Life On Earth: Living Differently and Creating Consciously, Part 2

By Mike Dooley

So, what about “lessons”? Aren’t we here to learn things?

Yes, but only to the degree that they will help you go bigger, run faster, and live longer, and only if you care to. There are no lessons that you “have to” learn, but many that you want to learn, with as much desire and passion as you might now want a fancy new car or a dream home—even more so. Why? To experience the ecstasy of living deliberately, loving consciously, and knowing all is supremely well! The more you learn, appropriate to the life and experiences you wish to have, whether of patience, love, or other obvious virtues, the more powerful and intentional a creator you become. These lessons, faster than anything else, however seemingly mundane in and of themselves, will get you your fancy new car, dream home, warm hugs, and so much more, including deeper experiences in love, health, and happiness.

Moreover, it’s not as if your life, parents, place of birth, and the other givens of your life are random and you just hope to have the opportunity to learn what you most want to learn in your next life. Everyone, always, chooses all the parameters of each lifetime, in large part for the great probability of mastering the lessons they wish to learn. Sweet. Life, your life, was a “setup”! Set up by you! It matters not that today you might not be able to see the reasons for other people’s choices, nor recall even your own, particularly among challenging times. You can, nevertheless, rest assured their and your objectives are being met, such is the perfection of this rigged game.

Backing up a bit, I thought it was our beliefs that must first change, not our thoughts? Shouldn’t you be saying that our “beliefs become things”?

Your beliefs are almighty, not because they override your thoughts, but because they allow you to think, or prevent you from thinking, along certain lines in the first place. In other words, your beliefs are pivotal in all of your creations because your thoughts become things, and your beliefs regulate what you can and will think.

Your beliefs interpret what you see with your own, unknown prejudices, which in turn determines how you’ll react to what you see—in thought, word, and behavior. They’re like sunglasses, to use them as a metaphor again, in that they filter all your experience. You can sometimes forget you even have them “on.” Unlike sunglasses, however, you usually can’t just take them off, and that means, generally, you have no idea of how else life could look, other than how you now see it. I mean, “Is that the most gorgeous sunrise you’ve ever seen . . . or am I wearing my blue-blockers again?”

You don’t have to know what your invisible limiting beliefs are to move past them.

Obviously, then, some beliefs will serve you, while others can hold you back. This leads many on a wild-goose chase after the invisible, limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs they assume they must have. But just because you haven’t made the progress you’ve dreamed of, that does not necessarily mean it was because of your beliefs. Maybe it was priorities? Maybe it was not taking sufficient action? Maybe there’s been no problem, and your hoped-for manifestation lies only days away? Yet the person who now believes they have limiting beliefs, even when they don’t, ironically runs the risk of creating them through this belief! You needn’t go there.


A work-around that’s much simpler and less dangerous involves these two steps:

  1. Name as many beliefs as you can that would support you and your dreams, and then
  2. behave, in some small way, daily if possible, as if those beliefs were actually yours.

It’s much easier and wiser to name beliefs you want, some of which may actually already be yours, than to claim beliefs you don’t want—some of which probably weren’t yours (yet in claiming, they become so).

This approach to installing new beliefs works even if there are contradictory, opposing beliefs held by the practitioner. Even if they don’t know they have such limiting beliefs. You don’t have to know what your invisible limiting beliefs are to move past them. As you name the beliefs you wish were actually yours, and behave as if they were, your new, empowered life begins to emerge for which the old, invisible, unknown beliefs no longer make any sense, to such a degree they fall away into oblivion.

What about our emotions and intuition? These are thoughts too, right? Do they come first, last, or in the middle of the process of creation?

Your emotions, ranging from happy to sad, are your reaction to what’s happening on the stage of your life. They come after the manifestation. Whereas feelings, like your intuition and hunches, are more instinctual, at times even bypassing immediate circumstances, to inform or confirm what’s happening, or about to happen, in the world with relevance to you. They arrive before and/or during the manifestation.


Your emotional reaction to what’s happening in the world provides great insight into your beliefs, and when this matters most is when your emotions aren’t fun. This means, once poked, your invisible, limiting beliefs aren’t so invisible after all. This is not an attempt to go looking for invisible, limiting beliefs, but when you find you’re suffering from any unpleasant emotion, it does mean that through choosing to react differently, choosing to see with your inner eyes and from a higher perspective, you can alleviate, for example, the sadness that stems from a broken heart.

Through rightly seeing that you are more than any relationship can define, and that there are indeed countless more opportunities for romance and adventure awaiting once you turn the page.

By tuning in to your emotions, you can immediately know exactly where your illusions have become their most captivating, and misleading, in order to know where best to bring about change and relief.


The hunch, the gut feeling, the spontaneous sense of knowingness: these are literally “gifts from heaven.” Sometimes they seem to arrive on their own; other times you may intentionally summon them. These gifts represent your invisible link to everywhere, always, at once, a link that’s never been broken.

