How to Recruit Online

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By Ashar Mohammed

Why is it that some network marketers can entice people to join their multilevel marketing (MLM) opportunity without meeting them face-to-face and others battle the

online recruiting process?

Is it luck?

Is it magic?

No my friend! It comes down to following a simple “sift and sort” method. It means not showing desperation and not allowing the outcome to affect your attitude.

You see, network marketers who are getting the great results follow these principles. They have as many, if not more, people saying no. But they simply smile and wish the person a great day, and move on to the next prospect.

Now I will give you some amazing tips for online recruiting. I see many network marketers trying to recruit online, and I just want to tell them, “Use the eyes of the prospect. Would you be interested in the ad or message you are giving them?” And that is where we will start…

Tip #1: Would You?

As I said in the last paragraph, would you join you? Instead of just throwing “mud against the wall and seeing what sticks,” read your ads, messages, and posts and ask yourself, “If I were in the prospect’s eyes and mind, would I be enticed to learn more or join?” If you use this strategy for all your online recruiting tactics, you will discover better results.

Tip #2: Do Not Chase People

This goes back to the look of desperation I spoke of earlier. There is a huge difference between chasing people and building relationships. The idea is to give the impression they need you and the business—not that you need them. Build relationships and just casually share your expertise and opportunity. It will be quite evident if they have an interest and, if they show that interest, that is when you approach them for a “deeper conversation.”

Tip #3: Take Negative Out…Carry Positive With You Everywhere

No matter what, who, or why, look at the positive side of things. This is not the easiest thing to do; however, if you develop a mindset that you will always keep your thoughts, speech, and actions positive, great things will happen.

I suggest speaking positive affirmations to yourself every morning as you dress and get ready for a great day. Throughout the day, give yourself a positive word when you feel negatives trying to “creep” in. It works and your positive mental attitude will “rub off” on others, and they will want what you have.

Tip #4: Develop Blogging Expertise

While it requires an investment of time and some money, blogging about an area directly related to your MLM business can draw in potential recruits. This does not mean a 300-word blog post about how great your business is; it goes much deeper than that. You need to educate people.

Let’s say your business sells dietary supplements. You can blog about many various natural health tips, and, toward the end, have a call to action that entices them to contact you for more ways to help their health.

One last tip…Those expert blog posts you write: Share them on all the social media channels and ask your readers to share them too. It works.

Good luck and stay positive my friends.

Ashar Mohammed is Nutritionist, Networking Business Coach, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, and the author of Home Work Out Bible and Healthy Eating. After earning a MBA, Ashar worked in business for his family and on his own for 13 years, until becoming a coach in 2015. Now pursuing his true passion, Ashar has helped thousands of people around the world to achieve their freedom—freedom from disease, freedom of time, and travel and financial freedom. For more information, visit his blog at

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