Transforming Fear – The Alchemy of Life

By Ryan Cuillerier

If you’ve chosen to transform your life, no doubt there are new goals you’ve committed to accomplish. You have created the vision of who you want to be and have asked yourself to face the fears that stopped you in the past. How about turning fear into the fuel that will give you the energy and momentum to powerfully create and recreate yourself as you move toward that new reality? By reconsidering your relationship with fear you can reclaim your power and regain your freedom.

Here are five steps to help you through this process:

Step 1. Awareness:

OK, you’re in it! You’re shaky or you’re avoiding doing “that thing” you know you need to do. You’re stuck, you’re disappointed, and you’re nervous, scared, or sad. Something is saying NO!

Becoming aware of your own signs of fear acting through you is the first key to unlocking a powerful new process. When you change your status quo, your mind can be triggered into fear because it doesn’t know what’s happening. It’s all new. In this way, fear is actually a sign that you’re on the right track.

Step 2. Acceptance:

Rather than running away or trying to hide your fear—accept it. Be courageous enough to unconditionally acknowledge you’re creating this experience and that a part of you is creating fear to try to stop your progress. Know that fear’s presence does not equal its power. Breathe deeply and slow down enough in your mind to gain some distance from your fear “symptoms.” Take another breath and acknowledge yourself for even thinking of taking this bold new step toward a new future. Accept that you’re being triggered into fear as a new step on your journey. Breathe some more. You are on your way, you just need a moment.

What if the fear you are feeling in this moment is just trying to help you? Helping you in the only way it knows how.

Step 3. Choice:

In transforming fear, choosing to change is the single most impactful moment in the process. It’s where you commit to the direction you want to take—will it be toward helping your goal or toward increasing your fear. Consider your options and feel into all of them. Consciously choose knowing what’s at stake. Fear’s mission is to stop your growth, keep you the same, and repeat what it already knows (it is part of the mind after all). But you also know what you want—remember your dream and the goal you’ve committed to? That is what is at stake. It is completely your choice.

Step 4. Trust in Action:

Your fear is a part of you, but not all of you. Make the choice that you are in charge and not your fear. Have a little talk with yourself about trusting your process—and that your heart knows more than your fear knows. Trust that you will be safe. Trust you will do what you need to. Trust that you’re facing this fear today, in this process toward this goal, because it is helping you find new strength. Because it is helping you finally get past that block in your life. Because it is love. Trust in your choice to create from a new place inside yourself, let go of attachment to fear, and know that your action is a doorway into the deeper resources of your soul.

Sometimes we get stuck because we try to control it all. Allow yourself to be only responsible for your choice—your powerful choice to continue on even though the fear told you to stop. Remember, you totally have this—why else would you chose it?

Step 5. Gifts of Learning:

Take a moment after your new action is completed. What did you learn about yourself from this experience? Where was fear the strongest? Where were you even stronger? How does it feel to know you did something to change this fear? This process will serve you for the rest of your life—and you will repeat it each time you face a new level of fear. You’re on your way upwards and outwards, and sometimes there are layers of fear built up. Remind yourself that the first time is the hardest—the momentum pushing in the opposite direction of your dreams is strong in the beginning. You’ve already changed that, and pretty soon this process will be second nature. Watch out, there are no fears too big for you.

Meet Yourself Again

The smile that emerges in the moments following action, when you realize you just encountered fear and kept going—that smile is your indication of the gift. What feeling is inside you as you smile? Maybe its confidence, maybe its self-love, maybe it’s a quiet sense emerging from your core with the message: “You are more powerful than your fear.”

The truth is, when we clear away the need to stop and block fear, we create space for our innate soul qualities to emerge and infuse our life. That’s right, the fear was only covering up your true self that was waiting to be revealed!

One of the most common road blocks to our soulful experience of life is fear. From little, anxious fears to larger heart-palpitating ones, it shows up in many forms. Whatever way fear shows up, though, it may be persuasive but it is not the truth. The anatomy of fear as a habit of the mind helps us understand that it is, essentially, an act. The mind is known for being a bit predictable, to say the least. It knows what it knows and that’s it. Quite limiting when you think about the creative power of our imagination and the limitless power of our love.

This is why we transform fear. This is why we live. We are bundles of limitless power and energy just waiting for opportunities to use our gifts and share ourselves with life. Facing fears and turning them into moments of soul-satisfying reality is the alchemy of living.

Ryan Cuillerier creates inspiration and meaning through everyday life – this is what motivates him in supporting others to fulfill all they are wanting and committed to achieving. Ryan’s unwavering belief in the untapped potential genius in each of us, paired with an honest, caring and open approach, is what makes his coaching extraordinary to experience. Whether it’s through 1-1 coaching, workshops, inspired blog articles or art, his purpose in creating transformation is abundantly present. Having spent 20 years on his path of creating his soul-infused life, Ryan is committed to sharing and being of service to others through his life’s work. Visit This article is a chapter from the book Transform Your Life! written by 60 real-life heroes and experts and available at,, and all ebook formats.


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