Finding Your Life Purpose

By Dolores J Gozzi

Life Purpose has many meanings and interpretations depending on each individual. When I ask, “What is your Life Pur­pose?” most people say to have a good job; to be with family; or to be a good citizen. These statements are all great goals, but they are only scratching the surface of Life Purpose. We need to dig deeper because true Life Purpose is using our gifts, talents, and skills to create the life and lifestyle that will fulfill our divine plan for being on earth.

Life Purpose is “unique” for each individual—as it should be.

Some will know that their Life Purpose is to reach out to the world and share their gifts, like a Dali Lama. Then there is the individual who knows how to guide her family—and she’s the person everyone goes to for support and guidance. She could be a “life coach” not only for her family, but for others as well. While not everyone is destined to be a world-renowned spiritual leader, we still need to recognize that each and every person plays a vital role in and contributes to the world in many wonderful ways!

That said, there are many paths and roads that we travel to find our Life Purpose, and along the way we are faced with different challenges to help us grow. Without growth, we stand idle and do not give ourselves the opportunity to LIVE fully and experience what the world has to offer. We also need to be reminded that we cannot always fall back on the same gifts and talents we were born with. We come to earth to learn, as well as to share, and by facing challenges we grow and learn new skills to weave into our lives over time. Moreover, some of us know at a very young age what those talents and gifts are, but we don’t always know how to share them, so this can become another part of the journey.

Once we are aware of our talents and gifts, we have a foundation to build on.

As a result, our environment begins to change, and we see shifts in our home, the city or town where we live, and in how our location impacts our life and lifestyle. For example, an indi­vidual who is helping others is likely to strive to establish a tranquil and peaceful home, while someone working in the computer in­dustry or programming is likely to invest in designing a high-tech living environment.

Others may have the perfect home for their Life Purpose, but do not have a job that reflects that Life Purpose, and this leaves them frustrated. Those who do begin to incorporate their skills and talents into their current job may get feedback from coworkers that prompts them to branch out into another part-time practice that is more in alignment with their Life Purpose. Some may end up relocating to live in an area that is receptive to their physical body and emotional awareness, while others may utilize the Internet to work from home. The possibilities are as diverse as the people on this planet, and what is right for you will become clear once you come to know your unique Life Purpose!

You see, once you begin the process of examining your life to determine your gifts, talents and skills—and ultimately find your Life Purpose—others who complement your world with merge with you and help you to create an environment filled with new possibilities.

If you are wondering how to start on this journey, the following set of questions will help point you in the right direction. Answer without hesitating or thinking too much, and trust your inner guidance.

  • What does Life Purpose mean to me? (Write down the first thing that comes to your mind.)
  • What are my talents/skills? (These are the gifts that you were born with, those that come naturally to you.)
  • Where do I use my talents/skills? (Do you use your gifts 1. at home in your personal life, 2. in your professional life or 3. in both?)
  • How often do I use my talents/skills as a percentage of my day? (Note the percentage of time during the day you utilize your gifts in 1. your home and personal life and 2. in your professional life.)
  • Do you value your skills? (Yes or no.)
  • Do others value your skills (Yes or no.)
  • What skills do you desire to learn? (Listen to your desires; they usually will give an indication of new skills you should be working on.)
  • What are my challenges? (These are the lessons you need to learn to move forward in your Life Purpose.)
  • Do you feel the need to constantly create change? (Yes or no. Constant change can indicate two things. Either you are frustrated in your current life/lifestyle and need to change it often so you can satisfy your soul, or you know that with every change you are achieving the skills you need to move on to the next step. In other words, you are working to get all the pieces of your life into alignment with your Life Purpose.)
  • Write a summary that outlines where you need to de­velop in life to find and live your Life Purpose. (Your own thoughts on what feels right for you to do next.)
  • What does Life Purpose mean to you now? (After finishing this exercise, has it changed? Do you need to look at it from a different angle?)

Answering these questions should give you a clear pic­ture of where you are using your gifts and how you can integrate them into other areas where you are not using them. It also should prompt you to start thinking about the value of your gifts and what you have to offer the world. Be sure to examine the areas you need to work on in both your personal life and profes­sional world. Look at your desires and how you can start to bring them into form and weave them into your current gifts. Look at your challenges as an opportunity to learn. And, most important­ly, enjoy the journey!

Dolores J. Gozzi is a speaker, coach, and healer who guides women to follow their heart and lead with their wisdom. She teaches women how to access their gifts, challenges, and desires as the core thread of their life purpose. Her nature-inspired programs, oracle readings, women’s retreats, and creation coaching are designed to educate and empower participants to connect to their unique sacred essence and bring desires naturally into form. Dolores’s mission is to support women in reconnecting with their inner strength for transformational change. She offers coaching and healing sessions in nature’s classroom where she lives in Florida, via the phone, or online at

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