Invisible “Mind Stuff”

By Marla Sanderson

I’ve always been fascinated by the unseen and unusual. Over the years I have ex­plored areas including psychic phenomenon, tarot, astrology, healing, and channeling. On this journey, one subject that has consistently peaked my curiosity is our mysterious power to form the world around us according to our personal creative mindset.

If that interests you, too, let’s look at the invisible “mind stuff” that affects how you create your life. Keep in mind that you are already whole, complete and perfect. There’s noth­ing you ever need to add to yourself. All you ever need to do is let go of any idea that there’s something wrong with you or missing.

Since DIVINE MIND creates the universe, and our personal minds create our per­sonal worlds, it’s good to examine our mental structures to discover the limitations we’ve put on our own lives. It’s important to keep our minds open and our structures flexible.

Here is SOME of the mental stuff that limits us:

  • Concepts of self, life, what we deserve, how things ought to be
  • Opinions and judgments about the world, people and ourselves.


Let’s just say that our concepts develop over time as we pick up ideas from the world around us. This is what the world is like. This is what people are like. This is what I’m like. Concepts don’t let us see things clearly or broadly. When a problem arises, we don’t see the available solutions because our concepts limit our vision.

When we expand our view of what’s acceptable or possible, it allows the invisible Creative Principle to act in our lives under new rules. We see more and better answers, solutions and opportunities.

What are some of YOUR lim­iting concepts? Do you see yourself as smart, creative, loving, attractive and talented? No? Then you’d better broaden your self-concept, because you are all that.


Opinions are concepts to which we’ve become attached. They keep us from learning anything we don’t already agree with, and act as an automatic rejection device for new or different information. Anything op­posing our opinion is automatically rel­egated to “ridiculous” or “worthless” with hardly a thought to its legitimacy.

Politics, religion and sports are popular battlegrounds for vehe­ment opinion. People have maimed, mutilated and killed for their opinion, yet it’s nothing more than a concept gone bad. Opinions can be a sign we’ve stopped thinking.

Judgment is an opinion that something is right or wrong, good or bad. Any idea we have about how people should be keeps us from enjoy­ing others and keeps them from being comfortable around us.

But the truth is that judgment starts with self. If I’m critical of others, it’s because I’m critical of myself. And it follows that the ideas I have about how I should be keep ME from being myself. Only when we no longer judge ourselves can we extend love to others.

Love yourself unquestion­ably and unconditionally. You have the choice to love and support or judge and condemn. Love and support is more fun and rewarding.

Rev. Marla Sanderson is a skilled spiritual counselor, speaker, teacher, and workshop leader. She has studied and practiced the Science of Happi­ness and Science of Mind for over 40 years. Her website, The New Thought Global Network, showcases ideas from many New Thought disciplines. She is ordained in the Centers for Spiritual Living. (Religious Science). Contact her at 727-475-8991, or or visit


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