Transformation Coaching Magazine’s 100th Issue! Plus, celebrating our NEW logo and FREE COURSES!

The Transformation Team is excited to be celebrating that the February 2019 issue is our 100th issue!

Yes, you read that right! This is the 100th time the Transformation Team has collaborated to bring you high-quality, real-life inspirational content without the fluff (or being bombarded with ads). It’s the 100th time our amazing authors have contributed their transformational stories and powerful insights.


Transformation Magazine has transformed since it began in November of 2010… it began as a local, free publication that ran throughout the West Coast of Florida. This area is a hub for personal, spiritual, and professional development, which inspired the need for a publication that would highlight local businesses and writers (it’s a hot spot for writers) who cared about healthy living, growth, community and the environment.

We knew we were onto something when we would receive emails and phone calls from readers who told us we were an answer to their prayers or that they had a whole collection of every issue of Transformation on their coffee table. We started getting top-notch writers from across the country and around the world wanting to contribute. We started putting Transformation online and began getting subscribers from around the world.

Over time, our digital readership exploded while the cost of printing increased and our hearts ached for a more “green” way to spread our message of empowerment.


In 2014, we underwent another transformation and went 100% digital.

Then, in 2018 we officially embraced our “life coaching” focus and changed our name to Transformation COACHING Magazine.

And THIS YEAR we are excited to be announcing our NEW BRANDING! Our new logo is the ultimate symbol of “transformation”: a Phoenix Butterfly, rising from the ashes and transforming into its full potential through education.


In honor of our 100th issue, we are offering ALL OF OUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT COURSES FOR FREE!


Life Purpose




Therapeutic Art



Law of Attraction


And more!

Visit to enroll in our FREE MEMBERSHIP! Enter coupon code grow2019 upon checkout.

(Regular price is $47 to $147 each or $97/mo for the Membership. Now = FREE!)

Throughout the years, one thing has become abundantly clear… that:

Transformation is more than a magazine, t’s a movement!

Thank you for transforming with us!

Joeel, Natalie, Lisa, Cat, Victor, Leah and the rest of the Transformation Team

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