Lend a Helping Hand

Unsplash/Alison Stevens

By Leon VanderPol

Caring for suffering in any form ultimately advances the consciousness of the whole.

There appears to be so much loss in the world these days, and so much pain carried from that loss. Loss of security, loss of hope, loss of opportunity, loss of lives. It seems to be everywhere, and, although you may not feel directly impacted by it, there are always people around you who are.

You may not want to see it, and they may try to cover it up or stuff it away (because, you know, it’s uncomfortable…and it gets in the way of business). Here’s the reality though. Fear and loss clouds the mind and creates an ache in the heart. If not cared for, the pain disconnects and isolates people.

Do not shy away from opening yourself to people who are clearly in need of expressing their fear, their grief, their pain. It is a vital need during these times of loss, suffering, and isolation. Your openness allows others to release it, which is a form of grief work. Grief work allows acceptance and forgiveness, to heal the ache of the heart, the tension in the mind.

Life is not always about getting somewhere. Progress is meaningful, but its meaning is contingent upon caring for the whole. If the whole is not cared for, then what value does progress of a certain part really carry?

Advancement of a part at the expense of the whole is not really progress at all. Caring for suffering in any form ultimately advances the whole. Make time for it in the business of your life. Make it part of your business.

Caring for loss exercises your heart, making it stronger and more resilient in the face of future pain—which will surely be there: things are not going to get better soon for many people in our world.

Where in your life and business do you see pain, loss, isolation, or grief that is in need of your care and compassion? And can you give that the fullness of your attention, even if for a short while?

Leon VanderPol is an internationally-recognized coach mentor, master teacher, and founder and director of the Center for Transformational Coaching. He is the creator of the Deep Transformational Coaching training program, which now has graduates from more than 25 countries. Leon travels the world teaching people how to catalyze deep transformation in soulful, spirit-based ways. Visit http://www.centerfortransformationalcoaching.com to learn more about Leon and his work.

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