3 Awesome Ways to Show Your Unique You!

By Jowanna Daley

Learn to promote YOU as part of your brand.

Listen up entrepreneurs: You need to show consumers your unique you! Why? Because you are the essential piece of your business brand. Even the big corporations are making a shift in brand promotion. People (not companies) influence consumer purchases.

Showcasing your brand can be challenging; after all, how do you package something you live? You can communicate who you are through what you do, your expertise, and your education—or you can show the community who you are. Here are three ways to promote the real you.

Share Your Passions

Have you ever discovered you shared a quirk or ritual with someone? Did it make you feel connected to the person? Share your passions no matter how weird they may seem to you. Think of something that sends your joy meter straight to the top or share a ritual you do before an event, bedtime, or early in the morning.

My love for writeable surfaces fascinates people. I love writing on surfaces such as glass, mirrors, computer screens, and windows. If I had my way, my home and everything in it would be dry-erase friendly. Yes, I am a bit obsessed; however, it allows people to see beyond what I do.

Take Personal Brand Photos

Consumers will trust YOU more than they will your business. Let them see the person behind the company. The human brain connects with what it touches and sees. Show your unique you in pictures. Display your personality, things you love, and your skills in your brand photos. People will remember you. Make sure your photos represent your authentic self.

Share Your Gifts Every Chance You Get

No one can steal what is yours. When you use your talents for ulterior motives, it does not serve you or the world well. Share your gifts openly and with integrity. When you share, others share, which means your talents and skills expand. Secondly, you will increase your chances of earning a living with your gifts if you share them. Lastly, you improve your community and earn respect.

Your personal brand should be your unique you on display. The best person to promote your business is YOU!

Jowanna is a business and personal coach, consultant, freelance blogger, and personal brand photographer. Jowanna uses her 20-plus years of business, information technology, business analysis, and project management experience to serve solopreneurs, microbusinesses, and professionals through consulting, coaching, training, and workshops. She is also a freelance blogger who serves corporate and non-corporate clients. Visit her website at https://jowannadaley.com/about/.

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