The Power of Passion

Passion is the fire that ignites all desires!

By Terez Hartmann

Passion is THE Essence of Success

Do you become energized at the very thought of lacing up hiking boots, riding a bicycle, running or paddling, or simply revel in feasting your eyes on a place of majestic beauty?

Do you delight in cuddling or playing with your favorite furry or feathered companion?

Do you relish the process of planning a trip, organizing your home, or putting together a stock portfolio?

Do you swoon and flush at the idea of your lover’s kiss?

Do you savor the act of combining the perfect ingredients to create a culinary masterpiece?

Do you thrill in the notion of cruising along a scenic highway on your Harley or favorite land-based vehicle or the idea of being cradled by the gentle movement of a sailboat?

Do you celebrate every time you witness your child discover her or his own power, confidence and abilities?

Does your spirit soar every time you contemplate or breathe life into a piece of music, film project, book, dance, computer program, sculpture, design or new business?

We certainly can survive in the most basic sense without passion, but the color, texture, flavor and LIFE that passion lends to our time on earth is what makes our trip around the sun worth taking! Passion is the spark that ignites our dreams and visions and the fire that warms our day-to-day lives. When we keep passion alive, it can even feed and nourish our spirits when we stumble into the darkness—and call us back to the light. It is, in fact, the very essence of success, for to live a life you love and feel excited about being alive is truly the ultimate success.

Advice to an Artist

Regardless of our medium, ALL of us are indeed artists. We choose the colors and textures that we place upon the canvas of our lives, and at any moment we have the ability to create a splendid masterpiece! Yes, the mundane aspects of life such as paying bills, considering action plans, taking care of children, etc., can make it easy to forgo feeding our passions for the sake of checking off another item on our to-do list, but every time we remember that life is supposed to be FUN and allow ourselves to get back to enjoying the journey, everything works better and life can become a beautiful work of art!

A couple of months ago, one of my Facebook friends sent me a message asking for advice for a recording-performing artist/writer friend of hers. Though I did share some industry-oriented ideas, I felt compelled to express something far deeper. After rereading the words that had flowed through me, I discovered that there was also a wealth of material for MY spirit and for the artist in ALL of us. The following is an excerpt taken from the actual e-mail:

“Overall, my advice to anyone who has a passion or dream is to focus upon what he wants and why he wants it FIRST. The ‘why’ is especially important, as this is the heart of what truly matters to him and is where his passion and focus will come from.

“I have discovered that the ideal action always comes from first being in a place of alignment, focus and passion. Every ‘strategy’ I ever formulated and the hours/days/months invested in hard work to try to ‘make’ something happen doesn’t even come close to the speed and ease that things have come to me via using my power of focus, being in alignment with myself and having the courage to follow inspired action.

“I would say, ‘Keep writing, composing, creating and doing what you love NO MATTER WHAT.’ Do it for love and do it for YOU. Never, ever suffer for your art, as that is THE very thing that slows it all down and dilutes the love you feel in creating. All of the great artists, writers, etc., who felt they needed to suffer or sacrifice who they really were to ‘succeed’ lost the love in their work, died young and/or lived tormented lives. This is the opposite of why we create, write, share and perform—so keep the love and passion alive!

“It is only when I once-and-for-all decided a few years ago that being fully who I am and spending my days doing what I love mattered more than ANYTHING else that more amazing things than I can recount started happening for me.

“When you no longer “need” anything to happen to feel successful, only then CAN success come. Holding love, maintaining an attitude of passion, confidence and trust, and using my power of focus now come first for me; action is second. This has been and continues to be one of my greatest keys to success.”

The Bottom Line on the Power of PASSION

No matter who you are or what you do, you are a creative, powerful, magnificent artist who is here to paint with ALL the colors of life. The more passion you evoke, pursue and discover, the more life feels like the great adventure and work of art it was meant to be! An added bonus: You inspire your fellow artists FAR more through your passion and joy than through your willingness to endure and sustain pain, guardedness or keep the status quo.

So, light that fire, let it burn, baby burn, and watch the fireworks begin!

Terez “Firewoman” Hartmann,“ Your catalyst for all things Fab-YOU-lous,” is the author of Allowing Your Success!,a proud contributing author of Transform Your Life! book one and two, a professional Keynote Speaker/Workshop Facilitator, Singer-Songwriter/Recording Artist, “Allowing Adventures!” & “Savor Vacation” Facilitator,and true Renaissance Woman, and Visionary. She keeps her fire lit by embracing and promoting a lifestyleof “Allowing,” and by using creative expression to elevate and ignite the human spirit, a passion that she shareswith her husband, soul-mate and creative partner of over 15 years, John Victor Hartmann. Together they share“Allowing TRUE LOVE” workshops and experiences designed to help others attract, allow, and maintain extraordinaryrelationships, and create custom jingles and voice-overs in their studio, THE Creativity Express. Visit:

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