sun, dancing and swirling in it, she found herself glittering among those Light Creatures, the Genies she had chased, now as part of the Light she had loved so much. She was now a Messenger and bringer of Life, Light and regenerating heat, from Sky to Earth, from Earth to Sky, and beyond… “

From “The Faerie Code—A Guide to the Faerie dimension and its Gifts” by Monica Canducci

Monica Canducci is an author, speaker, artist, and performer who loves to work as a healing facilitator, movement coach, and teacher in the fields of self-development and spiritual awareness. Monica is unstoppably committed to connecting dots and “making the invisible seen” by exploring the relationships between thoughts, emotions, words, the world of archetypes, and the human body structure. She loves helping people discover their hidden resources and express their true self, in order to achieve healing and self-realization through personal transformation. E-mail Monica at

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