Something Good Can Come from This

By Rev. Marla Sanderson

Change is the most natural thing in the world. It’s an indicator of Life, movement, growth.

Life doesn’t stand still or go backwards. If you tread water or swim upstream, you’re likely to encounter resistance. That’s Life trying to unfold on your behalf.

We live in a world of infinite possibilities. This means no matter how good or bad we have it, there is always the possibility of something better.

There’s also the possibility of something worse—but you have to work at it—and suffer. Suffering is a warning. It tells you that if you keep thinking the way you’re thinking and going in the direction you’re going, things WILL get worse.

Pay attention to your suffering. It has a message for you.

It’s interesting to see how tightly a person will hang on to a bad relationship or difficult situation. Why? Because it’s familiar?

Fear of the unknown can cause you to operate in a way that goes against all the good stuff Life is trying to bring you.

I’ve led many people through a process designed to let go and let Life bring on the goodies. Watching this process and experiencing it myself, I have learned one thing that I’m absolutely sure of:

Life will always get better (if you let it).

Change doesn’t mean your fears will come true. That’s just the fear talking. It doesn’t require you to end a relationship or get rid of the thing you love. You get to decide that for yourself.

Fear makes us think in black and white. It limits our ability to see our options and makes us think yes/no, on/off, win/lose.

The fear says things like:

  • “If I let go of my fear that you’ll leave me, you’ll leave me for sure.”
  • “If I let you make your own decisions, you’ll get into trouble.”
  • “If I’m not in control, something terrible will happen.”

You get the idea. The funny thing is that when we let go of the fear, we see past it and nothing looks the same.

I give you fewer reasons to want to leave. I stop doing the desperate things that are likely to drive you away.

When I don’t interfere in your decisions, you’ll learn to make your own corrections.

If I don’t control everything and everyone, I can relax and they’ll be OK.

In other words, once we release the fear, we see more options—more possibilities. We no longer see things as black/white, etc. Our perception opens up and we see a rainbow of possibilities.

I have a favorite declaration I like to use when a situation looks confused or uncertain. You can probably guess what it is.


Rev. Marla Sanderson is a skilled spiritual counselor, speaker, teacher, and workshop leader. She has studied and practiced the Science of Happiness and Science of Mind for over 40 years. Her website, The New Thought Global Network, showcases ideas from many New Thought disciplines.  She is ordained in the Centers for Spiritual Living. (Religious Science). Contact her at 727-475-8991, or or visit

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