Take Your Life Back!

By Rena Greenberg

With conscious awareness and intention you can set a new, more positive course for your life that will create a beautiful future and, at the same time, heal your past.

Einstein’s famous definition of insanity is, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” Why do so many of us keep repeating the same fruitless behaviors only to experience an outcome completely opposite of the one we desire?

While insanity is one plausible theory, what’s most likely is that we keep repeating negative thoughts and behaviors because we are comfortable with them. It’s that simple. Even when the results are painful and uncomfortable, our human instinct is to repeat everything we say, think, and do.

Think about the things you did, the words you spoke, and your dominant thoughts today. Chances are your actions, statements, and thoughts are very familiar to you. This can be beneficial when your behaviors are life-affirming, such as offering affection to loved ones, preparing healthy food choices, and being polite; however, the results can be devastating when the intentions behind your thoughts, spoken words, and actions are unconsciously coming from a place of hurt or fear.

Your subconscious mind records everything that it has witnessed—both positive and negative. If you are like most people, you have had painful experiences in your lifetime that have etched their signatures on your psyche. When you go through the motions of your present-day life without awareness of how these traumatic memories from the past have impacted you, they can set in motion a stream of negative impressions that influence your reactions to current day events.

Make a Radical Shift

The great news is that with conscious awareness and intention you can set a new, more positive course for your life that can not only create a beautiful future for yourself but, at the same time, heal your past.

That’s where the tools of hypnosis and daily self-hypnosis (a form of meditation) come in.* Because, as we’ve established, we are comfortable with repeating the same behaviors and thoughts day after day just because they are familiar, no matter how old, outdated, and unproductive they are. For change to happen in our lives, we need to make a radical shift in our perspective.

*Author’s note: The hypnotic state is a trance state brought on by intentional relaxation and focusing exercises. It allows us to implant new thoughts and images into the subconscious mind. Each suggestion is like a seed, which can be watered with intention, emotion, and repetition. We’ve all heard that we are only using 10 percent of our mental potential. Hypnosis helps us to tap into and activate a higher potential within ourselves so we can end self-sabotage and achieve our heart’s desires and greater destiny.

Albert Einstein also informed us that, “You can’t solve a problem at the same level it was created.” Hypnosis takes us to a deeper level within ourselves, where we discover new, hidden resources within that help us to heal and make new choices.

You can’t force yourself not be angry, gluttonous, hurt, sad, lazy, or self-centered, but when you tap into a greater understanding of what is motivating and driving you, your behaviors can begin to shift naturally.

For example, let’s say that you are feeling perpetually irritated because someone in your household is not doing their fair share of the work. You may try to rationalize your anger and tell yourself it’s justified because you are pulling more than your weight, or you may try to talk yourself out of being angry by making excuses for the other person. Either way, it’s likely that your feeling of resentment has a solid, consistent hold over you and is influencing your behaviors. You may find yourself being critical or condescending to your housemate, spouse, or child.

As a result of your consistent negative thoughts and spontaneous actions, the subject of your negative feelings is likely to react to you in an equally negative way. You may assume that since your resentments are justified, if you act out your feelings of annoyance it will prompt the other to change, but that is unlikely to be the case. Unfortunately, the energy of judgment and negativity will just come back to you because there’s no other outcome possible, since like attracts like.

Even if the negativity doesn’t come back to you from the person upsetting you, it will come in some other way. If you are emotionally eating as a way to cope with your life challenge, you will experience the pain that comes from the health and weight repercussions of eating when you’re not hungry.

But what is the solution? You can’t change your feeling of anger and resentment anymore than you can not feel the pain of a boulder falling on your foot! This is the challenge of the human condition!

It is only by shifting your awareness at the deepest level that any change can happen for you. By practicing self-hypnosis, you can access a much greater strength, understanding, wisdom, forgiveness, and compassion than is available to you in your daily waking state.

