This is the Life

By Ann Darwicki

I just did my first live video on facebook! It was something that I vowed I would not do until I was thin, feeling optimistic and in a good place every day. Not surprisingly, all of these conditions did not align to create the perfect scenario when I debuted. Instead, I was feeling pessimistic, at the mercy of circumstances out of my control, and less enthusiastic and engaged in life than usual. Ironically, I was feeling so low that finally decided to do the video. “Why not,” I said to myself, “I can’t feel any worse afterward.”

So I decided to have my first conversation about my morning routine and the intentions I set for each day. My day begins like most people’s probably does, with that first cup of coffee. I have several coffee mugs with affirmations on them such as: “Life is Crazy Good,” “This is the Life,” “Life is not about Finding Yourself, it is About Creating Yourself,” and “Good Karma” (which reminds me of John Lennon’s song “Instant Karma” and the lyrics “Who do you think you are/a surperstar/well right you are”). I select my mug based on what I am feeling that day or what I would like to cultivate within myself for the upcoming 24 hours. On this particular day I chose, “This is the life.”

On the video, I shared the importance of words based on the water studies by Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese author (Messages from Water), researcher, photographer and entrepreneur, who revealed that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. In one experiment, he took samples of water, placed them in petri dishes, taped on them words of positive affirmation such as love, peace, harmony, etc., and then froze them. He then took other petri dishes of water and taped negative affirmations on them such as war, you make me sick, I will kill you, etc., and then froze those. What he found when he looked at the frozen water crystals under the microscope was amazing. The crystals that had the positive words of affirmation had beautiful symmetrical crystals. The water crystals that had the negative words were uneven, distorted and jagged.

He then decided to see if the results could be changed so he reversed the words on the petri dishes; the original dishes with the positive affirmations were now replaced with the negative affirmations and vice versa. They were surprised to see that the water crystals that now had the positive affirmations became beautiful and symmetrical while the water that had the negative affirmations went from beautiful to jagged and uneven.

The implications of water being changed by words that were either written, or in other experiments, spoken—and the fact that our bodies are made up of 60 to 70 percent water—is astounding.

Dr. Emoto’s experiments imply that what we say and think actually changes our chemical makeup.

How can we ensure that what we are thinking and saying are words of affirmation to ourselves? I start with my first act of the day: pouring that cup of coffee. You can do the same or adopt a gratitude or meditation practice when you first wake up. Do something that makes you feel good!

Getting ready to make the video, I looked at my “This is the Life” mug, and I became choked up. The truth is that often times I do not feel this way. My time is focused on going to work, getting as much done as I possibly can each day, falling into bed exhausted, waking up and repeating the process. Then I was suddenly reminded of my aunt.

Earlier this year, she started dating after being widowed for several years. She met a wonderful man, they were very happy, and she would frequently post pictures of the things they were doing together. At the beginning of December, she posted a picture on facebook of his house completely decorated for Christmas. I could feel her excitement and happiness from the picture, as they looked forward to celebrating their first Christmas together. A few hours later, I receive a phone call letting me know that my aunt’s new boyfriend began complaining of a headache. She tried to get him in the car but was unable to, so she called an ambulance. He was taken to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with severe bleeding on the brain. The outlook was very grim. He passed away a week after that picture was posted, never having the opportunity to celebrate Christmas with my aunt.

After reflecting on this memory, my coffee mug message because a gentle reminder of the fragility of life, coupled with the importance of loving, nurturing and speaking kindly to ourselves. I became filled with appreciation for this life, and for the people that I am blessed to share it with. I felt a deep connection with my soul, a love for my life, and love for the life of the all the people that I am blessed to share it with.

This truly is the life.

Ann Darwicki, RN is a Certified Professional Life Coach who completed her training at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. She is the owner and founder of Whole Being Coaching, specializing in coaching others to live the life of their dreams. Prior to becoming a life coach, Ann obtained as Associate’s Degree in Nursing from Delaware Technical and Community College. She has 25 years of nursing experience caring for women and children, with a lifelong affinity for holistic medicine. She is a Reiki practitioner and Nurse Luminary. She is also a freelance writer. She can be reached at 302-750-0574 or by email at


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