How to Start Making Better Choices

By Carleen Moscati

Did you know that you are in charge of your own destiny, as well as what you think and decide?  From this perspective, life is essentially what you make it.

As humans, we are granted this highly consequential gift called free will. But, as significant as this gift is, we seldom acknowledge it. Instead, we sit by and allow life to happen to us, survey it in agony and hit repeat, which is, of course, insanity.

How Do We Stop the Cycle?

The free will cure to this insanity is change. If you do not like something, change it. If you do not like the way that you have been living your life or the outcomes that have been showing up for you, then commit to doing something different.

The conversion factor required for transition from free will incognizance to positive life change is CHOICE! Your choice is what transmutes your gift of free will into the ability to change your circumstances for the better. In any given moment, your choice is the deciding factor of what you experience in this life. It would then follow that the ability to make better choices is a viable approach that can lead to living the lifestyle that you truly desire.

What Does It Take to Make Better Choices?

At the very core of making better choices is awareness.

You must become universally aware. This means to become consciously aware, in tune or connected with the macrocosm that is both in and around you. You also must be able to proactively witness and identify source, cause and effect in all things.

If you are thinking that it is impossible to all of a sudden become aware of everything, you are right. Likewise, you may also be wondering, “Why must I be aware of everything just to be able to make the right choices?” It’s because at the root of all good intention is Universal Awareness. This is the foundation. This is where it all begins. When you begin with the fundamentals, you build a strong and lasting foundation for everything else that follows. If you desire to be better and to do better long-term, begin with the basics. Building upwards and outwards with assurance ensures greater ease of navigation and higher probability of success.

Achieving true Universal Awareness is a graduated process, and it involves achieving three different levels of perception.  They can be understood as:

1. Latent Awareness

2. Awakening

3. Conscious Awareness.

The ultimate goal is full conscious awareness, whereby not only do you begin to make better choices for yourself, but also to make choices that have maximum benefit for the greater good.

Why is it so Hard to Make Better Choices?

As we mentioned before, achieving awareness, which is at the heart of good choice making, is a process. In this day and age of on-demand everything and instant gratification, this is seemingly asking the impossible. The loud noise of competitive distraction all around us right now.

Awareness requires disciplined focus, a desire to learn and grow, connectivity, passion and perseverance.

This is a delicate dynamic to balance and maintain. Most importantly, this is something that you have to want. From the purest part of you, you have to truly desire to make the right choices. When you truly recognize and connect with this desire, right choice will feel welcome and begin to present itself with much less obscurity.

How to Start Making Better Choices

1. Decide and Commit.

The power of rightful choice becomes yours when you decide that this is the path you wish to take, here and now. It comes also with the full understanding that it is not the easier path; rather, it is the more fulfilling journey. The reward is not realized without full commitment to yourself to follow through. It is also a commitment to faith in the actual process—a process of continued growth, connection and realization of truth. The starting point to making better choices for your life is the decision and commitment to do so.

2. Take a Self-Assessment.

The next step after you have decided and committed to making better choices is to take a complete self-assessment to truly know yourself and who you ultimately want to become [come into being fully]. To do this ask, “Who you want to be?” Take the time to understand all of your desires and values, to know and be comfortable with where you are going and what you want to achieve. In doing so, you are beginning the practice of ready recognition of that which will ultimately serve you best. The ability to minimize and eliminate meaningless options more readily draws your attention to the most valid path. This self-assessment will aid you greatly in streamlining your thought process when it comes to making the best possible choices for your life.

3. Get in Alignment.

When you have taken full stock and have sufficient knowledge of self, another helpful action in making better life choices is to get into proper alignment. This means using conscious effort to balance all aspects of your body, mind and spirit to move in synchronous motion toward your goals. If these aspects are not in alignment, the inner conflict that ensues will contribute to decision making that is not in sync with your core desires. To achieve this goal, remove all forms of blockage including: limiting beliefs, baggage, negative people and bad habits. Next, boost positive energy flow into your reality by matching up your values with your actions.

By putting these three steps into routine practice, better choice becomes an inherent quality of your being. And once you have a firm understanding of how to make better choices, you may also soon begin to desire to take your awareness a step further. Start off small by becoming fully aware of nature. Through new eyes and new understanding take notice of the moon, the stars, the sun, the ocean and the trees in all of their vastness. Try to fathom nature’s intricate network of connectivity. Witness your own closeness to it all and in the moment become grateful.

Free will and change are always readily available to us and are granted through choice. Evolved awareness helps us to make the best choices for our overall happiness. The ability to make better choices is all up to you.

Carleen Moscati is the founder of Legacy Lifetime. She is a Certified Life Purpose and Holistic Life Coach/Fulfilled Living Expert. Carleen also is the author of the book Brazenly Become Your Greatest Self: How to Build Your Legacy to Live Healthy, Wealthy, Balanced & Fulfilled. Her mission is to help success seekers to clarify their purpose, navigate major life obstacles and achieve the conscious lifestyle that they desire. For more information, visit

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