When Your Life Changes Forever

By Elliott Eli Jackson

My life has changed forever. Yes, a transformation, and you can have one, too. You can, from this point forth, “Create a New Reality.” It is the very reason you are reading this magazine. Something inside of you is searching—and it is your spirit. At this very moment, your essence is seeking ways and means to improve your inner and outer being. The good news is it will find a way. For, you are creator, and it is time for you to remember this truth. One or more aspects of your fourfold being—spiritual, physical, emotional, mental—or a combination of these aspects is reaching out for guidance and assistance, and it is being provided. Therefore, your life is moving in a positive direction right NOW!

I am going to share with you a glimpse into what I was like before I began to change. Then I will name four spiritual universal tools that have been given to us all to assist in our transformation process.


Along with my wife Diane, I travel the globe presenting the “Create Your Reality” workshop and promoting the bestselling books, From God to You: Absolute Truth and The Sapiential Discourses Universal Wisdom book series. There have been many obstacles along the way. Sometimes people think that I always have been on a spiritual path. This is true in some respects. All of us, including you, are on a continuing spiritual journey.

Before my life became as it stands now, I was lost, I was broken into many pieces and unhappy.

My personal vibration was very low, and with this low vibration came addiction to hardcore drugs and alcohol. To me the world was dirty—a dirty place with dirty people, doing dirty deeds.

I understand now that I created this vision. I told lies, stole from those I loved, spent every dime on drugs, and was wasting away on the inside. I knocked on death’s door. Even though I knew many people who were happy in their lives, I did not believe that their happiness was genuine.

Then I made the decision to get involved with a 12 Step program, and I began to change little by little. But I did not understand that I was going through a spiritual process, and I did not act accordingly. I started working as a counselor for drug addicts, alcoholics, troubled teens, torn families, and couples on the verge of divorce. I helped assist many with anger issues, yet I was angry myself. Later, I worked with the criminally insane at a maximum security prison, but I was still making poor choices in regard to relationships. And there was wreckage in other areas of my life. I did not see much hope. I became depressed and, strangely, I did not see any connection between my lack of happiness and my spiritual condition. I thought that the universe/God had it out for me. I was in dire straits.

Then the universe sent a person to help me seek spiritual enlightenment/truth. That woman is my wife Diane. I suggest the same opportunity is there for you—to meet someone (or “some ones”) who will point you toward uplifting ways. The universe places positive, high vibrational people into all of our lives. They just pop up and present us with information that can change our lives. They guide us through forks or junctures in the road of life that can take us home. If we take these paths using the information given to us, we will no longer be lost. We are all given many universal opportunities to shift and change what we are doing and how we are doing it. These also are the times when our biggest hurdles appear. It could be the loss of a job or a loved one, the ending/changing of a relationship. These occurrences lead to a new direction.

I am referring to the points in life when things are no longer working. You feel as if something is not quite right. These points may even happen when there is some measure of success. But on a spiritual level you feel that there is more to it all than what meets the eye. It becomes apparent that changes must be made in the way that you are living and interacting with others.

The Universal Tools

Through Diane’s guidance, I began to venture into New Age classes and seminars. During the course of investigating these wonderful ways of thinking and looking at life and healing, the universe pointed me to use four universal tools that changed my life: meditation, healing family ties, audible prayer, and taking care of self—all aspects. If you use them, you can change your life, too.

Meditation gave me the ability to better deal with those things that I believed were problems and issues. It has allowed me to understand on a deeper level that I am not disconnected from others. Additionally, during meditation, the spinal cord and muscles are being worked on at a higher level, and the ratio of neutrons to protons within the body is being adjusted.

Healing family ties has made it possible for me to have deep, meaningful relationships with others and resolve my karmic issues. I began by contacting my direct bloodline, both living and deceased. For the ones who had transitioned, I wrote letters to say the things I needed to say and could not or did not express while they were alive.

Audible prayer helps me to express gratitude for that which I have, have had, and will have. Through prayer, it becomes easier to speak to the Source of all things about anything, and I am able to release the thought that I am being judged for my words. This process results in a new freedom and a new relationship with the universe.

Taking care of self—all aspects means recognizing that we live forever through a combination of physical and spiritual lifetimes or existences. This was channeled to me as the Sublime Law of Forever in my book The Sapiential Discourses Universal Wisdom. Once a deeper understanding of who and what I am reached down into my conscious and subconscious being, better eating habits, the need for some kind of exercise, and use of vitamins and supplements became more apparent to me. Remember, if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will.

The knowledge to change is within your reach if you are willing to use the tools and follow higher guidance. Embrace the journey.

Elliott Eli Jackson is the internationally known channel of Source energy, and the bestselling author of From God to You: Absolute Truth and The Sapiential Discourses Universal Wisdom book series. He is an inspirational speaker, Reiki Master/Teacher, Ordained Minister, and contributes monthly to the The Sedona Journal of Emergence magazine. Elliott and his wife Diane travel the globe doing book signings and the Create Your Reality workshop, which thousands have attended. Private Sessions with Source, through Elliott, are offered via phone/video chat. For more information visit www.quantummatrixcenter.com Elliott and his wife live in the Chicago area.

This article is a chapter from the book Transform Your Life! written by 60 real-life heroes and experts and available at Amazon.com, BN.com, www.Transformation-Publishing.com and all ebook formats.


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