Find Your Inner Switch

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By Rena Greenberg

How to embrace the freedom of actually eating to live, and then enjoy every bite that you take.

 No matter how much your body weighs, you are a beautiful light in the world. If you understand this, you know that you don’t have to “get down to a certain size” to be good enough. Rather, the journey to permanent weight loss is about discovering your innate attributes of health—living a life of balance and happiness, free from mental anguish and obsessions, and finding inner peace.

There are so many things going on around us that we simply can’t control. Why focus on them? Turn your attention instead to one of the few things you actually can control in this life, and that is the radiance of your inner light and how much of it you are shining onto yourself and others. Get ready to turn on your switch!

The quality of your light is dependent on your state of mind and the actions you take in every moment. Therefore, choose wisely and, if you find that a decision doesn’t lead to the results you are hoping to achieve, then make a new choice as soon as possible. It’s not about being “good or bad,” or “on a diet” or “off a diet.” Success should be measured only by the extent to which you achieve an inner state that actually makes you feel good, peaceful, and serene.

Every food has a vibration that either brings you up or pushes you down. Before you eat anything ask yourself, “Is it worth it?” “How will this food make me feel?” “Will this food uplift me and the quality of my life, or will it fill me with toxic emotions such as guilt and shame?”

You are beautiful exactly as you are because within you is the ever-lasting shining light that is your unique spirit. Therefore, the solution to being overweight is not starving yourself or punishing yourself for past mistakes. The truth is that you are worthy of health, happiness and freedom. Toxic foods create constricted thoughts and negative feelings—as well as physical discomfort, illness, and disease—and excess weight causes physical limitations and health problems. Healthy, life-giving, real, clean, whole foods uplift you mentally, physically, and emotionally, and they lead you down the road to achieving optimal health in your life.

Make a Shift

There is no better time than the present to shift your thinking and realize that judging yourself is wasted energy. Instead, focus on the results you want to achieve and believe that you are worth it. Each day, make a constructive dietary change that points you in a new, positive direction. This could be as simple as chewing your food slowly or savoring the taste of healthy, unprocessed food.

As you come to appreciate real food that comes from the earth—food that is filled with nutrients that nourish your body—you can make the transition from forcing yourself to eat healthy food for the sake of weight loss to actually enjoying and preferring the taste of real, clean, whole food that sustains and heals.

When you look at processed food, it’s time to stop thinking about how “good” it will taste. Instead, train yourself to read the ingredients on the labels and ask yourself if this is what you want to feed your body and mind. It can become second nature to contemplate, consciously and subconsciously, the long-term health effects of the toxic substances found in processed foods. Also recognize that food industry advertising and marketing has a huge percentage of the population brainwashed into believing that unhealthy food creates pleasure in our lives.

Food conglomerates would like you to think that fatty, buttery, sweet, and rich foods filled with simple, empty carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar are “treats” that you “deserve.” Their advertisements promote that they will bring you comfort and happiness. Ask yourself, “Has my personal experience proven these claims to be true?”

When you start to make the connection that these foods cause massive levels of emotional, mental, and physical pain, you can choose to change your perceptions. By reinforcing the message over time, you will begin to find unhealthy foods unappealing before you ever take the first bite, rather than imagining how good they’ll taste, eating them, and then regretting the behavior until the cycle repeats. Making an internal shift by training your mind to think differently also is an effective form of self-hypnosis.

Believe in yourself and your ability to step into a new world of healthy living. Ask yourself, “Who would I be without the obsessions over my weight, food, and dieting?”

How would your life change? What limitless possibilities could you fill your life with once you eliminate self-deprecating thoughts and unproductive behaviors? Imagine the freedom of actually eating to live, and then enjoying every bite that you take.

There is a switch inside your brain that makes this inner change possible. Believe that you can find it, turn it on, and begin to move forward in your life instead of repeating the old, painful cycles over and over.

Your future is a blank canvas. Learn from the past, but don’t be a slave to it. It’s time to release old ways of being and thinking that no longer work for you. Remember that the past does not equal the future. Believe in yourself and choose to not only shine your light but to live your life basking in it.

Yes, you are beautiful exactly as you are, but until you free yourself from limiting thoughts and behaviors you will constrict the amount of beauty and happiness that you can experience in your life. There is nothing within you that you have to “fix,” so get ready to welcome the journey of letting go of what doesn’t work and embracing the new, real YOU!

Rena Greenberg, a Hay House author, can be reached at Her weight loss and gastric bypass hypnosis success has been featured in 150-plus news stories including USA Today, Woman’s World, The Doctor’s, CNN, Good Morning America and Nightline. PBS stations nationally aired Rena’s show, “Easy Willpower,” in August 2015. Her wellness program is sponsored in 75 hospitals and 100-plus corporations. She conducts hypnotherapy sessions with people all over the world on Skype.

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