Claim Your True Power

Photo Credit: Unsplash/William Navarro

By Leon VanderPol

All experiences you desire in the outer world have their origin in your inner world.

Today is a new day, a new moment in which to create the experiences you desire to experience.

Do you feel far away from having the experiences you desire?

If so, what would bring them closer? What would bring the experience you desire into your living reality in this very moment?

If you are saying that you don’t know how to do that, then you have not gone deep enough into the desire. What is at its core? What is the essence of the experience you desire?

When you begin to see that the essence of the experience is always something internal to yourself, you begin to realize that the experience you desire is never far away, but only a thought or perception away.

All experiences you desire in the outer world have their origin in your inner world. But often you start believing that there is something the outer experience will bring you that you cannot create on your own. But this is a falsity. Your outer experiences are only virtual signposts to the inner experience you desire to have. A feeling, a sensation…

Of course, this does not mean you should not seek desirable external experiences. Life was created in all its wonder just for that! However, it is erroneous thinking to believe that your outer experiences are necessary for you to have the inner experience you desire. That puts the power for your experience outside of you, and this is never the case.

Oh, you might say, but I desire to have these experiences with other people, and that I cannot do it alone. But again I say, when you look at the essence of the experience you desire you will see that it is a state of mind and being that arises from within you. You have put your faith in the external experience to create it for you, while failing to see that you can create the inner experience all on your own.

This applies for positive as well as negative experiences. You might say, but that is an external experience I did not desire and it has given me this inner sensation that is not at all pleasant. Either way, it was you and only you who created the experience within yourself.

This is your true power.

So as you go into this day, this week, this month with all your creative aspirations, with all your hopes and dreams for certain types of experiences to happen so that you can judge your life worthy, remember: It’s all within.

Leon VanderPol is an internationally-recognized coach mentor, master teacher, and founder and director of the Center for Transformational Coaching. He is the creator of the Deep Transformational Coaching training program, which now has graduates from more than 25 countries. Leon travels the world teaching people how to catalyze deep transformation in soulful, spirit-based ways. Visit to
learn more about Leon and his work.

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