Listen for Your True Calling

Photo Credit: Unsplash/William Bayreuther

By Brian Hawley

If you are sensing an inner pulling, something that feels ancient within you calling to you, ACT UPON IT.

So here we are trying to decide what to do. We feel this inner pull toward something that makes us feel warm and passionate, something old within us that is being uncovered. Something that we feel connected to, and it makes us connected to others. Something that inspires us, wakes us up in the middle of the night, provides a feeling of urgency that we have to get it started now.

But we hesitate, and question our inner calling, this inner pull. Why is this happening to me? Where is this coming from? Am I just making this up? We become doubtful about our feelings and our passion starts to die with every daily task we have to face. Then it happens again, like someone from beyond shouting at us: GET UP…DO THIS…THE TIME IS NOW. Our passion and curiosity is awakened once more. This time we start to take action, start to search for information from books, friends, the internet, anything that can help us start developing and manifesting this inner calling. Then we see this is going to take some time to develop and manifest. We have jobs, responsibilities, debts, and deadlines, everything we call life that is happening. We begin to question again. Will this support my family and me? What will others think? What if I fail? Will I get clients and, if so, where and how? Then we start doubting and put our calling off for a while, as if something is going to automatically take action and manifest it. We start to overlook little synchronicities like repeating numbers, people coming into our lives, TV programs, radio songs, and all the other little signs.

This cycle keeps repeating over and over until we are left feeling empty, like there is something we should be doing, always trying to scratch that itch. Until one day—after many years or decades of repeat cycles—we find ourselves in our final resting moments on this earth lying there in bed. Our body is worn and tired, we have raised a family, held a job, and had a home, and even a pet or two. But there was still that pulling that never got answered. You wonder “what if.” Could I have done more? Could I have helped more? What impact could I have made if I took a chance?

As you drift off to sleep and start the journey back to where you came from, you suddenly become aware of spirits hovering about you. Now in your weary state you can start to make out words, and hear what they are saying:

“Why didn’t you listen to us? We were there all the time sending you signs, pulling on your true heartstrings. We trusted you with our talents, we needed you to give these talents to the world, you were the only one that could express these talents; they were given to you upon incarnation, and this was your pact, your calling. Now it’s too late, our talents will never be delivered to the world. The people you were meant to inspire can never blossom to become what they were meant to become, they will never inspire others to become what they were to become. All this because you were afraid to trust your passion and have faith in yourself and us.

“Instead, you let something that is of this world, the false duties, something material, rule over your inner spirit of passion and purpose. You were worried about material failure, what others who would never understand your message would say, and you ignored those who were thirsty for your message. All of those people you found inspiring, those who showed light into your inner passion, you let the message stop with them, and you broke the ever-interconnecting web. Now you are old, frail, and dying, and the world will never know the music that you had inside of you.”

If you are sensing an inner pulling, something that feels ancient within you, calling you to get a message out, start helping others, start counseling, teaching, writing, anything that feels right, ACT UPON IT. Don’t let anything that is in this world stop our true calling from coming forth from within you. There are people who you don’t know who are waiting to hear what you have to say, waiting for you to help them. They will show up; they will be there; they will seek you out. Only if you have the courage to follow you passion and set your talents free upon the Earth.

Dr. Bryan Hawley has served in the healthcare arena for over 30 years. He has owned several high-end clinics and has traveled all over the United States lecturing and teaching healthcare practitioners. He currently teaches guided meditations and energy work to clients all over the world. He lectures on topics such as neurogenesis, epigenetics, metacognition, and how we can literally reprogram our brains and create the lifestyle of our dreams.  He is currently finishing two books on the subject which will be available in January 2019. Contact him at

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