You can begin to make connections between what you are feeling now and what you have felt previously in your life, and have understanding about how you draw certain situations, thoughts, and feelings to yourself. It’s only once you start to make inner connections that the outer changes can begin to occur on a permanent basis.

For example, you may see that you have a belief that you have to work hard to earn love, or that you are comfortable being a victim, since that is a role you saw one or both of your parents play perfectly. It may become clear to you that you need to dominate, manipulate, or be in control in order to feel safe, even if it’s costing you your health and happiness. These kinds of observations can be life-saving!

Once you realize that you are playing out a scenario because of past programming or deep-seated beliefs about yourself, it becomes evident that the other people in your life are simply the players in your drama. When you can honestly realize that if this situation was not so troubling that it was dominating your life right now, it would be another, you can begin to make the shift necessary to free yourself from the self-inflicted bondage.

Access Inner Strength

Rather than ruminate day after day about how you are going to get someone else to do something differently than they are doing it, you can access your greatest strength within yourself.

Remember The Wizard of Oz? After her perilous journey to get to the famous Land of Oz, where she traveled in the hopes of being rescued, in vain, Dorothy discovered that to get home all she had to do was click her heels three times and recite the phrase, “There’s no place like home.”

What if the only thing you had to do to claim your freedom was to surrender all the troubles you are holding on to that have become your identity, and just lay them down?

This may sound incredulous to you! But I have seen the results of releasing the past and embracing the new, over and over. A few years back, a man named Frank came to me with his wife for gastric bypass hypnosis. Aside from both of them being obese, they had many troubles including financial setbacks and family conflicts.

I always tell the people that the weight loss will just be a side benefit because the real issue is taking your life back. All areas of our lives are interconnected, and the weight is just a symptom of a life out of balance. Eight weeks after our initial session, I had the pleasure to work with Frank again. He was like a new man!

Not only had he dropped 41 pounds and three pant sizes, but he felt much more peaceful than before. The conflicts in his family began to resolve themselves and those that hadn’t were no longer bothersome to him (before they had been keeping him up at night). His friends and coworkers all commented on his new positive attitude. His confidence level was soaring!

How could so much have changed for Frank in such a short time? When you get out of the space between your ears and stop recycling the same, habitual, unproductive thoughts, there is an opportunity for your deeper mind and heart, your Spiritual Self, to step in and guide you to a new way of thinking.

It’s nothing that you can force. You can only open to it and allow it. After our initial sessions, Frank began practicing self-hypnosis every single day. The subconscious mind has a power to change our thinking and our lives beyond our wildest dreams.

Frank made a decision to lay his problems down at the foot of his subconscious and open to a new possibility. That is all we are required to do to create an opening for a deep healing of our lives.

The past does not equal the future. Change is inevitable. You are not the person today that you were yesterday. However, your old thoughts are dominating you like a runaway truck speeding downhill, desperately looking for a runaway truck ramp.

They won’t let up on their own. They will only gain speed each time they recycle themselves with added justification and evidence for their point of view.

Put your hand on your heart, bow your head, and ask your heart to take those painful, small thoughts, and bathe them in love and compassion. Imagine the sun dropping rays of healing light into your heart, bathing those old impressions with a healing, soothing light. Ask for patience and wisdom to see things in a new way.

You deserve to be happy. You deserve to be free. Open to the unknown . . . Release the known that has held you back. Affirm to yourself, “I am courageous. A wonderful new beginning is opening up to me.” Say “yes” to you!

Rena Greenberg, a Hay House author, can be reached at EasyWillpower.com. Her weight loss and gastric bypass hypnosis success has been featured in 150-plus news stories including USA Today, Woman’s World, The Doctor’s, CNN, Good Morning America and Nightline. PBS stations nationally aired Rena’s show, “Easy Willpower,” in August 2015. Her wellness program is sponsored in 75 hospitals and 100-plus corporations. She conducts hypnotherapy sessions with people all over the world on Skype.

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