The Baseball Cap

By Gregg Sanderson

Oh sure, you can knock and it will be opened. Seek and it will be found. Ask and it will be answered. But you could also just say, “Thanks.”

That little message from the Universe showed up on my screen one day, and it seemed particularly appropriate for this time of year.

So does a parody of “Ol’ Man River” from the musical Show Boat:

When I’d treat I’d sweat and strain,

Affirm and visualize and treat again

(Tote that prayer. Lift that vibe.

I’d get a little drunk, but I don’t imbibe.)

Almost as an afterthought, “Oh yes, thank you God.” My thankfulness needed more depth. It’s so easy to overlook the little blessings that can have such a major effect. For example, few things have been as important in my life as one particular baseball cap.

Some years ago, we sold our house in California and had no idea where to go next. We had thoughts of Reno, Topeka, Nashville, Lake Tahoe, San Diego, and Indianapolis among others.

We only knew it would be another adventure and, needless to say, we were especially receptive to all clues from the Universe. Then Rev. Terry Shea came over wearing a baseball cap with “Nashville” embroidered on it.

Think about it. How many people in Nevada City California (pop. 3,000) do you think own a Nashville baseball cap? What could have inspired Terry to wear that particular cap on that particular day? We took it as a sign, and moved to Nashville.

I’m glad it didn’t say “Detroit.”

Once there, we became active in the Science of Mind church—my Spiritual Suspenders so I wouldn’t have to mess with the Bible Belt—My Ship of Tools to keep me from sinking into the Sea of Sanctimony—My social cornucopia and fountain for all things Metaphysical. Somebody stop me before I metaphor again!

We also had the opportunity to take the classes where I earned my practitioner license and Rev. Marla her ministerial credentials. Thence to Clearwater, FL, and on to the New Thought Center for Creative Living and New Thought Global Network. All because Terry Shea wore a Nashville baseball cap on one special day.

For all this, a simple “Thanks” seems woefully inadequate. I guess the moral of the story is to be grateful for everything that comes your way just in case it’s another baseball cap. BOB has a great sense of humor, y’know.

Gregg Sanderson is author of Spirit With A Smile, The World According To BOB. He is a licensed practitioner in the Centers for Spiritual Living, and a Certified Trainer for Infinite Possibilities. His earlier books were, What Ever Happened To Happily Ever After? and Split Happens—Easing The Pain Of Divorce. His latest project is the New Thought Global Network, where subscribers can enjoy the best in New Thought presentations from anywhere at any time. You can see it at


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