Embrace the Season of Change

By Ann Darwicki

Our theme this month is change—is one of my favorite topics. It’s exciting, it closely parallels where I am in my life, and it also coincides with my favorite season of change, the fall.

For as long as I can remember, fall has held a special significance and optimism in my life.

Perhaps it is a remnant from my younger years, when a new school year would begin, complete with a new wardrobe and school supplies. Each new grade I entered brought with it a clean slate and a fresh start. It was an opportunity to set new goals, as well as learn and apply the knowledge from the previous year. A new beginning where everything was possible!

This fall is no exception, as I am inspired to try something new and do things a little differently than I have done them before. To bring that fresh new feeling into my life and set new goals once again. I am inspired because I have embraced a healthier lifestyle, one focused on wellness. I have been getting up earlier each morning so that I can meditate. I am now eating a clean, organic, non-GMO plant-based diet. I am focusing on what I want more of in my life. These changes have been surprisingly effortless, as they are so closely aligned with the vision I have for my life.

All of our external changes are a reflection of the internal changes that result from the dialogue we have with ourselves. For instance, just as I did during my earlier school years, I am now integrating the knowledge that I have learned from my coaching school and many new thought leaders of our time. It has allowed me to see new possibilities for my life and, thus, make many changes over the past several years.

This process involves becoming more aligned with our true Self and true desires. We need to set new intentions that motivate and inspires us. As a result of this effort, I feel empowered—knowing that I can and will achieve my new goals.

Fall is a rich harvest of potential. Love every minute of it!

Ann Darwicki RN is a Certified Professional Life Coach who completed her training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is the owner and founder of Whole Being Coaching, specializing in coaching others to live the life of their dreams. Prior to becoming a life coach, Ann obtained as Associates Degree in Nursing from Delaware Technical and Community College. She has 25 years of nursing experience caring for women and children, with a life long affinity for holistic medicine. She is a Reiki practitioner and Nurse Luminary. She is also a freelance writer. She can be reached at 302.750.0574 or by email at adarwicki@comcast.net.


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