Let Go of Your Stories and Stand In Your Truth

By Arielle Giordano

The stories we tell ourselves can be like our personal bodyguards, which protect us from being authentic and real. Authenticity is being vulnerable at any price, while having a story that serves as a bodyguard keeps us safe. However, when we put up a barrier, such as blocking ourselves from being able to connect with others in love, we cannot express our true self and find deep meaning in life.

When you lack inner transparency, you are disconnected from your deeper levels of being and your true objectives and passions. When you allow your inner self to surface and express, you are being genuine. Stories insulate you like a soft cushion, preventing real communication and meaningful interaction with others. When you are free from your own subjective stories, you can stand in your own truth in today’s polarized world. You live without attachment to likes and dislikes or good and bad—and accept pain as a part of life.

Your deeper levels are available to you if you stop comparing, justifying and suppressing. If you cannot move past these mental exercises, the lens that you are seeing through is filtered and guarded by stories that prevent you from objectively seeing and experiencing reality. You will carry forward personal narratives created by past assumptions, pressure, difficulties and—especially—personal pain. In this case, your life is an illusion hiding behind the curtain of a narrative that does not serve your personal growth.

It’s time to set yourself free from the stories that hold you back from living a full, rich, interactive life.

Let go of the assumptions that keep you shut down and locked away from love and meaningful connections with others. Free yourself by understanding that your story is a fiction novel. Unlock your heart knowing that you can rewrite the book at anytime from a new point of view.

Dancing with Your Story from the Inside Out

Change your story and change  your life! Within every person lies their own story with unique perceptions, interpretations, meaning and beliefs of life events. Stories are like our personal body guards that protect us from being authentic and real. Arielle Giordano invites you to  Dance your story from the inside out! with her new book, which will help you learn dance to release your story and be the authentic you. Break  free of the shackles of silence with your body’s natural rhythms and dance. At the end of each chapter, Giordano offers personal journaling, conscious reflection as well as free-spirited dance.


Arielle Giordano’s new book, Dancing with Your Story from the Inside Out, was released in March 2017. With a Masters of Arts and Masters of Education, Arielle is an author, professional dancer, inspirational speaker, certified Essentrics/Aging Backwards instructor, and workshop facilitator. She enjoys sharing her gifts and talents with an authentic style rich in the grace of dance, psychology, philosophy and the expressive arts. Her career includes: provisional psychologist, guidance counselor and substance-abuse therapist. As a Lead Faculty Area Chairperson and Faculty Member for College of Humanities at the University of Phoenix, she inspired students with her creative gifts. She also writes for Tampa Bay Wellness, We Woman and Transformation Magazine.

Arielle offers classes and workshops on empowering women, creativity, and dance. She also offers consultations and private sessions, and she is a certified instructor in the Essentrics/Aging Backwards program. Arielle has been a guest speaker on radio and television, featured in newspapers and magazines across the United States and Canada. Visit www.dancingfromtheinsideout.com or email agbeautifuldance@gmail.com or call 813-545-7173.


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