They’re the sixth sense you’ve been taught not to trust. Yet that hasn’t stopped them from raising the hair on your neck, giving you goose bumps, or telling you when you’re in the presence of an ancient friend, who in the instant you meet makes you feel deeply understood. Believed in or not, your sixth sense rarely takes a day off from reaching you with warm and witty, cold and scary, or fast and furious insights.

If you’d like to exponentially enrich your journey, it’s time to learn the language of intuition—through practice. Go within. Find the quiet. Ask questions. Feel their answers. Demonstrate.

When does the loving, “conspiring” Universe enter the picture to show us the way and make our day?

Firstly, “the Universe,” of course, is a widely accepted metaphor for a spiritual, nonreligious God. Pretty cool. After all, religion needs spirituality, spirituality does not need religion. “The Universe” is seen as a no-strings-attached, loving essence who dotes on and approves of all “Its” children. Not only does this Universe seemingly refrain from any and all forms of negative judgment, but believers imagine it works feverishly on everyone’s behalf—calculating, scheming, aligning, even dreaming for you exactly what you have been dreaming of for yourself. So tireless is She, and patient are believers, that when disappointed with life, they react with, “the Universe has ‘Her’ own schedule” or “the Universe must have something even better in store for me.”

Nice. Warm and fuzzy. Compassionate and forgiving. Loving and supportive. This “She” is certainly closer to truth than an irritable, impatient, jealous “He”! Yet, for the intuitive and logical life explorer, upon closer examination, even this new image appears to be slightly “off.”

For instance, consider these implications:

  • Isn’t any kind of judgment, negative or positive, limiting and exclusive?
  • What’s wrong with humanity that you are so ineffective without “Her”?
  • If “She’s” out there watching, who or what are you—entertainment?
  • Where was “She” that time you ran into the tree?
  • Unless, perhaps, “She” is almost none of the things just ascribed to her . . . righto!

So, now what?! There’s no angry God and no bubbly Universe?

This is when things start feeling scary again. When you start getting that the truth means:

You really are special, as special as everyone else.

Ack! In other words, you’re not favored at all!

The Universe can’t and won’t live your life for you.

Uh-oh! In other words, you may as well be alone!

Everyone has an equal chance at getting whatever they, or you, want.

Dilution. In other words, there goes your supernatural advantage!

Crushing! Devastating! Rip-off!

Fortunately, getting back to the previous implications, but now viewed through a lens of truth, drumroll, please . . .

  • While the Universe is nonjudgmental, this doesn’t mean it’s neutral.
  • Thriving is in your nature state; positive thoughts are more powerful than negative ones.
  • Among illusions, there’s more than enough for everyone.
  • Given your eternal nature, success is assured.
  • You don’t need “Her,” you are “Her.”

So, for none of the reasons ever given before, like an old-school God answering your prayers or a “new-school” Universe favoring you, you’ll nevertheless succeed at having, doing, and being all those things you now dream of having, doing, and being—or better. The “or better” being a catchall not just because there is better out there than you even knew to ask for, but because sometimes not getting what you now want is better than getting it, if this is in accordance with all of your other desires! So, even not getting what you want, in such cases, and with hindsight, is actually getting what you really want! You just didn’t know, at the time, that you wanted it that way—that you wanted to be blocked until you got your thinking straight, to ensure you could ultimately, irrevocably, and permanently move onward and upward.

Every cell and atom in your body is divine and alive, you are divine and alive, upon a planet that is divine and alive.

However loopy this sounds and is, it’s part of the built-in magic that ensures no one will ever get stuck in mediocrity or stagnation. And far from implying you’ll always be at the mercy of receiving things you didn’t know you wanted, these exceptions will soon fade from your experience altogether as you become wiser and happier in your upward spiral.

And so we can say, however new age-y, though not literal, it’s far truer than false: the Universe is your greatest conspirator. It roots for you, cheers for you, and loves you throughout every step of your life. It yearns for your happiness and fulfillment, and without a doubt, the cards of life are stacked in your favor because of it. No, it can’t and won’t reach over your shoulder and manipulate the deck independently of your thoughts and beliefs; to do so would violate your freedom, steal your power, and under- mine your responsibilities—negating the very reasons you, and “She,” chose to be you in this time and space. But as the Universe yourself, as one of the original fearless explorers who created the jungles of time and space, all of the elements are there for your intents and your purposes. You put them there, and chief among your aims was to thrive in your life on earth.

If all of this were true, wouldn’t I be rich by now?

You are rich right now! See it. Every cell and atom in your body is divine and alive, you are divine and alive, upon a planet that is divine and alive. Lack, illness, and discord aren’t normal for anyone; they’re simply the temporary by-products of limited, fearful, and/or contradictory thinking, unless chosen at birth, in which case the gifts they bear are far less obvious and more complicated. The earth is teeming with countless creatures that live in harmony above, below, and around it. Bursting with intelligent life: an animal kingdom, plant kingdom, and adventurers like yourself. It’s lush with abundance and loaded with diversity, filled with dazzling colors, sights, textures, and sounds; with tantalizing sceneries from the plains to the mountains, from the seashores to ocean floors, from valleys to glaciers and deserts; with breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, snowfalls, rains, towering clouds, and crystal-clear blue skies. What’s going on here is the blossoming of Divinity, not the decline of planets and species, where every moment and all it contains is born of a super-loving, ever-growing intelligence that connects and celebrates all.

Are you beginning to see how you fit into the equation of reality creation? As a creator yourself? As Divine and sacred, the center of all you experience? Before whom all the elements bow? Born to explore and destined to succeed? Supernatural? Here to inherit the Kingdom? The prodigal child who’s lost your way, as all have by design, yet now in the process of ascending into the light to behold the truth of your magnificence and eternal nature?

See this!

How does all this work in relationships? Are soul mates part of the equation?

It all works fabulously in relationships, as long as you’re not insisting upon or attaching to specific behavior that you want to experience from specific people—which would boil down to manipulation. Would you like to live in a world where others could force your behavior or affection based on their thoughts, beliefs, and expectations? Instead, create the space for your dream partner to enter your life, describe them in your mind, imagine the fun and laughter, the travel and surprises, and all that you value. Make yourself available, take some baby steps, but then let the right person show up at the right time! When you insist upon a certain someone, you exclude all other candidates.

If you already have a partner but wish the relationship would go deeper and be more mutually appreciated, then imagine a deeper, more mutually appreciated relationship, but do not insist it must be with your present partner. This, incidentally, does not exclude them from contention. It just means they need to step up to the plate, or else. And it means you’ve sent out a new vibe to the conspiring Universe that you’ve raised the bar and it’s time to “tango.”

The notion of a soul mate being yours by destiny, necessary to complete you, is usually a misguided, romantic attempt to reconcile the dichotomies of living in the illusions. The notion being, if you’re a male in this lifetime, you must be balanced by a particular female, and vice versa, and in either case, there’s someone “out there” so perfect for you it’s as if “God” had arranged it, and all other suitors pale in comparison. The truth is, over all of your lifetimes, you are both male and female, with varying sexual orientations, and in any particular lifetime, you have both male and female energies. What defines you physically does not limit you spiritually. You are complete and whole as is, in spite of your physical gender, which is not to say that your journey, at times, or maybe throughout a lifetime, can’t or won’t be enhanced with other people in it—defined as partners, family, friends, and the like. But this is never true to the degree that you’re incomplete without them.

And while there no doubt exists, at certain intervals in most lives, one single person who better matches you than any of the other seven billion people alive, and with whom you’d be happier and learning more than if you were alone, that person may well change throughout the years! Defining them this way, you would very likely have multiple soul mates in one lifetime—some you would outgrow, others would outgrow you, and, at times, you might have more fun and learning without a partner.

Seems like a lot to know?!

Fear not. Consider that those who are successful in the world today, whether romantically, financially, or in any other way, are so, most typically, in total ignorance of these spiritual principles and truths. You have space stations, DNA technology, trans- planetary communication systems that enable anyone to speak to anyone else, all with your spiritual heads in the sand, either afraid of a nonexistent angry God, or thinking that life is pure, random chance. Shocking! And still you thrive.

Can you even begin to imagine what life on earth will look like when her populations understand their divinity? Life’s sacredness? Your Godship? Unimaginably different. Unimaginably spectacular!

Try, anyway, to imagine your educational, political, social, economic, and health-care systems when everyone understands their interconnectedness and inclination to succeed. Imagine future rock stars, athletes, bankers, doctors, accountants, and attorneys all versed in the subject of their divinity, knowing who and what they are; who and what the Universe is, how stunningly powerful their thoughts are, how their beliefs, emotions, and intuitions can be harnessed for direction, and knowing how to deliberately engage life’s logistical principles to profoundly change their own journeys and to help other people with theirs. Imagine the joy and love and peace on earth. Mind-blowing, huh? Because it’s so different from today, it’s even difficult to clearly see. But that’s OK.

Editor’s note: Part 1 of this article appeared in the January 2017 edition of Transformation Magazine.

Mike Dooley is a former PriceWaterhouseCoopers international tax consultant turned entrepreneur. He’s the founder of a philosophical Adventurers Club on the Internet that’s now home to over 800,000 members from virtually every country and territory in the world. His inspirational books emphasizing spiritual accountability have been published in 25 languages, and he was one of the featured teachers in the international phenomenon The Secret. Today Mike is best known for his free “Notes from the Universe” e-mailings, social network postings, and his New York Times bestsellers Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams and Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic. Mike lives what he teaches, traveling internationally to speak on life, dreams, and happiness. Visit his website at

“Reprinted with permission from Life on Earth: Understanding Who We Are, How We Got Here, and What May Lie Ahead, by Mike Dooley, 2016, Hay House. The book is available at and all retailers.”

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